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Certainly one of the most important cookbooks that any household should contain. It is actually much more than a cookbook. The diet that is recommended herein, and the ingredients that make up the diet, are based upon the monumental (and largely suppressed) turn-of-the-twentieth-century, globe-trekking research of Dr. Weston Price.

Price traveled the world over a century ago for an extensive and prolonged study of disparate “primitive” human cultures to discover the reason why these “primitive” peoples all had most excellent teeth and physiques prior to coming into contact with “modern” man’s historically aberrant need for dentists and doctors to treat so many new diseases unique to “modern” man. Price found and documented in great detail how a traditional diet, a “primitive” diet that avoids modern, refined, packaged, nutritionless foodstuffs results in much greater health and far fewer cavities. Indeed, Price documented how cavities and imperfect dental arches are almost unheard of in peoples eating only historically traditional, whole foods, and “modern” man’s many autoimmune diseases ARE unheard of among such “primitive” peoples.

Today, Sally Fallon is perhaps the leading exponent of Dr. Price’s dietary recommendations. She is the author and co-author of many such dietarily iconoclastic books calling for a radical (and rational) return to whole foods and an abandonment of today’s refined foodstuffs, all based upon the mostly ignored and entirely impeccable scientific research of Dr. Price.

In addition to a great many interesting and unusual (unusual according to modern, Western standards) recipes, Fallon includes a concise introductory chapter on the history of Dr. Price’s travels, the findings of his research, along with a compact, extensively footnoted scientific summation of vitamins, minerals, and physiology.

The good news here is that the austere dietary strictures of vegans and vegetarians is shown to be scientifically errant; the bad news is that many of the main ingredients in these recipes will be more than a little hard to come by in fluorescent-lit, chainstore supermarkets.

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This is an amazement, a stupendous landmark event of incandescent discovery in the history of science, health, and medicine. Seeking the scientific method of achieving and maintaining good health and vitality, as well as good teeth, an American dentist closed his office doors for the better part of a decade in the early years of the 20th century, he and his wife traveled the world extensively, investigating closely a large number of disparate human cultures, and he seemed to have actually found the solution!

He apparently figured out why modern humans are degenerating in health, and how this degenerative process can be avoided (and sometimes even reversed).

Naturally, Mainstream Modern Medicine, Inc., lordly institutionalized halls of officialdom like the AMA and ADA, have all but ignored these findings, and they continue to do so. Predictably. Naturally. Tragically.

In a just and sane world, Dr. Weston Price’s name would be a thousand times more lauded than that of a mountebank like Louis Pasteur.

Price discovered why primitive peoples don’t get cavities; why only modern cultures are ravaged by cavities; why primitive peoples only are attacked by cavities once they begin consuming modern, processed foods. But this was only the beginning: His study of teeth, and of the almost uniformly impeccable dental arches of so-called primitive peoples (who knew a helluva lot more about how to eat than moderns do!), led to the inescapably obvious conclusion (if one is both honest and not stupid) that a great many other physical maladies and deformities and degeneracies of the bodies of modern men and women were likewise caused by nutritionless, modern, refined food products. Again, this all gets ignored and suppressed by the AMA and ADA today. Still. To. This. Day.

When are you going to get it through your heads, people? Profit is more important than health to the institutionalized foxes and asses we foolishly entrust with lording over our health.

Everywhere Price went he observed the same relentless set of facts: So-called primitive peoples wise and healthy and happy, modern man stupid and suffering and miserable, and always for the same dietary reasons.

If there is a slight taint to this historical and fantastical treatise at all, it is that there is a slight Darwinian undercurrent which runs throughout. In the Halls of Academia of the very early 20th century the new toy of “evolution” was likely more in fad than even now. No matter. The rest of this book, the vast bulk of its findings in both text and photos, is so deliciously iconoclastic towards mainstream scientific groupthought, it more than compensates.

I also found it rewarding that Price empirically destroyed the notion that a vegetarian diet would be superior to a more omnivorous diet. Price showed that the key to a healthy diet is much, much, MUCH less about restricting the types of food sources, and much, much, MUCH more about maintaining the integrity of the original nutrients of whatever are the food sources, animal or vegetable.

Do not process the nutrients out of one’s foods. That’s the main message here. Refined flour, refined grains, refined sugar, modern jams and jellies and canned foods, irradiated foods, pasteurized foods–these are all easier to ship and make a profit from, but as Dr. Weston Price literally and abundantly proves here, these things kill and maim generations upon generations of human beings, and no, that is NOT an understatement of the facts at all!

He even showed how it is only a glaring peculiarity of modern times that women have so much difficulty giving birth. Yes, you read that right. Check out what Price observed about that if you don’t believe me. Hey, it never hurts to turn the TV off and actually read again. Give it a try.

Here are some of the various cultures that Weston Price visited and studied in depth: remote North American Indian tribes in the Yukon Territory, Arctic Inuit tribes in Alaska, highland and lowland Peruvian tribes, various Polynesian tribes on various islands all across the Pacific Ocean, Australian Aborigines, Seminole Indians in the Everglades of Florida (Note: Of all the cultures visited, they were the most reluctant to trust that Dr. Price wasn’t going to use and abuse them like so many other whites had. This speaks volumes about what a “Christian” society America ever has been, huh?), several Swiss tribes living in remote regions of the Alps, Outer Hebrides Island Celtic/Scottish tribes, etc.

This man did all this exhaustive traveling, all this painstaking observing, all this meticulous documenting. And mainstream medicine and dentistry still ignores and suppresses his work. Why? For the same old reason as ever, of course: Dr. Price’s findings and solutions weren’t so friendly to the profit-making abilities of big corporate institutions like the AMA, ADA, and the food-processing companies. Bingo. That’s all we should ever need to hear to understand that Price was right.

And with that, we find that Jesus Christ was ever right: the love of money indeed continues to be the root of all evil.

This is probably the single most important dietary book I have ever read. Add to that the fact that it is also an extremely important resource for understanding the origin and implication of dental cavities, and wow is this ever a monumental work!

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I am coming to the conclusion that this Emanuel Josephson fellow is probably one of the five most important historians that America has ever produced. His career spanned the 1930s through the late 1960s, and boy did he ever tell unpopular truths, the kind the oligarchs and their corporations don’t want people to know. Be advised though: His works, like later important conspiratorial writers such as John Coleman, do have the flaw of being under-footnoted.

The title of this book is somewhat inappropriate in that only one of twenty-six chapters actually deals with the strange death of FDR. It is a most interesting and alarming chapter and raises some significant questions and relates some extremely suspicious factual history surrounding the death of FDR that almost no American alive today knows about.

The majority of this work is divided up along three lines of investigation:
1) The hidden and scurrilous history of the Delano-Roosevelt clan, what Josephson refers to as “America’s Dynastic Clan” since–get this–he says that this family, up to the time of FDR anyway, had provided more than 1/3 of all U.S. presidents. Genealogical charts are provided. Yikes.
2) The hidden and scurrilous history of the rise and reign of FDR. Shocking stuff. The man never worked a day in his life, was given everything he ever had by super-rich banksters, was constantly fleecing and being used to fleece ordinary people of their money. Here is a political picture of the consummate “steal from the poor and give to the rich” banker’s boy.
3) The hidden and scurrilous history of the Rockefeller clan’s and the DuPont clan’s domination of FDR and their intermingling with the Delano-Roosevelt clan. Name the war, and the Rockefellers and/or the DuPonts were at back of it. And whether it was Teddy or FDR or whichever other Delano or Roosevelt, they were obedient servants to the money powers.

Josephson also explains the real diabolical nature and purpose of FDR’s New Deal program which he equates with Communism and Nazism and for very justifiable reasons. Interestingly, Josephson maintains that New Dealism, as well as those two other “isms,” all stem from Bismarkian Germany. I’m not sure about that one, but I admit it is intriguing. What is interesting is that it is known that the current government (public) education system in America came from 1800s Prussian Germany, and the same banksters and oligarchs who were backing FDR’s New Deal program also are known now to have established control over the present American education system by the mid-20th century through vast money grants and purchases derived from their tax-exempt “philanthropic” foundations.

Oh, get ready to be quite surprised over what Josephson relates regarding that “angel of mercy” Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife. Today we are told she was some kind of compassionate Lady Diana-type; the truth according to Josephson, who was of course a contemporary for almost all of this history, is very, very different, but apparently quite in keeping with her family’s (hidden) history.

Josephson, being an M.D. but an M.D. who didn’t exactly go along with the A.M.A.’s prescribed dogmas, also relates a lot of hidden and shocking history about ugly medical scams that occurred during the 1930s surrounding FDR, polio, and FDR’s “charitable” Georgia Warm Springs therapeutic center.

In the final chapter, and after excoriating throughout the entire book the ruthless oligarchical spoils system which moronic Americans have been conditioned to call “capitalism,” Josephson outlines a model for an economic system that would end depressions and inflation and perpetual warfare and, believe it or not, would probably work, and has in fact already worked once before in American history. But just don’t look for it anytime soon; actually don’t look for it to happen again ever. Not while the Rockefellers and the DuPonts, et al, are in possession of everything, including each and every president, legislator, and judge.

This book is extremely–no, EXQUISITELY–recommendable for anyone seeking to understand real 20th-century American history, as well as contemporary events.

I guess it goes without saying that this book, which was published in 1948, is long out-of-print. Where have we heard that before?

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This book is significant because it gives the actual ingredients and instructions for making Essiac Tea. Probably of even more importance is that there is one chapter dedicated to the usage of Essiac along with Bloodroot. It’s very a short book, but it does include a brief history of the origin of Essiac, and some history on Rene Caisse and her stunning success at curing supposedly incurable cancers, as well as some background information on the Ojibwa Indian medicine men from which Caisse first learned of the formula. The book does get a little too “New Agey” for this boy’s tastes, but so what?–All the other stuff is vital and exquisitely rare information, especially these days in our Brave New World of Big Pharma Fascism.

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THE ESSIAC REPORT by Richard Thomas

This is an account of an early 20th-century Canadian nurse who stumbled onto an old Ojibwa Indian herbal cure for cancer. This nurse, Rene Cassie, (note: “Essiac” is an anagram of her own last name) had opened a clinic in Canada for many years, successfully treating and often curing many Canadians of cancer. She was eventually hounded out of Canada by the allopathic medical establishment there. She would go on to form an important research relationship with the eminent American doctor, Dr. Charles Brusch, with whom she conducted many impressive clinical studies of the healing herbal concoction over many years. Brusch later developed a serious case of cancer, and he would go on to use the herbal tea recipe to heal himself of it. Needless to say, the allopathic medical establishment in the U.S. wasn’t anymore receptive to an efficient, economical, and all natural therapy/cure for cancer than was the Canadian establishment. To make matters worse, Rene Caisse was for a time duped by a salesman/con-artist working for a semi-legitimate corporation into further testing and marketing her herbal product with them, and when the true nature of this corporation became known to allopathic medical establishments, these then saw their opportunity to besmirch the Essiac product along with the corporation. Caisse, a lone individual, had apparently tried many times to have the medical establishment see the merit of her herbal formula, but the profiteering (which is why she kept her formula a secret from them) and oppressive and obtuse nature of the overlords of medical officialdom always spurned her best efforts at actual healing and caring for people, and they sought to silence her and to condemn her in the monetarily swayable major media.

At long last, after many years, and after Caisse finally died in the 1970s and had by then given up control of the formula over to Dr. Brusch and talkshow host/health advocate Elaine Alexander, Alexander apparently had the idea of simply eschewing all attempts to enlighten the arthritic skulls inhabiting the halls of the medical establishments, and instead marketing the herbal formula as an herbal detoxifying tea without any anti-cancer claims–rather, she would rely on “word of mouth” for that to spread.
And it apparently did, but not enough, because until I read this book, I certainly had never heard about this. But now that I have, I certainly am intrigued!

The actual account of the history of Rene Caisse and Essiac only takes up about one-half of this book; the rest of the book is taken up with copies of official letters between Caisse, Brusch, Alexander, and others involved in the history, and with testimonials of people who have benefited from the formula.

Note: Having now become apprised of this history, I just did a cursory check, and there are other books about this. At least one of those books deals in part with adding small amounts of the very important (so I have now read) cancer-killing herb bloodroot to the Essiac formula, which this book does not address at all.

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NATURE CURES by James C. Whorton

This is a chronicle of the different schools of alternative health that proliferated in America in the early 1800s, their sagging popularity in the first half of the 1900s, and their surprising resurgence today, a resurgence which began in the late 1970s. While not an exhaustive tome (it’s a little over 400 pages) it is quite informative and most American readers will find themselves almost completely ignorant of this history.

The alternative health schools discussed include Thomsonianism (a system of botanical purging), homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, and naturopathy. Turns out, the 1800s was something of a renaissance era for alternative medical thought, and each of these burgeoning schools, and most especially all of them together, presented a serious threat to the mainstream allopathic medical monopoly of the time.

The author is quite reasonable, quite measured in his presentation of each school, and indeed of allopathy as well–perhaps to a fault, as the author assumes in several places Pasteur’s Germ Theory and the efficacy of vaccinations to be scientifically valid. Yet even here Whorton acknowledges the merit of the naturopathic and anti-Pasteurian view that “the microbe is nothing, the terrain is all.” Whorton concludes his history by recording the modern trend of integrating allopathic and alternative health therapies.

This is indeed an estimable account of the history of American medical beliefs and practices.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ

DR. MARY’S MONKEY by Edward T. Haslam

      This is a phenomenal book! The author seems to have lived some kind of Forrest Gump-type life in connection to the New Orleans side of the JFK assassination conspiracy; many of the creatures and components of his subject matter he knows from personal experience, having known or briefly met the personages in the past, or having walked right by the same grounds, or having stood in the same building that he is writing about.
      Dr. Mary refers to Mary Sherman, a leading cancer researcher, who was found having been violently murdered in New Orleans in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. Haslam shows she was working with David Ferrie, and for the nationally prestigious Dr. Alton Ochsner, to develop a cancer-causing super virus that the CIA could use to assassinate Fidel Castro. Haslam shows she may very well have also been seeking to find a cure for an upcoming epidemic of soft-tissue cancers that wise fools like Sabin and Salk had inadvertantly introduced into the American population via the tainted polio vaccine. These latter scientists apparently figured out, belatedly, that the polio vaccine they had manufactured and injected into hundreds of thousands of young, baby-booming Americans had incorporated cancer-causing monkey viruses from the monkeys that were used to culture the polio vaccine.
      Well, the cancer weapon was probably found, although it was obviously not used on Castro; it was, however, probably used to silence Jack Ruby, the man who was of course hired to kill Lee Oswald.
      Haslam shows that Oswald was deeply involved in Dr. Sherman’s and David Ferrie’s secret cancer project, filling the role of a bagman and “go-for.” Oswald was also committing adultery with a 19-year old female science whiz kid who had been chosen to assist Dr. Sherman.
      Haslam shows, moreover, that the official crime scene report documenting what was found and what apparently happened at Dr. Sherman’s house does not fit the forensic facts surrounding Dr. Sherman’s death; that she was probably not murdered in her apartment, but had apparently been killed while working with the super-secret linear particle accelerator that had been covertly built and housed at a New Orleans government hospital. The linear particle accelerator was cutting edge technology, was collossally powerful, and subsequently was the only thing capable of causing the horrific, disintegrating burns on Dr. Sherman’s body, and it was this massive weapon/research tool that was in fact being used by Sherman and Ochsner to super-irradiate cancer viruses, purposely distorting their genetic structure.
      This book shines so much light on the dark activities of Oswald, Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, the JFK assassination as a whole, the Castro Fiasco; it is truly astounding. As did Joan Mellon’s work, this book also vindicates the Jim Garrison investigation. However, this book also uncovers shocking evidence that the current cancer epidemic of today, as well as the AIDS epidemic, may in fact be grounded in these conspiratorial government/medical happenings around New Orleans. Again, this book is amazingly revealing.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


Written in the late 1980s, this book was one of the first to seriously question the popular “scientific” mythology of the origin of AIDS. According to Los Angeles physician Cantwell (and a number of others since), the newly discovered AIDS virus–if there even is such a thing, for some have come forward questioning whether it really is a virus that causes the symptoms of AIDS–was created in a laboratory and then injected into metropolitan homosexual men in the U.S. in the late 1970s; the homosexual men were told they were taking part in an experimental hepatitis-B vaccine program. Cantwell shows that the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic closely corresponded to where and when these “hepatitis-B vaccine programs” were occurring. Cantwell also provides evidence that Africans and Haitians may have been injected with the AIDS virus as part of separate “vaccine programs.”

      This will shock the average reader but Cantwell anticipated that, and thus provides much documentation to show that the U.S. government and medical authorities have used American citizens as unwitting guinea pigs for MANY experiments all throughout the twentieth century.

      Some of the material in this book is a bit dated; most of it still is very relevant. The author has an amateurish writing habit of using multitudes of capital letters whenever he thinks some particular sentence or entire paragraph is worth emphasizing. That’s about the only real criticism to be found here. This is still a fairly recommendable book.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


This book tells the story of the THOUSANDS of Americans, both military and civilian, who were experimented upon by the U.S. government and U.S. government scientists and doctors all during the decades of the Cold War. All of the experiments involved plutonium. The United States Fatherland had its new toy, the atomic bomb, and the U.S. military, and U.S. scientific and medical academies were all fanatically eager to find out what were the effects of plutonium and all things radioactive upon the human body.

This book does more than tell a story: This book voluminously documents a ubiquitous criminal hidden history, a history that belongs to America and yet resembles almost exactly the history of Nazi Germany and its own official secret scientific experiments upon unsuspecting innocent people. The criminal American scientists and doctors violated laws, the violation of oaths they had taken, and it is exquisitely alarming to see with what alacrity these Americans in white coats tripped over themselves early and often in violating the Nuremburg Code. This is a truly disturbing revelation: The U.S.  had just prosecuted the Nazi white coats for crimes against humanity, one of the chief crimes being brutal experimentation on innocent humans. So the Nuremburg Code was  no doubt fresh upon the consciousness of these macabre U.S. scientists, doctors, and military men; and yet, their consciences seemed not have been affected in the least; to be sure their progress was not slowed in the least. And it wasn’t just individuals who acted devilishly: It is utterly sobering to read how many great “institutions of higher learning” were involved in these experiments upon unwitting Americans using plutonium.

And as one might expect, the methods used to experiment on those poor innocent people were multitudinous: Some were injected with radioactive materials; some expectant mothers were told to drink a “vitamin drink” which was a radioactive cocktail; some were nuked in specially made, lead-lined rooms; ill-informed military troops were told to walk up to and through fallout zones and ill-informed pilots were told to fly through mushroom clouds. They experimented on poorly educated pregnant mothers; they experimented on poor defenseless orphan boys (naturally); they experimented on prisoners confined in U.S. prisons. And this didn’t happen in Hitlerian Germany; this all happened in the good ol’ U.S.A.

And the culprits got all away with it. (At least here in this earthly existence). Actually, truth be told, quite a few of the scientists themselves were also killed by way of their own plutonium. Now there’s poetic justice for you.

This book is well written and looks to be irrefutably documented. If there is any flaw to the book, it is that the author waxes a bit naive toward the Clinton Administration near the end. Considering all the rest she got right, this is mostly forgiveable.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ