The Majority is Always Wrong.


As usual for this author who was purported to have been a (protestant?!) Knight of Malta, this book is full of photographs with the author posing next to many of the high-ranking figures about whom he is writing. Manhattan truly must have known quite a number of secret handshakes and what have you. In fact, on page 101 of my Chick Publications edition, the author is seen posing in a photograph next to a leader of the I.R.A. at the time, and the place is Dublin, and there is a Roman Catholic church in the background, and this Roman Catholic church has three prominent archways in its anterior, and wouldn’t you know, as coincidence would have it, both men are standing entirely inside an arch, the I.R.A. leader in the left arch, Manhattan in the middle arch; also, both men are adopting the same loin-exposing stance with hands clasped behind themselves. Sure seems masonic to me. (Have I mentioned that I once read an Avro Manhattan sci-fi short story–“The Cricket Ball”–which had a reference to the freemasonic vaunted numeral “33”? Yes, and not only that, it was “3:33” to be exact.) Manhattan did indeed belong to some or other powerful secret society[ies]).

And those powerful secret-societal ties that Avro Manhattan had, they no doubt gave him access to the extraordinary knowledge that he had; and as his books are never sourced, never footnoted, the reader is left with trusting just Manhattan himself, and the authoritative connections which he obviously did have, which is, I guess, what all the look-who-I’m-standing-with-now photographs are all about. (Who took those photos, by the way??)

I read this book after I had already read Manhattan’s THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST and THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE (as well as others by this author), and that is how I would recommend that newcomers to this information also digest it, for then the most alarming historical pattern can be seen. It is an ancient historical pattern, but when one sees it and appreciates that this pattern is still very much with us today in the modern world, then can the “welcome-to-the-Twilight-Zone” sensation fully be appreciated.

The pattern is Papal inquisitorial massacreing of entire populations of people whenever Papal Rome again (and again and again, historically speaking) feels secure enough to perpetrate its next, and next, and next genocide.

According to Manhattan, there was almost a genocide in Northern Ireland in the late ’60s/early ’70s. It was facilitated by the Labor Party Government in Britain (i.e., Fabian Socialists); it was orchestrated by the Vatican. The same Vatican that, as Manhattan details in THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST, carried out the modern-day genocide of the Serbians during WWII, a genocide so horrific that it even disgusted the Nazi SS. True story, by the way. Not that most people around the world would have heard about it. That’s what major media control is all about.

Western Civilization has for many years now been marinated in the propaganda that Britain was brutal and oppressive in its suppression of Irish “civil rights activists” in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Manhattan shows how this was and is all a colossal series of lies by a Vatican-controlled major media system, and that the British government actually showed an extraordinary amount of restraint. At long last, when the ruling Labor Government of Britain was replaced by the Conservative Thatcher government, says Manhattan, then the British FINALLY acted to defend its own Ulster (North Ireland) subjects; Manhattan details how nothing less than an actual GENOCIDE of the population of Ulster had been barely prevented.

Some of the older history of strife in Ireland is included by Manhattan, but he focuses mainly on the acute unrest in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Now, Manhattan does admit–as is the central thesis of his book THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE–that the Vatican is the Master of exploiting both sides for its own gain, and he cites how the Vatican does have a history of betraying Ireland whenever it suits the Vatican’s purpose, so for this reader, the one question left unanswered by Manhattan was whether the Vatican had again switched sides and was actually backing Britain by the time Thatcher was suppressing the threat to Northern Ireland, and why this would have been so (i.e., what did the Vatican stand to gain?).

Poignantly, Manhattan makes it clear throughout the book how much Irish children have suffered because of the terroristic “unrest” due ultimately to Vatican intrigues; it is apparent that this particular topic of geopolitical unrest struck home with Manhattan personally. As I have stated, I have read many other Manhattan books by now. In none of those does he so consistently come back to the sad plight of the children affected as he does here.

Manhattan makes it painfully clear how much better off the nation of Ireland would have been, and would be, without the manipulative exploitations of the Vatican upon the Irish people. As bad as the Brits have historically been to Ireland, Manhattan records that the Vatican has been much worse, and certainly more insidious.

Manhattan also makes it very clear that, by the 1970s and ’80s at least, the population of Northern Ireland–Ulster–was by temperament, and I suppose geopolitically perhaps, an anachronistic throwback to a time when protestants still had discernment and a backbone, and still recognized that the PAPAL SYSTEM IS THE ANTICHRIST, EVEN AS ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PROTESTANT REFORMERS UNANIMOUSLY RECOGNIZED.

This is one helluva book, as are all of Avro Manhattan’s. But for a thinking person to TRULY understand all of the “Sunday Bloody Sunday” talk that Irish rock bands sing about and moviemakers keep making movies about, that thinking person ought to balance all of that with this. It tells quite a different story.

Published in 1988.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ



Of the dozens of memory-holed works by American protestants from the late 1800s sounding the alarm about a takeover of the United States by Papal Rome, this one had the best title. That is about all for which it is best. Not that this is a bad book–far from it! The subject matter, the message of warning in the book was very true. This is just a rather superficially written book, though, in comparison to others of its nature and of the same time and place. AMERICA OR ROME, CHRIST OR THE POPE by John L. Brandt, for example, was a much better and more thorough book with the same warning and from the same era. Another superior example from another late 1800s American author: FOOTPRINTS OF THE JESUITS by Richard W. Thompson; and again: THE ENGINEER CORPS OF HELL by Edwin Sherman. And there are others.

What makes this more superficial is the author’s dual proclivity for including so much rhetoric and so much first-hand and second-hand anecdotal material. In fact, unless I am mistaken, I do believe the rhetoric and the purely anecdotal stories easily take up more pages than the verifiable facts which Fulton does present. A scoffer could poke holes in this. Not that this reader does not believe all or very nearly all of Fulton’s anecdotes. This reader has no problem believing in their authenticity, but only because this reader has already read John L. Brandt, Richard W. Thompson, Edwin Sherman, Samuel Morse, and many others, who did a better job of documenting the damning facts against the Vatican, rather than relying so heavily on rhetoric and anecdotes.

At times, Fulton does get factual. For example, he gives a good, albeit extremely brief, breakdown of a dozen or so incriminating circumstantial facts which point to Papal Rome as being behind the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Another interestingly valuable tidbit here is the history Fulton provides (okay, much of it anecdotal) regarding how the Vatican was usurping the hospital industry back then (1888), especially in and around Washington, DC; also, it is quite interesting how Fulton relates the methods with which any new member of Congress, even back then, was quickly accosted and enlisted by the minions of Rome as soon as they first had arrived in the Capital. But Fulton does not long confine himself to such factually based writing before he veers off into another round of sharp rhetoric or some or other personal or second-hand anecdote. And it is not like the factual evidence incriminating the Vatican subverting America was wanting: Read those other authors I have cited above. They have documentation to make one’s head spin, if one is new to this stolen, whitewashed, factual history of Popery’s 19th-century war against the Republic (and any republic around the world).

This is a valuable book to have, another message in a bottle from an era long lost, telling the same message that so many other washed-up bottles have been telling this alarmed, awakened reader of late. Books like this represent the last gasps of historical American protestantism not yet eschatalogically blinded by jesuitical futurism; UNLIKE today’s dumb-dog evangelicals, but LIKE every single one of the protestant reformers, and those valiant American men could still see and recognize the Antichrist (the PAPAL SYSTEM!!!). But this particular book of Justin Fulton’s, it is mostly valuable as a minor buttress for the more significant other books I have mentioned. Purely on its own merits, this one should be best remembered for its title. And even if he did not write about it as effectively as some of his contemporaries did, Fulton should be given some credit for coming up with a more attention-grabbing title than any of them. And like his fellow watchmen on the wall, he also should be given credit for accurately perceiving what was happening to subvert the United States in his day, and for recognizing what malignant entity was behind it.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ



This keeps happening. I keep running into these books that make me feel like I am living in an old, black-and-white episode of The Twilight Zone. It has been happening for years now, the more I read I just cannot help myself, I seek out with no small amount of effort old, out-of-print texts that do not conform with mainstream, orthodox accounts of history. But then, that is what makes them out-of-print, right?–the fact that they do not and did not conform with orthodoxy, with a brainwashing, oligarchically controlled major media and oligarchically controlled major publishing houses.

This is another stunning “time-capsule” of a book; this one from the early 1950s–1953 to be exact. It is a compendium of nine essays from eight “revisionist” historians who make it clear that extraordinarily well-researched opinions like theirs were in the process of being blackballed by the major publishers, universities, and other such mainstream outlets of information. (And if they were blackballed back then, then their collective message is REALLY buried nowadays.) Hence, my enthusiasm over this rare find.

These bygone revisionist historians give the ominous, time-capsule-esque record that by the 1950s there were only two publishing houses which were willing to tell the truth about history; only two that had the courage to publish their unpleasant, non-conformist, and FACTUAL findings: Those two courageous publishing houses were Regnery, and Devin-Adair.

Today, in this era of ever-encroaching, returning-to-Papal-Dark-Age darkness, those two publishers are now extinct.

This book is over 700 pages. The respective essays of these standout, non-lying, non-mainstream 1950s historians are not short essays. They had much to say, much to document; much of it, most of it, ignored and covered up in their own time by most other “court historians” and other historian-lackeys of the system; these eight historians were quite as academically accomplished as their mainstream, propagandist counterparts, but the revisionists did not have ear-tickling stories of patriotism to tell. The revisionists only had the truth.

Some fundamental, factual revelations that were herein shown by these gutsy, dissenting, American profs of the Cold War Hysteria Era are:
1. The U.S. participation in WWI was unnecessary, and it was nationally as well as internationally deleterious; it forever altered official U.S. policy from a platform of “continentalism” to one of CFR-impelled “internationalism.”
2. That in the 1920s at least there were more viable and more numerous outlets for revisionist historians to get the message out and not be blackballed.
3. That after WWII the blackballing of revisionist historians and of raw, truthful accounts of U.S. history began in earnest.
4. That FDR and members of his Cabinet and Pentagon lied to the American people and did everything within their power, much of it in secret, to provoke the Japanese to attack the U.S., and that the Japanese actually showed great restraint in not attacking the U.S. sooner! (They actually document this more repeatedly and relentlessly than most of the other shocking facts that they prove.)
5. That FDR and members of his Cabinet and the Pentagon knew beforehand that the Japanese were going to attack, and these deliberately withheld this knowledge from the Hawaiian commanders. But hey, that bloody sacrifice was necessary to shock the U.S. citizenry into bloodthirsty WAR FEVER, so it’s all good. Or something.
6. That there were multitudinous official “investigations” into the Pearl Harbor attack and into what FDR and members of his Cabinet and the Pentagon knew or “didn’t know,” and to varying degrees every single one of these “investigations” was a whitewashing sham job.
7. That, linguistically speaking, the terms “isolationist” and “isolationism” are contrived, propagandistic smear words, deliberately deceptive insults concocted by “internationalists” who had succumbed to a reckless utopian plan of “globaloney.” The PROPER, non-derogatory, and more accurate term for an “isolationist” would be “continentalist,” and “continentalism” was in fact the official foreign policy of the U.S. for ALL of its history up until the disastrous 20th century when everything went haywire and the U.S. started policing the globe to its own detriment.
8. That U.S. involvement in WWII was perhaps the single greatest catastrophic failure in all of recorded history. These authors/historians document and demonstrate a tremendous amount of evidence, much of it embarrassingly obvious, to show that practically every single stated goal of the U.S. during WWII not only failed to be met, but in fact the post-WWII geopolitical situation presented a much, much, MUCH more dangerous world for the U.S. and its allies than at ANY time before or during WWII. For obvious example (one of a great many obvious and not-so-obvioius examples which the authors offer), “making the world safe” by removing Japan and Germany as threats only of course resulted in the much greater danger of the U.S.S.R. and Communist China. It should be obvious, right?

Ah, but it is not so obvious to today’s brainwashed “court historians,” the kind whose books one can easily find at a Barnes and Noble or Borders Books; while the much more factual work and wisdom of these revisionist historians gather dust in darkness.

All of these essays are extremely valuable and informative. However, there are two of these 1950s maverick profs that REALLY standout: The opening and closing essays by Harry Elmer Barnes, and Percy Greaves’s comprehensive survey of all of the bogus, whitewashing “investigations” into the Pearl Harbor attack are conspicuously stunning.

Of Percy Greaves, I do believe that that man may have known more about the whitewashing of the truth about December 7, 1941, than any man ever has, then or now. Wow!–What a revealing study he presents! Apparently, he studied something like tens of thousands of pages of official testimony that was (designed to be) too daunting for anyone else to sift through.

And Harry Elmer Barnes, now THAT man–I was so rewarded in happening upon this work of his. Here was a man who confirms everything I had ever intuited about George Orwell’s true intent behind the writing of the novel 1984, and here this Barnes fellow “got it” back in 1953, so very chronologically close in following the original publishing date of Orwell’s ultimate novel. Barnes too believed, and demonstrates convincingly, how it was and is that most Americans and Britishers grossly misunderstood Orwell’s message of warning. Barnes “got it” back in the early 1950s! Barnes understood the true, all-encompassing, all-ideologies nature of Orwell’s warning. Discovering Barnes was actually a source of vindication for this reader and this Orwell afficiado. Barnes shows vividly and eerily how much, even at that early stage, the former WWII allied nations were themselves becoming societies dangerously akin to the ones warned about by Orwell. It was not just the Soviet Union that Orwell was warning about in 1984, folks. Revisionist historian Harry Elmer Barnes knew this, and he knew it back in ’53.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ

THE RATIONAL MALE by Rollo Tomassi

I’ve had so many red-pill experiences, so what’s another one, right? Well, this one does hit a little more close to home, so to speak. Rollo Tomassi is the pseudonym of an extremely perceptive individual who for the past few years has maintained a blog of the same name as this book. Indeed, most if not all chapters or essays in this book can be found on his blog site. His pseudonym was taken from the movie L.A. Confidential, in case anyone is wondering. His blog is part of the “Manosphere,” that is, a burgeoning bunch of male bloggers who are (at long last!) sounding the alarm about the rampant MISANDRY in all facets, places, and mediums in our current debauched culture, all those little and not-so-little things which most morons miss. (By the way, “most morons” = the “blue pill” people. Go watch or re-watch the movie The Matrix, only don’t think of it at all as fiction this time, think of it as metaphor.) Rollo Tomassi probably tends to write about more timeless contentions between men and women, but if I read him correctly, I do not think he would disagree when I myself state that those timeless contentions between the sexes have been grotesquely magnified in our modern Western Civilization, and to the detriment of males and females alike, but ESPECIALLY to males.

Rollo Tomassi exposes so many universally held false assumptions our society has taken on about women: what they want, what they need, what they look for in a man, and why, etc. Just about each essay, or chapter, here, explodes yet another universally held modern myth about the real nature of women, and of men. For example, our society condemns men for the “feral” (sinful) male proclivity toward polygamy; Tomassi exposes how our society one-sidedly and unfairly sanctions the proclivity of “feral” (sinful) women towards hypergamy. In other words, a man’s “feral” (sinful) tendency, if he gives in to the lust of his flesh, is to commit adultery on his wife, but not usually to leave his wife. A man is more inclined to “add to his harem,” so to speak. Our society punishes this. Contrastly, a woman’s “feral” (sinful) tendency, if she gives in to the lust of her flesh, is to altogether abandon a husband of a certain societal status if and when an interested prospective husband of a higher social status becomes attainable to her. Our society rewards this. (Here I feel compelled to say: Shut up, blue-pill “white knight” idiot. Our society has long since degraded into rewarding feral, sinful adulteresses for this. Now go back to sleep. Oh, and stop wondering why no one respects you. Just accept it.) That is what the current divorce laws are all about.

Oh, I should add, a very large part of taking the red pill regarding gender relations and reading through Rollo Tomassi’s most fascinating observations is getting to know such terms–terms representing extraordinarily legitimate but little realized concepts–as “hypergamy,” “feral female,” “white knight” and the overarching “feminine imperative,” by which I think (if I am not mistaken) he is identifying our society’s unspoken public policy of condonation and promotion of the most base and “feral” of female lusts. This is the warp and woof of this particularly nasty, and very real, “Matrix” in which we now live (Note: if only this was the only one I had ever encountered in this Twilight Zone episode of a life, but that’s another story, isn’t it?) Yes, “Matrix.” But what is going to really suck for the new, initiate reader and earnest absorber of the facts here–especially if he happens to have testicles–is the realization that this isn’t a movie, this is Real Life. And the man who reads and opens his eyes here, the man who puts the sunglasses on, and takes his red pill or whatever, is bound to be hit with a most profound depression when he too finally sees women as having the relational limitations that they really have. Do not misunderstand. This is not a misogynistic treatise whatsoever. It’s just a realistic treatise.

The “red pill” man who reads this will never again make the ungodly (and sexually counter-productive) mistake of idolizing or “pedestalizing” a woman. The red pill man who digests this will know forever why women inexorably are attracted to “assholes,” and why they invariably give any man foolish enough to “pedestalize” them the dreaded “let’s-just-be-friends” treatment.

Be forewarned: Rollo Tomassi has an affinity for acronyms. This reader has always typically loathed acronyms; however, Tomassi’s acronyms are clever, and they are memorable because they signify such universal sufferings for Western Civ men today in perhaps all of their dealings with feminized, feral (pardon the redundancy) Western Civ women. For example, what man has not been “LJBF”ed (given the Let’s Just Be Friends treatment) at some misguided point in his life by a female and thus kept on the course of being an “AFC” (Average Frustraged Chump”)? Oh, but don’t fret, dummy, because NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That). Other “Manosphere” vernacular here abounds: admittedly catchy buzzwords representing abnormally meaningful concepts to today’s frustrated men: such words and phrases as “alphas, “betas,” “white knights,” and of course the dreaded “Alpha F#cks/Beta Bucks” stratagem of the “Feminine Imperative.” Have fun with these. One might as well. It is real life. Somebody just assigned some names to these real-life concepts at last. Good for you, Rollo and other “manosphere” alarm-sounders.

This is a singularly Machiavellian outlook of the timeless give-and-take, push-pull mindgames and power plays between the sexes. And like the Machiavellian take on politics, it’s also matchlessly true and real. I would highly recommend that any and all men read a balance of this Rollo Tomassi’s work and that of an equally profound blogger and observer going by the pseudonym of “Dalrock.” Do not look for much wisdom from very many of those who post comments on Dalrock’s website as they tend to be either papists or duped ecumaniacal incorporated churchian types, but Dalrock himself is superb. Now, Dalrock hasn’t come out with a book yet; I sure wish he would. I would like to give my grandson both his book and Tomassi’s. For Tomassi’s book I would wait a bit longer in giving it to him, though, until I felt his faith was ready for it. Tomassi is not a believer in the Messiah of the Scriptures; Dalrock is. It is wonderful to see how they both work together and appreciate each other’s wisdom in working toward a common goal, the goal of sounding the alarm about the rampant and largely ignored misandry in our culture. Their alliance despite their fundamental differences in worldviews is a tribute to men in general. Tomassi gives a nod of appreciation to Dalrock in the tail end of this book. I found this very gainful for Tomassi as well as Dalrock (Note: I myself have noticed that it is much easier for a believer in Jesus Christ to enjoy the company of an undisguised non-believer over the company of a cultist or a heretic, though I do have friends in those camps as well). Both men are correct in their identification of the ubiquitous anti-male bias in our culture. The wisdom of either man should help any young man avoid being walked on and disrespected in this temporal existence; the difference is, the wisdom of Dalrock might also help a young man not lose his soul, for it must be admitted, much of Tomassi’s advice does indeed boil down to sheer, raw fornication, wantonly gratifying the lust of the flesh. And every time Tomassi attributes some “feral” (sinful) trait of females to certain tens of thousands of years of “evolution,” I am very grateful that there is a Dalrock around to better (from my own equally rational point of view) explain this sinful trait of females to the original curses that God placed upon Eve in the account in the Book of Genesis.

Hey, if Rollo Tomassi is correct in his assumed worldview of Darwinism (what he and so many others vaguely call “evolution”) then he will not have to worry about acts of fornication. For me, the trouble is, I’ve read too much of the abysmal “trade secret” weaknesses of Darwinism, even and especially among the leading “evolutionary” paleontologists themselves. It’s a red pill I’ve taken which Tomassi quite obviously has not.

Somebody created us humans. It’s always going to come back to that, and it is going to do so rationally. Which implies that there may be a final Judgment Day. I will leave it at that.

Another flaw of Tomassi is that he automatically dismisses the possibility that at least one major thrust of the modern misandric feminist movement has been CONSPIRATORIAL. He apparently does so without having researched conspiratorial history whatsoever. It was Albert Einstein who had a famous, shaming quotation about those who would come to conclusions about a thing without having done any investigation into that thing. Proverbs 18:13 carries a warning against that also. Well, I have done some investigating; and it turns out there was some conspiracy involved: Sorry, Rollo, but there’s a reason that Gloria Steinem was a CIA asset (source: “Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society” by Henry Makow), and there’s a reason why women were LURED outside the home and into the workplace, and it wasn’t to “liberate” them, it was to TAX them (source: Aaron Russo, maker of “From Freedom to Fascism.”) This is another red pill which I have taken and for which Tomassi is still a blue-pill virgin. Hey, Henrik Ibsen wasn’t just messing around when he wrote that “The majority is always wrong,” Rollo. He wasn’t just writing a metaphor about men and women. It’s all of life. If it’s in the mainstream, it’s bullsh#t. There. I said it. Complete with the semantically mitigating pound symbol, for whatever reason I just now decided to mitigate my expletives.

A final minor flaw with Tomassi is that, although he all too compellingly exposes the utter shallowness (sinful nature) of women, he never, so far as I can see, gets around to acknowledging the likewise innate shallowness (sinful nature) of men. He is right that women’s “hypergamy” and their concomitant “female solipsism” (Note: This is a concept which this reader more than acknowledges and hastens to warn that it will shatter many a “blue-pill” man’s world, be forewarned) forever prevents them from being able to love a man in the idealistic way that a man is capable of loving her; Tomassi is right in emphasizing that it is a woman’s feral (sinful) nature to always be on the lookout for a prospective mate of higher societal status; he is right in showing that a woman is much more calculating and ironically icily rational than the man with whom she shares a relationship when it comes to anything pertaining to the actual relationship. He is right: This is the ruthless, feral, shallow, sinful core of woman. However, let’s be honest: many of the men who would and do label an overweight female a “fattie” in the comments section on Rollo’s site are not looking for a female to procreate and pass on genetics with: They are just looking for a female companion, and they know for sure they do not want any children, or any more children. And yet, these same men are just as concerned about a female’s attractiveness as a man who DOES seek to have children with the woman he is after. Why? If we are to (rightfully) criticize females, we should be able to criticize men as well when men do things such as behave in a shallow manner.

Perhaps Rollo Tomassi addresses this innate shallowness in men, though I have read a great deal of his writing now and I cannot recall him as ever having done so. I suspect he would admit it without hesitation, though I do not know that for certain. However, make no mistake, I do NOT much fault him for focusing so exclusively on purely female flaws and foibles, because the REST of our misandric society already attacks men and focuses more, more, MORE than enough on flaws that are purely male.

This is not a “safe” book to read. Rollo’s blog is not a “safe” blog to read. It will not make any man feel better about life for knowing this stuff. This man’s advice, if soberly absorbed, could SERIOUSLY take a mousey man and make him worthy of the respect and desire of a plurality of females, but understand, it does NOT make that man any less ALONE in the world–quite the contrary.

Oh, but please do not confuse this advice of Rollo Tomassi with “pick-up artistry.” Tomassi is so very much deeper than that. This wisdom goes to the very core. A man should read this only if he has the maturity to face extremely unsettling core truths about his very existence in this world. For the mature male student of the Holy Scriptures there is much advice from this heathen that will inadvertantly confirm the curses that God placed upon Adam and Eve in a way probably more profound than ever before appreciated; but to fellows without a firm foundation in where this life originated and why–well, let’s just say, I would not want to be in their heads when they finally absorb this stark stuff. They are going to need something to lean on. Somehow, Tomassi has thus far firewalled himself from the staggering implications of what he knows to be true; perhaps being financially successful enough to own six houses as he says he does has a way of temporarily firewalling or distracting a man from the supremely unsettling truths he has isolated and described; I wouldn’t know, but I have my suspicions. At any rate, more than anyone else I have ever read, this man Rollo Tomassi has a level of appreciation for the inexorable state of alienation with which every single thinking man who ever lived must come to terms.

Any man who reads this and “takes the red pill” on it (that is, accepts the fact that it does correspond with his every EXPERIENCE, and not with his social conditioning) will come to appreciate at last the real limitations of a woman’s capability to love: He will have to embrace the fact that there is no woman who can love him the way he would like to be loved. And that man will know WHY, as Tomassi is very adept at explaining such things. So this is not a comfortable book by any means. But hey, if someone has got this far in life and still believes that real truths are comfortable, they are either very, very young, or they are very, very brainwashed.

So if you’re the kind of man who likes to KNOW, who needs to KNOW what the diagnosis is so that you can face and hopefully attack a disturbing dilemma, then this is a must-read book for you. But if you are the kind of man who just wants to remain in ignorance in his misery and distractions, then you’re going to want to stay far away from this book and this man’s blog.

This reader, for better or worse, belongs to the camp of the former.

Lord willing, I can have my male posterity read this someday when they are old enough to confront it–so long as they also can read Dalrock. For rational balance, of course.

In closing, one constant I have found running through the work of both Tomassi and Dalrock: They consistently show how fundamentally vulnerable a man makes himself whenever he consents to marriage–ESPECIALLY in today’s modern, State-worshiping, misandric culture. A man risks so much more than even his assets today. Wow. But I’d better stop here or I’ll never stop.

Despite the aforementioned misgivings, this gets my highest rating. This man really, really understands women (and men) as God made them, women (and men) as God cursed them. Nevermind that he thinks they “evolved.” The conclusions and the advice, especially for men in this misandric society, is the same (except for the advice about fornication), and it totally flies in the face of conventional “wisdom.” Bravo!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


That’s it. With this book, Emmanuel Josephson cemented his status as one of the Top 5 All Time TRUE Historians that America has ever produced. Published in 1964 when the political career of Nelson Rockefeller was at its most aspiring and perhaps most dangerous point, Josephson targets especially Nelson for most of this expose, but then he also consistently steps back and overviews the high crimes of the entire Rockefeller clan throughout. This work is a stupendous time capsule of buried dissenting opinion, buried whitewashed voices, buried memory-holed history, exposing and warning against the megalomaniacal designs of the Rockefeller clan. Although Josephson’s warnings about Nelson did not prove entirely true (Nelson apparently went on to hire too-cheap, unreliable, gun-misfiring assassins against Ford in the early 70s), notwithstanding, his warnings about the globalist Rockefeller strategems as a whole have proven 100% accurate. Josephson just had the wrong Rockefeller to watch out for: It wasn’t Nelson who was leading the Mephistophelian, NWO-charging braintrust, it was David. Nelson was a second-fiddler, even as the politicians are always playing second fiddle, subservient to their overlord international bankster bosses.

And again, just as with some of his other books, Josephson here connects the most intriguing dots of all: the connections between the Rockefellers and the Society of Jesus. It is very obvious that Josephson only partially understood the staggering import of what he was reporting on here, and the reader is left without sufficient explanatory detail. But that Josephson would be making these connections way back in the 1960s with only a partial understanding of the true big picture of historical events about Satan’s own pet geo-political entity, the Vatican, is astounding and superbly confirming of so many other memory-holed, out-of-print books I have discovered. This book is an amazing, fantastic time capsule of where the heads of the wiser-than-most Goldwaterian politicos were at back in 1964, right before the Rockefeller’s mainstream propaganda machine kneecapped them for good with the Rockefellerian, propagandistic political extermination of Barry Goldwater himself.

As with all his books, Josephson meanders a bit, and his meandering is amazingly informative and interesting: He never fails to touch on some very specific and truly esoteric corruptions of various Rockefeller family members as well as many of their well-paid crooked cronies in myriad high places. Have I used the word “rarified” yet in this review? That is what jumps out with this reader about Josephson: The specific frauds and crimes in high places that he continually documented are so dated, so very specific, and the criminals committing these high crimes are all of the sort that the mainstream public was propagandized into trusting back then–this is what smacks of “time capsule” material to this reader: The realization that so few even back then would have known about the shocking specifics which Josephson relates, and today, perhaps there is nobody left that knows any of this. (Insert old, black-and-white Twilight Zone music here.)

Of an especially intriguing nature is the exquisitely RARIFIED information given herein on the Rockefeller league’s set up of the well-intentioned, patriotic Senator Joseph McCarthy, and of his subsequent ASSASSINATION by them. Yes, you read that right. Josephson even includes a copy of the dubious death certificate and, as an M.D. himself, has MUCH to reveal about this as well.

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In the waning days of WWII, vast multitudes of German people–soldiers and civilians alike–needed to flee west to escape the vengeful invading Soviet hordes. For these Germans, a land escape was by then impracticable. The only realistic chance of escape lay via the sea. And so the German navy, under Admiral Karl Doenitz (who for a brief period of time would become the interim leader of all of Germany after the death/disappearance of Hitler and the Nazi elite), gathered together a multitude of just about any ship that would float, naval, commercial, and anything else left over, to rescue the panic-stricken German multitudes. The author calls this episode of WWII history “Germany’s Dunkirk.” And in the numbers of Germans rescued, this operation more than justifies the name, and justifies Admiral Doenitz for declaring it an overall triumph. However, unlike Britain’s Dunkirk, there was also a tremendous loss of life when at least two large German liners were sunk by torpedoes from Russian submarines.

By far the greatest loss of life occurred when the former German liner, Wilhelm Gustloff, was sunk by a Russian sub. This is a straightforward account, nothing conspiratorial or anything like that. What is perhaps most intriguing about this account is that I had never heard of it before, and neither has most anybody else outside of Germany–even people who know a thing or two about WWII history. This is all the more fascinating and perplexing when it is taken into account that far, far more people died when the Wilhelm Gustloff went down than the next three or four much better-known ship disasters in history combined! The Titannic, the Lusitania, the Empress of Ireland, etc.–one could combine all the loss of life aboard all of those ships, and one would still not come close to how many people died aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff. And I had never ever heard of this history before. And I hereby ask the reader: Had YOU?

It is also ironical and tragic what befell the captain of the Soviet submarine after WWII. Instead of being commended as a national war hero, paranoid KGB types and others sent this former sub captain to Siberia. Apparently it did not pay to be conspicuous under Stalin’s regime no matter for what reason. But then, I already did know that at least.

This is a small paperback book published in 1980, competently written by more than one author, curiously, and it looks like a fictional book in its construction but it is anything but fiction.

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JFK: THE DEAD WITNESSES by Craig Roberts and John Armstrong

Published in 1995.

The Good: This book delivers the goods for the most part, that is, it provides much cursory information on the well known, and even some of the the more obscure, witnesses to the JFK assassination who were eliminated from testifying in, or eliminated from giving any further testimony in, or who just so happened to have died extremely suspicious deaths during the time of any of the three official JFK assassination investigations, the first bogus “investigation” in the 1960s and the later two somewhat more serious congressional investigations of the 1970s.

The Bad: There are quite a few recurring grammatical and punctuation-related errors here. This small, independently published book could have used an editor, or a better editor. The authors also dubiously include a few deaths which are not suspicious at all, such as Earl Warren, who died in the early 1970s of what would be expected of someone his age (83) to die from. There are also too many deaths for which the authors list the cause as “unknown”–could not they have found these out with more thorough research? The book is also not well sourced at all: there are no footnotes, no end notes, and no bibliography provided whatsoever.

The Ugly: On page 124, the authors mistakenly refer to the witness “Ralph Paul” as “Ron Paul.” Doh!

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August 5, 2014


A Democratic Working-Class Insurrection

There is a near-misdemeanor concerning this manuscript in that it is only 83 pages; there is a near-felony in that it is unpublished. A friend of mine introduced me to this. It was written about seven or eight years ago and Mr. Holt is or was a university professor from Alabama.

Here is a rare look at an American historical event (and a rather memory-holed one at that) from a perspective that is genuinely sympathetic to the vast majority of the people involved; that is, the common man. This manuscript corroborates the iconoclastic work of James Montgomery and “The Informer” fantastically well.

Holt documents how George Washington was in fact a despotic, elitist “land jobber” who had no compunctions whatsoever about lying his (expletive deleted) off and breaking laws whenever he and his cronies were threatened or stood to benefit.

Holt documents how international bankster’s boy Alexander Hamilton was an officious hypocrite, another elitist liar, and a general, all-around enemy of average Americans.

Holt documents how the first Supreme Court justices unlawfully subordinated their offices to Washington in 1794.

Holt documents that the rebellion was about far more than a tax on whiskey; it was about many average Americans coming to realize that they had fought the American Revolution only to be sold out at the SECRET Constitutional Convention by the UNelected Founding Fraudsters who had LIED about merely tinkering with the Articles of Confederation. Nevertheless, the rebellion was indeed partially attributable to Washington’s and Hamilton’s new tax on whiskey, a tax which Holt documents as being grossly unfair to common Americans and greatly slanted in favor of the corporations. Gee, where have I heard that before?

This manuscript also pivots upon the exploits of one of the most unknown, unsung, yet veritable heroes that America has ever produced: a preacher and social reformer named Herman Husbands. The elitist Founding Fraudsters saw him as radical and dangerous; the common American saw him as fair and wise. Holt identifies Herman Husbands as in reality the de facto leader behind the rebellion, and it was apparently one of those exquisitely rare cases in history where the leader did not strive for the job for himself but was instead genuinely selected by his peers because of actual virtues the man possessed that people found appealing. Husbands was a worthy and staunch pacifist, but he had a stunningly idealistic, yet quite detailed, and very different vision for what the United States ought to be. His plan would have been astoundingly fair and just for all Americans. Needless to say, the Washington elitists weren’t about to share their toys, and despite Husbands’s pacifism, elitists like Washington and Hamilton singled Husbands out as the “rebel” they most wanted to capture.

And they did. Washington, Hamilton & Company did catch Husbands and many other “rebels,” through despotic, duplicitous means. And then, such was the average American’s sympathy for the “rebels” that the government’s prosecutor could only manage two token patsy convictions, and Husbands wasn’t one of them. Nearly everybody walked, such was the unpopularity of the new government’s actions, and such was the greater understanding and greater courage of jury members then. But this has all of course been whitewashed from your history books. Holt poignantly reminds us how it is the American elite class who write the history books, and it is the American poor and working class who do not and are made historically invisible, though they were the ones who did nearly all of the actual living, fighting, dying, birthing, working, and experiencing of the country and the culture.

Holt is also a very competent, effective writer. I really wish this was longer. And I really wish that it was published so that others could enjoy it and learn real American history (as opposed to standardized American mythology) from it.

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There are flaws that need to be mentioned here. Let’s mention them and get them out of the way because the rest of this book, the vast majority of it, is fantastic.
The flaws:
1) The author spends a few pages recounting a glorious biographical history of the scientific exploits of 19th-century Frenchman Louis Pasteur that is probably false. Read the book THE DREAM AND THE LIE OF LOUIS PASTEUR by R.B. Pearson for the real deal on that. Additionally, a photograph of Pasteur standing alongside his daughter is provided, and the author even praises the photo itself, declaring how it shows what a great family man Pasteur was. Trouble is, Pasteur is evincing an obvious freemasonic pose in the photo, and the author fails to note this. The author claims Christ as his Saviour; freemasonry is luciferian.
2) Two of the many other photographs of noteworthy 19th-century intellectuals reveal the subject of the photo evincing a freemasonic pose. Given that the author culminates his message by connecting the philosophical dots between Darwinism and the New World Order, passing acknowledgement of the part that high-degree freemasonry plays in the NWO should have been made, but it was not.
3) The author writes for a couple pages about the Apollo Moon “Landings.” Yeah, right.
4) Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are not differentiated from the true Christianity of the Scriptures.

Now the good stuff, and it really is excellent:
This is not the typical Creationist book; it is more interesting than most. Ian Taylor is truly insightful in making the big-picture connection between the Darwinian philosophy and the secular-humanism of the past and present architects of the New World Order.
Taylor focuses unwaveringly on PEOPLE: Historical luminaries, philosophers, inventors, theologians, scientists, etc., beginning with Plato and finishing up with Julian Huxley. In between, he documents noteworthy thinkers who had anything to do with or against the development of the Darwinian worldview. Many photographs of the personages are provided.
Taylor does a brilliant and thorough job (over 400 pages) of explaining, step by step, from very early on in history, what we now call “evolution” had always been percolating in unregenerate minds, and how, as the 19th century brought about Darwin and his racist, rebellious work, there really was, and had been for some time, a very real conspiracy of wealthy, antichrist intellectuals who helped promote, propagandize, and browbeat people with the new Darwinian dogma.
And Taylor adroitly documents how extraordinarily zealous were the historical apostles of Darwinism: Time and again, men like Haeckel and de Chardin and other Darwinian stalwarts bore false witness, cherry-picked their facts, engaged in unbridled, self-delusional bias, perpetrated hoaxes, conspired together in secret, resorted to intrigue—you know, all those hallmarks of modern, respectable scientific pursuit.
A brilliant book, very interesting to read. Taylor also finds the time and space to show, with a modicum of surprisingly detailed scientific rigor, why all the methods that Darwinists use to make their claim that the Earth is billions of years old are very, very suspect indeed.
Mostly, however, Taylor focuses on the history and the people involved. He also makes a quite compelling argument that the errant conjectures of Charles Lyell are of much more historical significance than the errant conjectures of Charles Darwin.
Also highlighted (lowlighted?) are the historical hireling shepherds who compromised with the Darwinian philistines or sold out the Bible entirely, and did so on the basis of a given set of “discovered facts” about “evolution” which nowadays, embarrassingly, even modern neo-Darwinists have acknowledged to be erroneous. Doh!!

First published in the early 1980s. Despite the flaws I give it my highest grade.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Classic John Bircher-type faire, originally from 1975, with the occasional quotation from THE SPOTLIGHT or even Willis Carto himself, heavy doses of warning about the coming New World Order and its Communist, Freemasonic, Fabian Socialist, “Jewish banking,” and, above-all, nebulous “Illuminati” components, Des Griffin apparently being totally ignorant of the machinations of the Vatican and its Society of Jesus as was/is the prerequisite for a John Bircher/”Christian patriot” type.

Griffin’s Christian slant is commendable, but not when it is combined with the Constitution-hugging and “Founding Father” near-ancestor worship in which he also evinces. Again, this is all prerequisite for Bircher-types who ever have and ever will unbiblically, double-mindedly mix up their Christianity with idolatrous patriotism and nationalism.

This book is somewhat useful as a primer on the NWO basics–i.e., the Fed, the International Banksters, the Rothschilds, the CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. But nothing more than these superficial basics.

Weirdly, Griffin starts out better than he finishes up: He finishes up with an entire chapter of direct transcription from THE PROTOCOLS which Griffin contends were authentic instead of the jesuitical ruse they actually were (see: BEHIND THE DICTATORS by L.H. Lehman), so let’s throw that right out. But in the first couple of chapters, Griffin relies heavily upon THE TWO BABYLONS by A. Hislop and similar sources, and he very correctly identifies the Roman church of today, and to a lesser degree the various “reformed” churches, as Simon Magus-founded, pagan counterfeits of true, scriptural Christianity. Griffin was red hot on the trail of the identity of the Top Dog over at the NWO here, he was getting really close; but then, as his narrative of conspiratorial history continues, when he gets to the 1700s he gets fooled and loses the trail when he falls for the old jesuitical Adam Weishaupt/Illuminati ruse, and from there on out and for the rest of the book Griffin keeps getting colder.

On the plus side, the black and white images included herein, such as the images of U.S. paper currency down through the 20th century, are a very vivid visual of the Bankster’s totalitarian takeover of America, Inc.

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