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SELLOUT by David Schippers

This author and this book are redolent of the exquisitely significant mid-1950s book FOUNDATIONS: THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE by Rene Wurmser: Both Wurmser and this man Schippers were chief legal counsels hired by two separate congressional investigating committees about a half-century apart; both congressional investigating committees were of enormous import; the respective import of both congressional investigating committees was whitewashed in the mainstream media; both Wurmser and Schippers crossed political party lines in order to follow the truth and the facts; both Wurmser and Schippers saw their painstaking investigative work ignored, and the processes of both of the congressional investigation committees to which they had labored stonewalled, undermined, and finally sabotaged; in addition, both Wurmser and Schippers were taken aback by the fact that congressmen of the same political party as themselves were the ones most guilty of wilfull ignorance of the facts and of obvious and unaccounted-for sabotage! What is obvious to the reader is that, in both respective cases–Wurmser and Schippers–what these two men in fact ran smack into was a “fix” that was already “in.”

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that Wurmer’s 1954 Reece Committee had not discovered anything damning at all about the oligarchs’ tax-exempt Foundations and their illegal and communistic takeover of the American public education system; however, when one reads the actual congressional transcripts of the Reece Committee, and when one reads Wurmser’s book, an extraordinarily different picture is elucidated.

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that David Schippers’ investigations in the 1998 Impeachment of Bill Clinton had also not discovered anything damning and that the whole affair was about Clinton’s serial adultery (not that the disgraceful mainstream media even had the linguistic and moral clarity to use the unfashionable word ADULTERY); however, David Schippers herein factually documents that the real issue was obstruction of justice, witness tampering, serial perjury and subornation of perjury, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Schippers, like Wurmser before him, then goes on to document how career-politician members of BOTH political parties eventually, at a critical point in the proceedings, colluded to sabotage yet another congressional investigating committee when it appeared that that committee was getting too close to actually uncovering some really shocking high crimes. In the Reece Committee of 1954, one need only examine the cartoonishly contumelious antics of “Representative” Wayne Hayes of Ohio at that time to preposterously derail the routine questioning of the witnesses; in the case of Schippers’ investigation, what he documents is that he had an ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF DAMNING EVIDENCE AGAINST BILL CLINTON OF A MUCH MORE SERIOUS NATURE THAN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTED, AND YET NONE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMEN AND ONLY 65 REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN WOULD EVEN LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! The Republicans, ever eager to get along and play ball with the oligarchs who own both political parties, even went so far as to forbid the calling of live witnesses! Clearly, the fix was in, and it was in with both sides. Seldom has there ever been more obvious evidence that both political parties in the U.S. are bought and controlled by a higher power and work for and at the behest of that higher unelected power.

This book is the definitive source for understanding what the 1998 Impeachment Proceedings of Bill Clinton really entailed, as opposed to what the lying news broadcasts on all the mainstream channels duplicitously reported.

Published in 2000.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ



Published in 1923; considered a classic. Bernays was considered a “pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda” and was referred to in his obituary as the “father of public relations.” He was an Austrian-American and was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

About a decade or so ago I had read Bernays other treatise along the same lines, that one entitled, appropriately enough, PROPAGANDA.

Throughout, Bernays uses this to sell the reader on the worthiness of the new high-place figure in society that he and apparently a few privileged others had concocted for the 20th century technological era and its news services: the “public relations counsel.” The public relations counsel, explains Bernays, is a kind of intercessor between the public, which Bernays candidly calls “the herd,” and mega-corporations; as well the public relations counselor is an intercessor between the public/the herd and the news media. Bernays was of course writing this very soon after the formation of the Rockefellers’ Council on Foreign Relations, so the timing and the message are together recognizable. To be sure, many of Bernays arguments to laud the coming of the public relations counsel as an essential figure in society are conventionally convincing. He even likens the public relations counsel with the position of legal counsel that most anyone seeks when they are brought into court, right? So he likened the role of public relations counsels with the intermediary role of attorneys.

Okay, well, that may have been a good thing in his mind, but not to this reader. (And definitely not to the Pilgrims who first came to this continent. But who cares about them anymore, right?)

Bernays explained that the “herd” (the public) needed someone to, kind of, “streamline” the news for them. Ominously, Bernays even BOASTS several times that in effect what this called upon public relations counsels to do was to CREATE news. Yes, he actually writes this glowingly several times. But to Bernays, this was because the public relations counsel would somehow be immaculately guided into knowing what was best for the public to know and not to know. Bernays was obviously an elitist. He wrote like an elitist. He had an incredible gift for assuming that people put into elitist positions like “public relations counsel” would just act for the betterment of the public and not just for themselves and other super-rich people. Yeah, right.

Bernays also claimed that corporations needed someone to help manage their public relations in case of reckless rumors being spread about something that corporation was trying to sell. Yes, I suppose that is more to the point of what Bernays was really interested in: Serving the corporations, where the big money is.

Look, this is not a very scintillating read or anything like that, but it is a valuable timepiece-book to understand the mentality of certain public relations-related elites immediately after the formation of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, and it is not very lengthy, either. It gives the reader a rather succinct insight into what certain elites with high connections to large corporations and the major media were thinking in the 1920s, with what automatic disdain they considered the provincial priorities, not to mention the practical intelligence, of the aggregate “herd” of the American public, and how patronizing they were about their own elitist abilities to dictate supposedly more pressing knowledge and morality to average American people. Oh, sure, Bernays was all about moral instruction as well, albeit peripherally.

Bottom line: This guy must have been a real elitist jerk, but boy was he ever influential.

Rating: N/A


As usual for this author who was purported to have been a (protestant?!) Knight of Malta, this book is full of photographs with the author posing next to many of the high-ranking figures about whom he is writing. Manhattan truly must have known quite a number of secret handshakes and what have you. In fact, on page 101 of my Chick Publications edition, the author is seen posing in a photograph next to a leader of the I.R.A. at the time, and the place is Dublin, and there is a Roman Catholic church in the background, and this Roman Catholic church has three prominent archways in its anterior, and wouldn’t you know, as coincidence would have it, both men are standing entirely inside an arch, the I.R.A. leader in the left arch, Manhattan in the middle arch; also, both men are adopting the same loin-exposing stance with hands clasped behind themselves. Sure seems masonic to me. (Have I mentioned that I once read an Avro Manhattan sci-fi short story–“The Cricket Ball”–which had a reference to the freemasonic vaunted numeral “33”? Yes, and not only that, it was “3:33” to be exact.) Manhattan did indeed belong to some or other powerful secret society[ies]).

And those powerful secret-societal ties that Avro Manhattan had, they no doubt gave him access to the extraordinary knowledge that he had; and as his books are never sourced, never footnoted, the reader is left with trusting just Manhattan himself, and the authoritative connections which he obviously did have, which is, I guess, what all the look-who-I’m-standing-with-now photographs are all about. (Who took those photos, by the way??)

I read this book after I had already read Manhattan’s THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST and THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE (as well as others by this author), and that is how I would recommend that newcomers to this information also digest it, for then the most alarming historical pattern can be seen. It is an ancient historical pattern, but when one sees it and appreciates that this pattern is still very much with us today in the modern world, then can the “welcome-to-the-Twilight-Zone” sensation fully be appreciated.

The pattern is Papal inquisitorial massacreing of entire populations of people whenever Papal Rome again (and again and again, historically speaking) feels secure enough to perpetrate its next, and next, and next genocide.

According to Manhattan, there was almost a genocide in Northern Ireland in the late ’60s/early ’70s. It was facilitated by the Labor Party Government in Britain (i.e., Fabian Socialists); it was orchestrated by the Vatican. The same Vatican that, as Manhattan details in THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST, carried out the modern-day genocide of the Serbians during WWII, a genocide so horrific that it even disgusted the Nazi SS. True story, by the way. Not that most people around the world would have heard about it. That’s what major media control is all about.

Western Civilization has for many years now been marinated in the propaganda that Britain was brutal and oppressive in its suppression of Irish “civil rights activists” in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Manhattan shows how this was and is all a colossal series of lies by a Vatican-controlled major media system, and that the British government actually showed an extraordinary amount of restraint. At long last, when the ruling Labor Government of Britain was replaced by the Conservative Thatcher government, says Manhattan, then the British FINALLY acted to defend its own Ulster (North Ireland) subjects; Manhattan details how nothing less than an actual GENOCIDE of the population of Ulster had been barely prevented.

Some of the older history of strife in Ireland is included by Manhattan, but he focuses mainly on the acute unrest in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Now, Manhattan does admit–as is the central thesis of his book THE VATICAN-MOSCOW-WASHINGTON ALLIANCE–that the Vatican is the Master of exploiting both sides for its own gain, and he cites how the Vatican does have a history of betraying Ireland whenever it suits the Vatican’s purpose, so for this reader, the one question left unanswered by Manhattan was whether the Vatican had again switched sides and was actually backing Britain by the time Thatcher was suppressing the threat to Northern Ireland, and why this would have been so (i.e., what did the Vatican stand to gain?).

Poignantly, Manhattan makes it clear throughout the book how much Irish children have suffered because of the terroristic “unrest” due ultimately to Vatican intrigues; it is apparent that this particular topic of geopolitical unrest struck home with Manhattan personally. As I have stated, I have read many other Manhattan books by now. In none of those does he so consistently come back to the sad plight of the children affected as he does here.

Manhattan makes it painfully clear how much better off the nation of Ireland would have been, and would be, without the manipulative exploitations of the Vatican upon the Irish people. As bad as the Brits have historically been to Ireland, Manhattan records that the Vatican has been much worse, and certainly more insidious.

Manhattan also makes it very clear that, by the 1970s and ’80s at least, the population of Northern Ireland–Ulster–was by temperament, and I suppose geopolitically perhaps, an anachronistic throwback to a time when protestants still had discernment and a backbone, and still recognized that the PAPAL SYSTEM IS THE ANTICHRIST, EVEN AS ALL OF THE ORIGINAL PROTESTANT REFORMERS UNANIMOUSLY RECOGNIZED.

This is one helluva book, as are all of Avro Manhattan’s. But for a thinking person to TRULY understand all of the “Sunday Bloody Sunday” talk that Irish rock bands sing about and moviemakers keep making movies about, that thinking person ought to balance all of that with this. It tells quite a different story.

Published in 1988.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Published in 1996, obviously by a small, independent publisher (though there are no typographical errors as often is the case with those), the conception of this book was a meritorious idea. The author, Alan B. Jones, chose eleven conspiratorially-conscious books on geopolitics to review in consecutive chapters in order to demonstrate how the various researchers/authors of these books all were identifying the various parts of the same colossal, overshadowing conspiracy for global takeover by a cabal of elite oligarchs. The first nine books Jones chose are most apt: A CENTURY OF WAR by F. William Engdahl; TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Prof. Carroll Quigley; THE NAKED CAPITALIST by W. Cleon Skousen; THE TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS by William H. McIlhaney; THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin; 1984 by George Orwell; REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIREABILITY OF PEACE by ????; THE GREENING by Larry Abraham; THE POLITICS OF HEROIN by Alfred W. McCoy.
Now, having supplied that introduction, I feel in the mood for one of my patented “spaghetti-western” book reviews:
The Good:
1. The author starts out splendidly. The first nine on his list of chosen “conspiracy” books is almost ideal—
2. —especially as he does a most befitting job of summarizing and weaving together their respective findings and conclusions, often in quite specific individually-arrived-at-but-extraordinarily-corroborating details and quotations.
3. The text is quite large and easy to read, in keeping with the intended use of this book as a sort of primer for teaching “sheople” to finally understand, well, “How the world really works.” It is only because of this large text that the book spans 300-some-odd pages. There is a “no nonsense/no frills” semblance to the book’s overall cover and design, and even the writing itself.
4. In reviewing the message of the novel 1984, Jones states at the outset that he does not know whether or not George Orwell was in favor of that which he wrote in 1984. Thus, Jones refuses to conjecture about this at all, and simply sticks to the message in the novel itself. In doing this, Jones reveals that he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all; but, since he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all, then it is commendable of Jones to not conjecture here out of ignorance, as is the penchant nowadays of so many “patriotards” whenever Orwell’s name or his most famous book are mentioned.
The Bad:
1. Jones overlooks the geopolitical state known as the Vatican entirely.
2. Jones misses out entirely on the panoply of suppressed, out-of-print books dating back to at least 1820 and leading back to today, books many of which were written by Americans like Jones himself, books which correctly identify the Vatican and the Society of Jesus as representing the most malevolent threat to Jones’s conception of what the United States of America was supposed to have been at its (incorporated) inception.
3. Though he thankfully does not stress it throughout the book like so many other writers, Jones is still a “Constitution hugger” and an unbiblical respecter of persons, especially those “Founding Fathers.” Nevermind the fact that those “Founding Fathers” were un-elected, secrecy-loving, lying ELITISTS at heart and in deed, not very much different at all from the type of contemporary, global ELITISTS whom Jones seeks to expose throughout this book. Now there’s irony for ya!
4. Had the author ever actually read anything by George Orwell other than 1984, then the author would know with absolute certitude that George Orwell was NOT in favor of the subject matter of which he had penned in 1984, and that 1984 was more of a WARNING to the world, written by a rather very decent man.
The Ugly:
1. The book degenerates in tutelage for the last two book-reviewing chapters, because Jones unfortunately closes with two faulty book choices: First, of ALL the adroit JFK-assassination-conspiracy books he could have chosen, he chooses the one which, probably more than any others of note, peremptorily insists that “Israel” was the single entity most responsible for the assassination of JFK. Yes, this otherwise quite informative JFK assassination book and its otherwise quite informative conspiracy-aware author are quite indicative of the burgeoning “brownshirt” movement that is happening all across America now (e.g., the “Christian Identity” movement; and much or most of the “Tea Party,” etc.), just as it did in the 1930s in Germany. (Gulp.) As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Lastly, and unfortunately, the book which Jones chose to follow up his JFK book with, the very last book on Jones’s list, was a book by a certain cultishly confrontational, incongruously Anglophobe-but-FDR/New Deal-loving, oddball outfit whose minions might occasionally be found outside of grocery stores selling their errant ideological wares-with-strings-attached. Darn it. Of all the books he could have chosen. And here I seriously thought that this author was batting a thousand with his first nine choices, well, give or take. And then he culminates it all by letting himself be twice seduced by revised and furtive forms of fascism, and lamentably passing that 95% real truth/5% rat poison off to the unwary reader. Too bad.
2. Oh, and there is also the obligatory “How to fix America” quickie-final chapter. Yeah, good luck with that.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


John Perkins is a superior writer and was as well, by 2004 when this was published, a repentant “Economic Hit Man.” And yes, according to Perkins, that was indeed the common colloquial trade name for his former job. This is quite interesting, and at 260-some-odd pages, quite succinctly written. CONFESSIONS… provides a front line description from a “boots-on-the-ground” operative of how the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United States Global Empire prefers to make conquests of other countries nowadays.
The author claims that he was a longtime “Economic Hit Man” (EHM), which means, in very abridged terms, that he was a well paid minion of the World Bank (WB) and IMF (actually it was a private “cut-out” corporation designed to camouflage the fact that he was working for the WB, IMF, and U.S. Empire), and he and other EHM’s were (and are) given the task of traveling the world, meeting officials and potentates of “underdeveloped” nations whose resources the U.S. Global Empire covets, and the EHM operative would then convince the foreign potentate that his nation needed modern electrification, a modern dam or airport, various upscale infrastructures, etc., and that U.S. construction mega-corporations such as Bechtel, Halliburton, et al, should receive the lucrative contracts to build such modern infrastructures for said foreign potentate, and the only other condition is (gulp) that the foreign potentate would have to take out massive loans from the WB and the IMF in order to pay for all this. The foreign potentate would be sold on the lie that his nation would be enriched, or on the truth that he himself would be enriched, depending upon the moral character of the foreign potentate in question, of course; relative to this, another part of the typical job functions of an EHM would be to “inflate the numbers” to show how the newly constructed infrastructures would raise the estimated value of the foreign lands to such an extent that the loans from the WB/IMF would be paid off easily with a considerable profit remaining for the nation/potentate for many years into the future. However, the reality is, the loans are not meant to be paid back: The loans are meant to cause the foreign nation to come under debt servitude to the WB/IMF/U.S. Global Empire for as long as possible. Under ideal conditions, this debt peonage would last in perpetuity, thus enslaving generation after generation to come within the foreign land. And so, under this grand and clever artifice, the few individuals who sit atop U.S. corporations, U.S. banks, and the U.S. government all “make out like bandits” while, as Perkins makes clear, the Earth’s natural resources are plundered, numberless multitudes of poor people around the world are pillaged and impoverished and killed off. Perkins, now repentant after decades of playing his part in all of this, sees the big picture quite well when he writes on page 242, “We decry slavery, but our global empire enslaves more people than the Romans and all the other colonial powers before us.”
Perkins also makes it clear that all mediums of major media in the U.S., and all major universities in the U.S., are complicit in the modern conquest for empire. Journalists and professors alike, notes Perkins, know that to speak out against the banks and the big corporations would mean losing one’s occupation, because the banks and big corporations fund the major media through advertising, and also fund the universities through grants, etc.
There are some negatives to this book: Fortunately most are fleeting, such as the author’s fleeting admittance that he actually believes the impossible-official, government version of events surrounding 9/11, and the impossible-official, government version of events relating to the U.S. having “put a man on the moon.” There is also the author’s annoying habit of glorifying and referring to that non-elected, elitist, lawyerly, freemasonic bunch that Perkins would call the “Founding Fathers,” and most especially referring to Thomas Paine, as in “What would Thomas Paine do here?” or “What would Thomas Paine think of today’s situation?” over and over again, ad nauseam. Here’s my ad nauseam reaction to that: Read THE UNITED STATES IS STILL A BRITISH COLONY by James Montgomery for the truth about, if not Paine, then at least the rest of the elitist “Founding Fathers.” Probably the biggest negative of this book occurs several times when the author waves aside any such possibility as “conspiracy theories” accounting for any of the Machiavellian global machinations of which he writes. He chalks the whole vast, sophisticated stratagem to simple human greed on a grand scale. However, at times, his own words seem to betray him on this note, such as when he writes on page 32, “This was a CLOSE-KNIT FRATERNITY of a few men with shared goals, and the FRATERNITY’S members moved easily and often between corporate boards and government positions” (emphasis mine). In automatically discounting the possibility that the rich and the elite meet together and CONSPIRE together, the author is either grievously ignorant here, or he is flagrantly lying to the readers as he did so consistently and so skilfully to foreign potentates for so long.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ

MEDIA MONOPOLY by Ben Bagadikian

REVIEW: Good reference source; heavily biased; Unclear language

The Good: There is important information about the incestuous interlockings, and megamaniacal corporate power-brokering, behind the scenes of the filtered, controlled major media. The author is right when he mentions our system in the same paragraph as the old USSR media system. In fact, I don’t think he pushes the comparison enough. So if you want a reference source for what dangerous mega-corporation has a choke-hold on all that you previously thought you knew, you might think about getting this book. Heck, before I read this, I had no idea the song “Happy Birthday” was copyrighted!

The Bad: The author relies far, far too much on the hegelian dialectic of “left” vs. “right” and “liberal” vs. “conservative.” He hasn’t crawled out of that box yet.

It should be no surprise then that the author also falls for the present widespread misnomer of referring to this nation as a “democracy.” We are NOT a democracy, thank you.

The author also consistently writes in a biased fashion, and I wonder if he even realizes it is biased: for example, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll simply label it “Far Right”, with no other qualification than that. No facts, no supporting issues. He simply dismisses what doesn’t fit with his predispositions outright.

I believe this is typical of what you find between true conservatives and true liberals: true conservatives, I think, tell you they are biased, admit it from the get-go, and then go on; whereas true liberals often have little or no conception that there could be any other truth but their own. I realize that is but my opinion, but it is an opinion which has now been reinforced from reading this obliviously one-sided book.

Clear language goes over this author’s head, or doesn’t penetrate or something. Euphemisms, propaganda–that kind of stuff goes right in. Orwell was all about clear language, warning that it was the key to clear thinking. This author should read more Orwell. Then he would know the difference between such terms as “conservative” and “neo-conservative”, and “democracy” as opposed to “republic”. (Little wonder the guy’s from insular Berkeley.)

Rating: Δ Δ Δ

PROPAGANDA by Edward Bernays

REVIEW: You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me–This Guy Wrote This in the 1920′s!?

This astonishing little book, written back in the 1920′s, was the product of the sick and arrogant mind of the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays. That kind of a bloodline ought to tell you something. Clearly a lifelong media-mogul elitist who never had to work an honest day’s work in his life, Bernays calls for the manufacturing of public opinion via his beloved medium, the mainstream media, for the betterment of society–for both the ruling elite, and the dumbed-down cattle-like masses of common folk. In short, he calls for brainwashing, for you and me. Again, this is back in the 1920′s.
Before television. It is critically important to remember that, because, if this 1920′s media-manipulating elitist can seriously call for the methodical indoctrination of populations in order to better make up their minds for them–because after all we common folk are just idiots without the help of our rulers–then can you imagine what the media-controlling elites think they can do “for our own good” now that they have the weapon of television to use against us??!!

This 1920′s book remains a wake up call for us today. The cockiness, the arrogant style with which Bernays nonchalantly writes, would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that guys like him were in positions of power back then, and guys like him remain in positions of power today. For this elitist Bernays to write this book so as to sugarcoat the word “propaganda”–as he specifically states at the beginning of his book–is galling. And again, it is worth repeating (because it is the best reason for sitting down and forcing yourself to read this book for yourself, as I did): It is chilling to think what the contollers of today’s media think of us contemporary commoners, we hapless partakers in their perniciously persuasive products, if they could be this headlong arrogant and magisterial way back in the 1920′s.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


The author was a personal friend of King. What he documents makes it patently obvious that the American mainstream media systematically omitted the facts behind the assassination of MLK. Pepper shows that just about every alphabet agency of the American “shadow gov’t” was involved in the assassination of MLK, that (not surprisingly) elements of the KKK seems to have been involved, and that James Earl Ray was–you guessed it–a patsy, and that patsy James Earl Ray had a shadowy handler named “Raul”. Pepper also illustrates quite clearly that the entire “trial” of James Earl Ray was a sham.
Today, the American mainstream media portrays the assassination of MLK as having been some kind of “open-and-shut” case, with James Earl Ray being the assassin. What Pepper reveals is that the case is indeed an “open-and-shut” case, but that Ray had extremely little to do with it, other than being the stooge put forward by the Powers That Be.
Author also shows that the reason that MLK was assassinated was because he had changed the focus of his protests from the Civil Rights Movement over to Anti-Vietnam War Movement. Yeah, that went over like a lead brick with the banksters and the arms manufacturers and the international dope smuggling intelligence agencies.
I mean, this is really cut and dry what Peppers presents here. It is outrageous that the American public has never been told these extraordinarily obvious facts behind the assassination of MLK, and who really was involved, and how high up the conspiracy and the cover up actually goes. (Actually, Peppers apparently does not know how high the conspiracy/cover up actually goes, but he does prove that it goes at least as high as the levels of the U.S. gov’t.)
About the only complaint against this book is that the writing style is rather plodding and pedestrian. But as to the facts, the substance of the case, this author is impeccable.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ