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This Marc Stevens fellow is quite feisty, and quite on target. He obviously has been taking on the bogus court system for quite some time, and he demonstrates how utterly “frivolous” is the entire practice of law and everything associated with it. Writing from what appears to be an unadulterated secular-libertarian position, Stevens illustrates how judges and lawyers and IRS agents are no different than any other common thief, except that they have the sanction of “authority” behind them. An incisive book like this really makes the reader lament the sheep-like mentality of common Americans. Stevens shows that Americans who pay speeding tickets and receive court summons, etc., are no different than any other subjugated slave. Literally. Stevens unmasks the bogus legitimacy of governments and legal systems with but a few simple questions that the “authorities” are loathe to answer.

The only complaint this reader has about this work is that it focuses too much on everyday minutia, and in doing so it never stops to examine the bigger picture. For example, Stevens’ work corroborates the work of researchers like James Montgomery and The Informer who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. Constitution is a fraudulent document and the “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of self-serving elitists, no different from today’s politicians; also, Stevens confirms those researchers’ claims that the U.S. is still a British Colony and U.S. citizens are still paying taxes, ultimately, to the Old World elitist robber barons. But Stevens seldom takes it that far in his assertions, though the conclusion of his work is unavoidable.

Stevens also overuses the example of a man being stopped by a police officer and being required to show his I.D. It would have been nice if Stevens would have written about some other examples of common everyday tyranny that everybody takes for granted instead of going back to the well with this one over and over. Stevens also limits himself by constantly referring to the bad guys as “bureaucrats.” Unfortunately, this would tend to steer the reader’s ire toward policians and judges, but that reader would still be uninformed about the identity of the bosses of those puppet-crooks.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


WHICH ONE ARE YOU? by The Informer

No Wonder Jesus Condemned Lawyers so Harshly!
By the time you finish reading this self-published work by the hermetic homespun legal scholar “The Informer,” one’s head ought to be dizzy from all the legalese thrown around. I read this once and understood some of it, but darned if it wouldn’t take another two or three whole read-throughs to really begin to grasp the profundity of what “The Informer” has uncovered. Clearly this man has done his homework; we’re talking years of solitary, painstaking research that this man must have done.

What the lawyers have done for and to us–for those not yet in the know–is to enslave us. Through Orwellian and legalese games with grammar and semantics this nation has become a slave labor sham of what it once was–though even what it “once was” wasn’t really all that great, as “The Informer” relentlessly points out. Because, you see, our “Founding Fathers” were also lawyers, and if one reads the fine print to the U.S. Constitution like “The Informer” has taken the great trouble to do, it can be discerned that the hallowed Founding Lawyers were sinful men who looked to their own interests first, last, and always.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods, we Americans. The Founding Fathers were lucre-loving, power-grasping lawyers. Patrick Henry was the best of the lot, and even he let his lawyer side ultimately trump his human, liberty-loving, God-fearing side.

Doubt what I’m saying? Can’t say I blame you. Get the book. Go to www.atgpress.com. Read some of the articles by this mysterious “Informer” fellow. Better yet, take the trouble to buy his books. Your view of America will never be the same. “The Informer” has knowledge that is probably only shared by a dozen or so people in the country, if you don’t count the many judges who know this stuff and remain quiet and thereby aid in the fraud and in the perpetuation of colorable law.

What you’ll learn from this book is what status you are as a human being, and why you likely are, after all, subject to income tax and other I.R.S. abuse because of your legal nexus with the federal government. You will want to become a “non-resident alien” after you read this book, but sorry, that won’t save you; however, there is much more you need know and do in order to opt out of the babylonian U.S. system. “The Informer” identifies many pitfalls you need to watch out for, and what you need to extricate yourself from. And it won’t be easy. “The Informer” makes it painfully clear that almost all well-meaning constitutional patriot types in this country have been woefully misguided. They don’t realize that the fraud they are trying to fight in this nation began at a much earlier time in history, and at a much earlier stage in law, and they need to heed “The Informer”‘s advice and go all the way back and fight the system from there–right from the very origin of the nation, which is still and has always been controlled by “The Crown” of England, i.e., the “banksters,” as–guess what–”The Informer” also shows.

It would be difficult to overrate a book with this kind of rarified and veritable information in it. It could keep a person out of jail, should that person be tempted to get sucked into one of these “bring back our constitution” clubs–yeah right, not gonna happen; though if everybody or even most bodies woke up at the same time (yeah, right, not gonna happen) then contrastly it could liberate multitudes upon multitudes of slaves.

One thing: Once you read this book, you will never be able to view lawyers in any kind of positive light ever again; that’s in case you ever did.

As “The Informer” reminds us, the Pilgrims who truly founded this nation knew lawyers by one epithet: “vermin.” We Americans of today desperately need that kind of discernment.

At one time this book could be bought from “The Informer”‘s website (www.atgpress.com). That website is gone. I do not know where it can be had today. It was not cheap. Nor should it have been.

Now–and here’s the drawback–if only this guy could learn how to punctuate his work properly, and learn how to spell correctly consistently, then maybe more people could be convinced that he’s a legit and most important researcher. That’s the trouble with these self-publishers, you know?

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Hentoff is a longtime civil rights activist. He apparently goes way, way back. He’s also an atheistic democrat/socialist type (aren’t they all?).

Anyway, he does an often admirable job here of documenting the dangers of the Orwellian “Patriot Act,” how it basically eviscerates the Bill of Rights; there’s a lot of compelling legal and historical truth here despite the fact that that this book is written rather haphazardly, as though the author was in a hurry or something. Hentoff, to his credit, even cites a few “conservative republican” types in government today who have also been decrying the “Patriot Act”–guys like Bob Barr and Dick Armey.

Hentoff falls into a pit of obtuseness of his own making, however, as he seems to be blaming “the Bush Administration” for the encroaching totalitarianism all around us now. He never says so directly, but that is definitely the perception this reader got. One gets the feeling that, should a democrat be placed in office, then Hentoff would be content and quiet about things, even if totalitarianism in modern America was still oncoming like a tidal wave (and it will be). Hentoff also refers to our form of government as a “constitutional democracy” (whatever the heck that is) instead of a constitutional republic. Thus, Hentoff shows himself as no better than Amy Goodman and all the other democrat/socialist types who are still deluded into thinking there’s a difference between the republicans and democrats. These well meaning “liberal civil rights defenders” are too damnably obtuse to understand conspiratorial (i.e., “true”) history, and too willfully ignorant to accept the fact that there is no hope in this world apart from Jesus Christ.

(Note: Of course, the punch line to all this is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights en toto were and are a fraud, never even intended for us regular folk. See the works of James Montgomery, “The Informer,” and others.)

Rating: Δ Δ Δ

WOE TO YOU, LAWYERS! by Fred Rodell

Jesus wished woe upon the lawyers; Shakespeare, in Henry VI, wrote that we should “kill all the lawyers”; the Pilgrims and Puritans made sure to outlaw all lawyers from practicing in the New World for the first hundred years or so of the Colonies’ existence. If you’re like most people, you never knew this history. Go back to your televisions. But if you’re in the minority who knew this shameful history of the legal practice, have you ever seriously stopped to wonder why it lawyers have been so traditionally reviled?

        Read this book and you’ll never wonder again; this book will answer all your questions. Written in 1939, author Fred Rodell was a real iconoclast-type who didn’t take very readily to brainwashing, apparently. Rodell attended law school, completed law school, and never practiced law a day in his life. Instead, in writing this little book, he set out to show how and why the entire legal profession is a gigantic fraud. Rodell, who was obviously a gifted writer as well as an incisive thinker, succeeded mightily, and with a witty brevity.

        Rodell starts out by successfully comparing the hocus-pocus of today’s lawyers with that of yesteryear’s tribal medicine men and medieval priests: In each case, as Rodell deftly points out, there is a class of elite powerbrokers who parasitize common people and lord over them with sham practices and, especially in the case of lawyers, devious language games. Rodell thoroughly exposes the language of lawyers as being what it is: a deliberate obfuscation of plain truth in order to perpetuate the power of lawyers over regular everyday folk.

        Rodell also exposes the entirety of “The Law” as Americans know it as a complete fraud; he concomitantly exposes the entire court process in America as a giant, arbitrary, willy-nilly sham; a sham whose beneficiaries self-servingly and unchangingly sermonize over “justice” and “equality before the law”—but the only unchangeable thing about “The Law,” as Rodell relates, is its ever openness to be bought by the highest bidder, to always be for sale.

        Throughout the book, as Rodell exposes the inherent fraud upon fraud, inefficiency upon inefficiency, injustice upon injustice of our American justice system; he continually appeals to common sense, to allowing for common people using common everyday language to solve and avoid their own legal problems, and he shows how easy this would be if it just wasn’t for the lousy meddling lawyers. There’s no arguing with Rodell because he just makes too much sense. Something of special interest here to Bible believers is how often Rodell in his arguments seems to be bumping up against the soundness of Mosaic Law without even realizing it. Rodell never mentions this specifically, and would probably (we’re guessing) have denied any affinity for the old Mosaic Codes; still, that was the impression this reader got from Rodell’s numerous and altogether clever appeals to reason in the face of Babylonian legal asininities.

        It is probably not an overstatement to speculate that, if every non-lawyer in America were to get hold of this and read it, the legal profession would be damaged irreparably—even in our present, dumbed-down society. That’s how easy and obvious Rodell makes it. Of course, there’s probably a reason why this book is long out-of-print, too.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ