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I was not very far along in my reading of this out-of-print book from the early 1870s before I recognized it as what it is: One of the most significant works ever written. Literally. This would definitely make it into my “Top 10 All Time” list, and perhaps even Top Five. The memory-holed history it recounts is that essential, and it is also well written, as if it even needed to be so.

This work is similar to Edmund Paris’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE JESUITS from a half century or so later. Like Paris, Greisinger devotes much of his book to recording the history of the Jesuit’s parasitization of each European nation, and how and when and why each of these nations furiously expelled the Jesuits at various points in time, and then how and when and why the Jesuits came slithering back and reparasitized each of these nations. Being an earlier book, Greisinger, on the whole, tends to focus much of his recounting of history on earlier times than does Paris. This modern reader found it a bit more interesting, though both Greisinger’s and Paris’s books are monumentally important in their own respective rights.

As Greisinger records it, everything that happened to each of these European countries—the identifiable pattern of covert conquest that the Jesuits follow—has already happened as of this date in the history of the United States, Inc. This makes this book quite ominous to read. Little wonder this work is long since out-of-print and memory-holed. We the American public are clearly NOT supposed to know about this history. And so almost no American does. The takeover is complete and beautifully perfect from the vantage point of the Vatican and the Society of Jesus which controls it. Yes, Greisinger provides the vivid and factual history to prove that claim as well.

It is fascinating how the majority of the nations that (impermanently) drove out the Jesuits over the previous centuries were Roman Catholic nations. Sad to say, they knew the enemy even better than the Protestants did. Now, extrapolate that thought down to today, and see that NOBODY is more ill-informed, more dumbed-down, more asleep-at-the-switch about who and what is the Scriptural Antichrist, and what Satanic institution drives that OFFICE, than today’s stupefied, history-challenged ecumeniacal evangelicals.

It is they above all who need to read this long forgotten, out-of-print work. Not that they would be able to understand it; they are still blinded by these very same black-robed “fathers,” still looking out for and being hopelessly distracted by delusions of UFOs, the Nephilim, and (jesuitically authored!) tall tales of a future-coming,
secular Antichrist.

Fascinating it is too that this history leaves off with the early 1870s triumph in Germany of Prime Minister Otto Von Bismarck over the Society of Jesus. (Yes, yet more memory-holed history that most people never heard of. This book is rife with such hidden history, and just as rife with the proofs which confirm these unsettling histories.) However, the author knew his subject well, and he as much predicted, just before going to press, that Bismarck’s triumph would only be a temporary one, and the Jesuits would eventually come slithering right back into Germany. Which they of course did, as subsequent (suppressed) history shows all too severely.

Finally, Greisinger succeeds in underscoring how exquisitely important the year 1870 was to the Papacy. Greisinger was living and writing this out at the time, so it makes sense he would sense the acute import of that year. He reminds that the Jesuits scored three huge victories when they had their implement, Pope Pius IX, dogmatize three cherished jesuitical teachings, even in the face of much opposition from the most learned officials within the hierarchy of the Roman Church: the novel doctrines of Papal Infallibility and the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the document known as the Syllabus of Errors.

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This manuscript was published somewhere in the last decade. I have no idea why the exact date of publication is not listed herein, but it gets weirder than that: Nowhere does it record who wrote this, either. Nevertheless, it is available online in both electronic and paperback format. I stumbled onto it while doing some some peripheral searches pertaining to Avro Manhattan’s book VIETNAM, WHY DID WE GO? and indeed, this does share subject matter with the Manhattan book, and does much to further corroborate Manhattan’s claims—something which should not be undervalued, since, vital as Manhattan’s work was and is, it was always underfootnoted. This manuscript, on the other hand, is consummately sourced throughout. In fact, this may be the greatest asset of this work: It opens the doors to so very many other works which, taken as a whole, clearly validate Avro Manhattan’s spectacular claims about the real origins and causes of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War; as well as the earlier French involvement, for that matter.

It all goes back to the Vatican. The Vatican did it. Not that the author of this manuscripte understands the entireity of this history; and he(she?) certainly does not understand as much as Manhattan did; notwithstanding, this work is a superb companion piece to the Manhattan book.

Indeed, the indications that this author does not understand the situation completely are very evident. For example, he continually uses the phrase “the Catholic Church” as being in back of the Vietnam War, but what he really means is the geopolitical state called “the Vatican” which hides behind and drives the cult of Catholicism, even as it controls the world’s intelligence agencies, foments strife among the nations, and profits from all of the above.

The author also believes that presidents make important decisions and are merely “influenced” by the “Catholic Church” and certain of its powerful adherents, rather than the raw and unpopular reality: Presidents TAKE ORDERS and are CONTROLLED by these, and any president who goes against this protocal quickly gets assassinated or is given the Richard Nixon treatment.

Furthermore, and along the same lines, this author also is deceived by the ruse that John Foster Dulles, and his father, and his grandfather, were faithful “presbyterians” whose outlook on geopolitics just coincidentally happened to line up 100% with the Vatican, rather than the reality that these, or certainly at least J.F. Dulles himself, was in fact an agent of the Jesuits. This author has no knowledge or understanding of the history and machinations of the Society of Jesus.

This work is also written rather pedantically. The author constantly tells the reader of three things about which he will be informing the reader, then he informs the reader of these three things, and then he recaps the three things about which he just informed the reader. And then he moves on to three other things and he does the same thing. He does this throughout the manuscript. This is not so much bad writing as it is formulaic, predictable, basic writing.

As a companion piece to Avro Manhattan’s VIETNAM, WHY DID WE GO?, this manuscript is an invaluable resource. The author does not understand all that he is exposing, but that does not matter, not if the reader unites this manuscript with the Manhattan book and others. On its own, this manuscript is of a more limited value, unless one is going to track down and read the very many resources which this manuscript assiduously cites, and then connects the dots to see the big picture which this author did not even understand, but he is most certainly on the right investigatory trail.

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SELLOUT by David Schippers

This author and this book are redolent of the exquisitely significant mid-1950s book FOUNDATIONS: THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE by Rene Wurmser: Both Wurmser and this man Schippers were chief legal counsels hired by two separate congressional investigating committees about a half-century apart; both congressional investigating committees were of enormous import; the respective import of both congressional investigating committees was whitewashed in the mainstream media; both Wurmser and Schippers crossed political party lines in order to follow the truth and the facts; both Wurmser and Schippers saw their painstaking investigative work ignored, and the processes of both of the congressional investigation committees to which they had labored stonewalled, undermined, and finally sabotaged; in addition, both Wurmser and Schippers were taken aback by the fact that congressmen of the same political party as themselves were the ones most guilty of wilfull ignorance of the facts and of obvious and unaccounted-for sabotage! What is obvious to the reader is that, in both respective cases–Wurmser and Schippers–what these two men in fact ran smack into was a “fix” that was already “in.”

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that Wurmer’s 1954 Reece Committee had not discovered anything damning at all about the oligarchs’ tax-exempt Foundations and their illegal and communistic takeover of the American public education system; however, when one reads the actual congressional transcripts of the Reece Committee, and when one reads Wurmser’s book, an extraordinarily different picture is elucidated.

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that David Schippers’ investigations in the 1998 Impeachment of Bill Clinton had also not discovered anything damning and that the whole affair was about Clinton’s serial adultery (not that the disgraceful mainstream media even had the linguistic and moral clarity to use the unfashionable word ADULTERY); however, David Schippers herein factually documents that the real issue was obstruction of justice, witness tampering, serial perjury and subornation of perjury, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Schippers, like Wurmser before him, then goes on to document how career-politician members of BOTH political parties eventually, at a critical point in the proceedings, colluded to sabotage yet another congressional investigating committee when it appeared that that committee was getting too close to actually uncovering some really shocking high crimes. In the Reece Committee of 1954, one need only examine the cartoonishly contumelious antics of “Representative” Wayne Hayes of Ohio at that time to preposterously derail the routine questioning of the witnesses; in the case of Schippers’ investigation, what he documents is that he had an ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF DAMNING EVIDENCE AGAINST BILL CLINTON OF A MUCH MORE SERIOUS NATURE THAN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTED, AND YET NONE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMEN AND ONLY 65 REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN WOULD EVEN LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! The Republicans, ever eager to get along and play ball with the oligarchs who own both political parties, even went so far as to forbid the calling of live witnesses! Clearly, the fix was in, and it was in with both sides. Seldom has there ever been more obvious evidence that both political parties in the U.S. are bought and controlled by a higher power and work for and at the behest of that higher unelected power.

This book is the definitive source for understanding what the 1998 Impeachment Proceedings of Bill Clinton really entailed, as opposed to what the lying news broadcasts on all the mainstream channels duplicitously reported.

Published in 2000.

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Well, it was inevitable that I would have to do this. I want to be open to everything and anything, if it is factual and reasonable. I have encountered so many areas of study where the world is upside down, factual truth has been suppressed, real history memory-holed, that I had to get into this area sooner or later: the claims of the so-called “Holocaust Deniers.” I am open to the idea that the leading Sabbatean Zionists perhaps inflated the numbers that were genocided by the Nazis: Sabbatean Zionists are not nice people. By the way, see the work of Barry Chamish for a clarification on what a Sabbatean Zionist is. I am not referring to Jewry in general; I would not tend to be open to the idea that there was no such thing as a general genocide against European Jewry. Forget that: for one thing, I can’t help but notice that the ranks of the “Holocaust Deniers” usually speak and act like they are modern ideological minions of Adolf Hitler.

And sure enough, Charles E. Weber here uses the Nazi Theosophical religious word “Aryan” throughout, whenever he is referring to white European folk. Ugh. Here are some other faults I find with this book:
1) Weber early on refers to this booklet of 57 pages as a “book.” It is not a book. I know what a book looks like. This is a booklet.
2) On page 16, Weber takes a pejorative swipe at the research of Antony Sutton, cryptically dismissing as “pusillanimous” Sutton’s conclusions in the book WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. I know Sutton. I’ve read plenty of Sutton. I don’t know of any other author who dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s as assiduously as Sutton, and I would take Sutton’s word over this author 100 times out of 100 opportunities.
3) Weber, like I suppose all who vaguely blame “the Jews” or “the Zionists” for everything ill on the planet, demonstrates several times that he has zero understanding of the true roll of the Vatican in world affairs, in history (i.e., real, memory-holed history), and in eschatology.

This is not to say that Weber does not raise some very good and intriguing points. He does. Most assuredly he does. Some of those very good and intriguing points are as follows:
1) The Nuremberg Trials after WWII were a sham for a variety of reasons, and no less a personage than Ohio Senator Robert Taft declared this to be so at the time, as did Senator Joseph McCarthy.
2) So few Americans today even know about the U.S. craven complicity in the massacres of anti-Soviet throngs of refugees–i.e., Operation Keelhaul.
3) So few historicans today ever focus on the massacres of the multitudes of Polish officers at Katyn forest by the Soviets.
4) So many Americans have been brainwashed today into assuming that the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis is the only holocaust in history.
5) The unmitigated genocide of the protestant civilians of Dresden, Germany, carried out by Allied Bomber Command in WWII is little known by most Americans, and little appreciated for what it was even by most historians.
6) The Allied insistance on unconditional surrender of Germany, and the draconian “Morgenthau Plan,” greatly increased the length of WWII and greatly intensified all of its sundry, requisite, general slaughters.
7) The U.S. was, cites Weber, much quicker in rounding up Japanese-Americans than Nazi Germany was in rounding up Jewish people, and, claims Weber, if the U.S. was actually in as great a real danger from these Japanese-Americans as Nazi Germany was of certain Jewish communist-terrorists, and had the U.S. been as besieged on all sides and as supply-deficient as Germany was at that time, then the conditions in the U.S. “Japanese relocation camps” would certainly have much more resembled the conditions of the German concentration camps.
8) Germany made reparations payments to a great many Jewish people quite promptly after WWII, cites Weber, but the U.S. has been extremely dilatory in doing likewise to the innocent Japanese-Americans who lost all of their property assets during WWII. And most Americans are completely in the dark about this contrasting situation.

Now, about what must be the most controversial claims made by Weber: The claims he makes about the true nature and layout and purpose of the Nazi concentration camps themselves: There are several citations given by Weber from a number of different sources which claim, either from circumstantial evidence or from direct eyewitness testimony at the time or very soon afterward, that contradict many critical news items the public is told in the mainstream media about this. Honestly, I do not know what to make of this. I would have to read more about it, and I would have to consult a much more thorough book than this mere booklet.

So I am not sure what all to make of this right now, but I do know that this Weber fellow, and those like him, would do themselves a big public-relations favor if they stopped using Nazi-Theosophical religious words like “Aryan,” and stop vaguely blaming “the Jews” for everything: Here’s a tip: Define “Jew,” will you? Can somebody define what a “Jew” is? This is base racial bigotry to vaguely rail and rage against “the Jews.” Insensate pawn-tools like this need to first be more specific than that. That would help. It might even help themselves wake up. To wit: What are the orders of geo-political hierarchy among these “Jews”? Who is their figurehead leader? Who is their real, effectual leader? How do they elect their hierarchy members? How actually does their global surveillance network operate? I can supply all that regarding the Vatican. Some others can as well, and they can do so better than me. But I have yet to see one of these “the-Jews-did-it!” modern-day, American-brownshirt types get ANY kind of specific like that. No, instead it is just this base, beast-like hatred that comes out of them, ill-defined. They do not even get as specific as Barry Chamish, and at least they ought to do that. But they do not. If these people were charging bulls, they would go rampaging after the waving red cape (“the Jews!”) every single time, and they would be completely oblivious to the cape-controlling, cape-waving matador (the Vatican) each and every single time, to their own ultimate destruction.

Bottom line: Mr. Weber, I have to admit, you undermined nearly all credibility with me the first time you used the word “Aryan.”

I was open to what this man had to say, but not when he uses the Nazi’s own language. That’s too big a red flag. Although I am open to reading more about this topic.

This was published in 1983.

Rating: Δ


As usual for this author who was purported to have been a (protestant?!) Knight of Malta, this book is full of photographs with the author posing next to many of the high-ranking figures about whom he is writing. Manhattan truly must have known quite a number of secret handshakes and what have you. In fact, on page 101 of my Chick Publications edition, the author is seen posing in a photograph next to a leader of the I.R.A. at the time, and the place is Dublin, and there is a Roman Catholic church in the background, and this Roman Catholic church has three prominent archways in its anterior, and wouldn’t you know, as coincidence would have it, both men are standing entirely inside an arch, the I.R.A. leader in the left arch, Manhattan in the middle arch; also, both men are adopting the same loin-exposing stance with hands clasped behind themselves. Sure seems masonic to me. (Have I mentioned that I once read an Avro Manhattan sci-fi short story–“The Cricket Ball”–which had a reference to the freemasonic vaunted numeral “33”? Yes, and not only that, it was “3:33” to be exact.) Manhattan did indeed belong to some or other powerful secret society[ies]).

And those powerful secret-societal ties that Avro Manhattan had, they no doubt gave him access to the extraordinary knowledge that he had; and as his books are never sourced, never footnoted, the reader is left with trusting just Manhattan himself, and the authoritative connections which he obviously did have, which is, I guess, what all the look-who-I’m-standing-with-now photographs are all about. (Who took those photos, by the way??)

I read this book after I had already read Manhattan’s THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST and THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE (as well as others by this author), and that is how I would recommend that newcomers to this information also digest it, for then the most alarming historical pattern can be seen. It is an ancient historical pattern, but when one sees it and appreciates that this pattern is still very much with us today in the modern world, then can the “welcome-to-the-Twilight-Zone” sensation fully be appreciated.

The pattern is Papal inquisitorial massacreing of entire populations of people whenever Papal Rome again (and again and again, historically speaking) feels secure enough to perpetrate its next, and next, and next genocide.

According to Manhattan, there was almost a genocide in Northern Ireland in the late ’60s/early ’70s. It was facilitated by the Labor Party Government in Britain (i.e., Fabian Socialists); it was orchestrated by the Vatican. The same Vatican that, as Manhattan details in THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST, carried out the modern-day genocide of the Serbians during WWII, a genocide so horrific that it even disgusted the Nazi SS. True story, by the way. Not that most people around the world would have heard about it. That’s what major media control is all about.

Western Civilization has for many years now been marinated in the propaganda that Britain was brutal and oppressive in its suppression of Irish “civil rights activists” in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Manhattan shows how this was and is all a colossal series of lies by a Vatican-controlled major media system, and that the British government actually showed an extraordinary amount of restraint. At long last, when the ruling Labor Government of Britain was replaced by the Conservative Thatcher government, says Manhattan, then the British FINALLY acted to defend its own Ulster (North Ireland) subjects; Manhattan details how nothing less than an actual GENOCIDE of the population of Ulster had been barely prevented.

Some of the older history of strife in Ireland is included by Manhattan, but he focuses mainly on the acute unrest in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Now, Manhattan does admit–as is the central thesis of his book THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE–that the Vatican is the Master of exploiting both sides for its own gain, and he cites how the Vatican does have a history of betraying Ireland whenever it suits the Vatican’s purpose, so for this reader, the one question left unanswered by Manhattan was whether the Vatican had again switched sides and was actually backing Britain by the time Thatcher was suppressing the threat to Northern Ireland, and why this would have been so (i.e., what did the Vatican stand to gain?).

Poignantly, Manhattan makes it clear throughout the book how much Irish children have suffered because of the terroristic “unrest” due ultimately to Vatican intrigues; it is apparent that this particular topic of geopolitical unrest struck home with Manhattan personally. As I have stated, I have read many other Manhattan books by now. In none of those does he so consistently come back to the sad plight of the children affected as he does here.

Manhattan makes it painfully clear how much better off the nation of Ireland would have been, and would be, without the manipulative exploitations of the Vatican upon the Irish people. As bad as the Brits have historically been to Ireland, Manhattan records that the Vatican has been much worse, and certainly more insidious.

Manhattan also makes it very clear that, by the 1970s and ’80s at least, the population of Northern Ireland–Ulster–was by temperament, and I suppose geopolitically perhaps, an anachronistic throwback to a time when protestants still had discernment and a backbone, and still recognized that the PAPAL SYSTEM IS THE ANTICHRIST, EVEN AS ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PROTESTANT REFORMERS UNANIMOUSLY RECOGNIZED.

This is one helluva book, as are all of Avro Manhattan’s. But for a thinking person to TRULY understand all of the “Sunday Bloody Sunday” talk that Irish rock bands sing about and moviemakers keep making movies about, that thinking person ought to balance all of that with this. It tells quite a different story.

Published in 1988.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


This keeps happening. I keep running into these books that make me feel like I am living in an old, black-and-white episode of The Twilight Zone. It has been happening for years now, the more I read I just cannot help myself, I seek out with no small amount of effort old, out-of-print texts that do not conform with mainstream, orthodox accounts of history. But then, that is what makes them out-of-print, right?–the fact that they do not and did not conform with orthodoxy, with a brainwashing, oligarchically controlled major media and oligarchically controlled major publishing houses.

This is another stunning “time-capsule” of a book; this one from the early 1950s–1953 to be exact. It is a compendium of nine essays from eight “revisionist” historians who make it clear that extraordinarily well-researched opinions like theirs were in the process of being blackballed by the major publishers, universities, and other such mainstream outlets of information. (And if they were blackballed back then, then their collective message is REALLY buried nowadays.) Hence, my enthusiasm over this rare find.

These bygone revisionist historians give the ominous, time-capsule-esque record that by the 1950s there were only two publishing houses which were willing to tell the truth about history; only two that had the courage to publish their unpleasant, non-conformist, and FACTUAL findings: Those two courageous publishing houses were Regnery, and Devin-Adair.

Today, in this era of ever-encroaching, returning-to-Papal-Dark-Age darkness, those two publishers are now extinct.

This book is over 700 pages. The respective essays of these standout, non-lying, non-mainstream 1950s historians are not short essays. They had much to say, much to document; much of it, most of it, ignored and covered up in their own time by most other “court historians” and other historian-lackeys of the system; these eight historians were quite as academically accomplished as their mainstream, propagandist counterparts, but the revisionists did not have ear-tickling stories of patriotism to tell. The revisionists only had the truth.

Some fundamental, factual revelations that were herein shown by these gutsy, dissenting, American profs of the Cold War Hysteria Era are:
1. The U.S. participation in WWI was unnecessary, and it was nationally as well as internationally deleterious; it forever altered official U.S. policy from a platform of “continentalism” to one of CFR-impelled “internationalism.”
2. That in the 1920s at least there were more viable and more numerous outlets for revisionist historians to get the message out and not be blackballed.
3. That after WWII the blackballing of revisionist historians and of raw, truthful accounts of U.S. history began in earnest.
4. That FDR and members of his Cabinet and Pentagon lied to the American people and did everything within their power, much of it in secret, to provoke the Japanese to attack the U.S., and that the Japanese actually showed great restraint in not attacking the U.S. sooner! (They actually document this more repeatedly and relentlessly than most of the other shocking facts that they prove.)
5. That FDR and members of his Cabinet and the Pentagon knew beforehand that the Japanese were going to attack, and these deliberately withheld this knowledge from the Hawaiian commanders. But hey, that bloody sacrifice was necessary to shock the U.S. citizenry into bloodthirsty WAR FEVER, so it’s all good. Or something.
6. That there were multitudinous official “investigations” into the Pearl Harbor attack and into what FDR and members of his Cabinet and the Pentagon knew or “didn’t know,” and to varying degrees every single one of these “investigations” was a whitewashing sham job.
7. That, linguistically speaking, the terms “isolationist” and “isolationism” are contrived, propagandistic smear words, deliberately deceptive insults concocted by “internationalists” who had succumbed to a reckless utopian plan of “globaloney.” The PROPER, non-derogatory, and more accurate term for an “isolationist” would be “continentalist,” and “continentalism” was in fact the official foreign policy of the U.S. for ALL of its history up until the disastrous 20th century when everything went haywire and the U.S. started policing the globe to its own detriment.
8. That U.S. involvement in WWII was perhaps the single greatest catastrophic failure in all of recorded history. These authors/historians document and demonstrate a tremendous amount of evidence, much of it embarrassingly obvious, to show that practically every single stated goal of the U.S. during WWII not only failed to be met, but in fact the post-WWII geopolitical situation presented a much, much, MUCH more dangerous world for the U.S. and its allies than at ANY time before or during WWII. For obvious example (one of a great many obvious and not-so-obvioius examples which the authors offer), “making the world safe” by removing Japan and Germany as threats only of course resulted in the much greater danger of the U.S.S.R. and Communist China. It should be obvious, right?

Ah, but it is not so obvious to today’s brainwashed “court historians,” the kind whose books one can easily find at a Barnes and Noble or Borders Books; while the much more factual work and wisdom of these revisionist historians gather dust in darkness.

All of these essays are extremely valuable and informative. However, there are two of these 1950s maverick profs that REALLY standout: The opening and closing essays by Harry Elmer Barnes, and Percy Greaves’s comprehensive survey of all of the bogus, whitewashing “investigations” into the Pearl Harbor attack are conspicuously stunning.

Of Percy Greaves, I do believe that that man may have known more about the whitewashing of the truth about December 7, 1941, than any man ever has, then or now. Wow!–What a revealing study he presents! Apparently, he studied something like tens of thousands of pages of official testimony that was (designed to be) too daunting for anyone else to sift through.

And Harry Elmer Barnes, now THAT man–I was so rewarded in happening upon this work of his. Here was a man who confirms everything I had ever intuited about George Orwell’s true intent behind the writing of the novel 1984, and here this Barnes fellow “got it” back in 1953, so very chronologically close in following the original publishing date of Orwell’s ultimate novel. Barnes too believed, and demonstrates convincingly, how it was and is that most Americans and Britishers grossly misunderstood Orwell’s message of warning. Barnes “got it” back in the early 1950s! Barnes understood the true, all-encompassing, all-ideologies nature of Orwell’s warning. Discovering Barnes was actually a source of vindication for this reader and this Orwell afficiado. Barnes shows vividly and eerily how much, even at that early stage, the former WWII allied nations were themselves becoming societies dangerously akin to the ones warned about by Orwell. It was not just the Soviet Union that Orwell was warning about in 1984, folks. Revisionist historian Harry Elmer Barnes knew this, and he knew it back in ’53.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ

JFK: THE DEAD WITNESSES by Craig Roberts and John Armstrong

Published in 1995.

The Good: This book delivers the goods for the most part, that is, it provides much cursory information on the well known, and even some of the the more obscure, witnesses to the JFK assassination who were eliminated from testifying in, or eliminated from giving any further testimony in, or who just so happened to have died extremely suspicious deaths during the time of any of the three official JFK assassination investigations, the first bogus “investigation” in the 1960s and the later two somewhat more serious congressional investigations of the 1970s.

The Bad: There are quite a few recurring grammatical and punctuation-related errors here. This small, independently published book could have used an editor, or a better editor. The authors also dubiously include a few deaths which are not suspicious at all, such as Earl Warren, who died in the early 1970s of what would be expected of someone his age (83) to die from. There are also too many deaths for which the authors list the cause as “unknown”–could not they have found these out with more thorough research? The book is also not well sourced at all: there are no footnotes, no end notes, and no bibliography provided whatsoever.

The Ugly: On page 124, the authors mistakenly refer to the witness “Ralph Paul” as “Ron Paul.” Doh!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ
August 5, 2014


A Democratic Working-Class Insurrection

There is a near-misdemeanor concerning this manuscript in that it is only 83 pages; there is a near-felony in that it is unpublished. A friend of mine introduced me to this. It was written about seven or eight years ago and Mr. Holt is or was a university professor from Alabama.

Here is a rare look at an American historical event (and a rather memory-holed one at that) from a perspective that is genuinely sympathetic to the vast majority of the people involved; that is, the common man. This manuscript corroborates the iconoclastic work of James Montgomery and “The Informer” fantastically well.

Holt documents how George Washington was in fact a despotic, elitist “land jobber” who had no compunctions whatsoever about lying his (expletive deleted) off and breaking laws whenever he and his cronies were threatened or stood to benefit.

Holt documents how international bankster’s boy Alexander Hamilton was an officious hypocrite, another elitist liar, and a general, all-around enemy of average Americans.

Holt documents how the first Supreme Court justices unlawfully subordinated their offices to Washington in 1794.

Holt documents that the rebellion was about far more than a tax on whiskey; it was about many average Americans coming to realize that they had fought the American Revolution only to be sold out at the SECRET Constitutional Convention by the UNelected Founding Fraudsters who had LIED about merely tinkering with the Articles of Confederation. Nevertheless, the rebellion was indeed partially attributable to Washington’s and Hamilton’s new tax on whiskey, a tax which Holt documents as being grossly unfair to common Americans and greatly slanted in favor of the corporations. Gee, where have I heard that before?

This manuscript also pivots upon the exploits of one of the most unknown, unsung, yet veritable heroes that America has ever produced: a preacher and social reformer named Herman Husbands. The elitist Founding Fraudsters saw him as radical and dangerous; the common American saw him as fair and wise. Holt identifies Herman Husbands as in reality the de facto leader behind the rebellion, and it was apparently one of those exquisitely rare cases in history where the leader did not strive for the job for himself but was instead genuinely selected by his peers because of actual virtues the man possessed that people found appealing. Husbands was a worthy and staunch pacifist, but he had a stunningly idealistic, yet quite detailed, and very different vision for what the United States ought to be. His plan would have been astoundingly fair and just for all Americans. Needless to say, the Washington elitists weren’t about to share their toys, and despite Husbands’s pacifism, elitists like Washington and Hamilton singled Husbands out as the “rebel” they most wanted to capture.

And they did. Washington, Hamilton & Company did catch Husbands and many other “rebels,” through despotic, duplicitous means. And then, such was the average American’s sympathy for the “rebels” that the government’s prosecutor could only manage two token patsy convictions, and Husbands wasn’t one of them. Nearly everybody walked, such was the unpopularity of the new government’s actions, and such was the greater understanding and greater courage of jury members then. But this has all of course been whitewashed from your history books. Holt poignantly reminds us how it is the American elite class who write the history books, and it is the American poor and working class who do not and are made historically invisible, though they were the ones who did nearly all of the actual living, fighting, dying, birthing, working, and experiencing of the country and the culture.

Holt is also a very competent, effective writer. I really wish this was longer. And I really wish that it was published so that others could enjoy it and learn real American history (as opposed to standardized American mythology) from it.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Even more sterile and colorless than any other Sutton book I have read, it nevertheless makes for more ready and spectacular reference. The lists and specific facts, figures, percentages and dates probably account for more pages here than Sutton’s ever-dry prose, but if someone wants the painstaking, shocking, surreal figures on how the United States went to great lengths to financially and militarily prop up its Cold War Communist “enemies” all throughout the 20th century, even when that American-made help was knowingly being used by Soviets and Chinese to massacre young American servicemen, then this is the book to get and to hang onto. Boring as all get-out to read, but absolutely irrefutable as reference material. Almost no one would be able to believe that this treasonous policy was actually official U.S. policy all throughout the century unless they see this meticulous documentation with their own eyes. Published in 1973.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


Published in 1996, obviously by a small, independent publisher (though there are no typographical errors as often is the case with those), the conception of this book was a meritorious idea. The author, Alan B. Jones, chose eleven conspiratorially-conscious books on geopolitics to review in consecutive chapters in order to demonstrate how the various researchers/authors of these books all were identifying the various parts of the same colossal, overshadowing conspiracy for global takeover by a cabal of elite oligarchs. The first nine books Jones chose are most apt: A CENTURY OF WAR by F. William Engdahl; TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Prof. Carroll Quigley; THE NAKED CAPITALIST by W. Cleon Skousen; THE TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS by William H. McIlhaney; THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin; 1984 by George Orwell; REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIREABILITY OF PEACE by ????; THE GREENING by Larry Abraham; THE POLITICS OF HEROIN by Alfred W. McCoy.
Now, having supplied that introduction, I feel in the mood for one of my patented “spaghetti-western” book reviews:
The Good:
1. The author starts out splendidly. The first nine on his list of chosen “conspiracy” books is almost ideal—
2. —especially as he does a most befitting job of summarizing and weaving together their respective findings and conclusions, often in quite specific individually-arrived-at-but-extraordinarily-corroborating details and quotations.
3. The text is quite large and easy to read, in keeping with the intended use of this book as a sort of primer for teaching “sheople” to finally understand, well, “How the world really works.” It is only because of this large text that the book spans 300-some-odd pages. There is a “no nonsense/no frills” semblance to the book’s overall cover and design, and even the writing itself.
4. In reviewing the message of the novel 1984, Jones states at the outset that he does not know whether or not George Orwell was in favor of that which he wrote in 1984. Thus, Jones refuses to conjecture about this at all, and simply sticks to the message in the novel itself. In doing this, Jones reveals that he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all; but, since he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all, then it is commendable of Jones to not conjecture here out of ignorance, as is the penchant nowadays of so many “patriotards” whenever Orwell’s name or his most famous book are mentioned.
The Bad:
1. Jones overlooks the geopolitical state known as the Vatican entirely.
2. Jones misses out entirely on the panoply of suppressed, out-of-print books dating back to at least 1820 and leading back to today, books many of which were written by Americans like Jones himself, books which correctly identify the Vatican and the Society of Jesus as representing the most malevolent threat to Jones’s conception of what the United States of America was supposed to have been at its (incorporated) inception.
3. Though he thankfully does not stress it throughout the book like so many other writers, Jones is still a “Constitution hugger” and an unbiblical respecter of persons, especially those “Founding Fathers.” Nevermind the fact that those “Founding Fathers” were un-elected, secrecy-loving, lying ELITISTS at heart and in deed, not very much different at all from the type of contemporary, global ELITISTS whom Jones seeks to expose throughout this book. Now there’s irony for ya!
4. Had the author ever actually read anything by George Orwell other than 1984, then the author would know with absolute certitude that George Orwell was NOT in favor of the subject matter of which he had penned in 1984, and that 1984 was more of a WARNING to the world, written by a rather very decent man.
The Ugly:
1. The book degenerates in tutelage for the last two book-reviewing chapters, because Jones unfortunately closes with two faulty book choices: First, of ALL the adroit JFK-assassination-conspiracy books he could have chosen, he chooses the one which, probably more than any others of note, peremptorily insists that “Israel” was the single entity most responsible for the assassination of JFK. Yes, this otherwise quite informative JFK assassination book and its otherwise quite informative conspiracy-aware author are quite indicative of the burgeoning “brownshirt” movement that is happening all across America now (e.g., the “Christian Identity” movement; and much or most of the “Tea Party,” etc.), just as it did in the 1930s in Germany. (Gulp.) As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Lastly, and unfortunately, the book which Jones chose to follow up his JFK book with, the very last book on Jones’s list, was a book by a certain cultishly confrontational, incongruously Anglophobe-but-FDR/New Deal-loving, oddball outfit whose minions might occasionally be found outside of grocery stores selling their errant ideological wares-with-strings-attached. Darn it. Of all the books he could have chosen. And here I seriously thought that this author was batting a thousand with his first nine choices, well, give or take. And then he culminates it all by letting himself be twice seduced by revised and furtive forms of fascism, and lamentably passing that 95% real truth/5% rat poison off to the unwary reader. Too bad.
2. Oh, and there is also the obligatory “How to fix America” quickie-final chapter. Yeah, good luck with that.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ