I checked out this book because I was hoping it would tell me what were the names of some of the elite oligarchs and corporations who are profiting from the modern American Prison Growth Industry. This book is a broader view than I had hoped. It deals in big-picture generalities, and only one chapter is devoted to the specific topic I was looking for, and even here the author tends toward citing in general the types of corporations that profit from the Prison Growth Industry, rather than naming names–though a few names of specific corporations are given.

What the author does a lot more of–no doubt rightfully–is blame all mediums of the modern mainstream media–news, movies, TV shows, etc.–for hyperbolically deceiving more and more taxpaying American citizens (those that haven’t been incarcerated yet) into supporting the greater and greater funding of bigger and bigger police forces, and the construction of more and more and still more prisons. Oh, he also blames–again, no doubt rightfully–the Law Enforcement Growth Industry itself. Only in America, eh? Hey, gee, if this wasn’t a free country, I’d swear it was something else.

The book is a quite effective basic exposition of the problem of the Prison Growth Industry from of course a secular vantage point, the author appears to be an impeccable researcher and capable writer whose only fault is that he subscribes to the accidental theory of history instead of the conspiratorial.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ