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That’s it. With this book, Emmanuel Josephson cemented his status as one of the Top 5 All Time TRUE Historians that America has ever produced. Published in 1964 when the political career of Nelson Rockefeller was at its most aspiring and perhaps most dangerous point, Josephson targets especially Nelson for most of this expose, but then he also consistently steps back and overviews the high crimes of the entire Rockefeller clan throughout. This work is a stupendous time capsule of buried dissenting opinion, buried whitewashed voices, buried memory-holed history, exposing and warning against the megalomaniacal designs of the Rockefeller clan. Although Josephson’s warnings about Nelson did not prove entirely true (Nelson apparently went on to hire too-cheap, unreliable, gun-misfiring assassins against Ford in the early 70s), notwithstanding, his warnings about the globalist Rockefeller strategems as a whole have proven 100% accurate. Josephson just had the wrong Rockefeller to watch out for: It wasn’t Nelson who was leading the Mephistophelian, NWO-charging braintrust, it was David. Nelson was a second-fiddler, even as the politicians are always playing second fiddle, subservient to their overlord international bankster bosses.

And again, just as with some of his other books, Josephson here connects the most intriguing dots of all: the connections between the Rockefellers and the Society of Jesus. It is very obvious that Josephson only partially understood the staggering import of what he was reporting on here, and the reader is left without sufficient explanatory detail. But that Josephson would be making these connections way back in the 1960s with only a partial understanding of the true big picture of historical events about Satan’s own pet geo-political entity, the Vatican, is astounding and superbly confirming of so many other memory-holed, out-of-print books I have discovered. This book is an amazing, fantastic time capsule of where the heads of the wiser-than-most Goldwaterian politicos were at back in 1964, right before the Rockefeller’s mainstream propaganda machine kneecapped them for good with the Rockefellerian, propagandistic political extermination of Barry Goldwater himself.

As with all his books, Josephson meanders a bit, and his meandering is amazingly informative and interesting: He never fails to touch on some very specific and truly esoteric corruptions of various Rockefeller family members as well as many of their well-paid crooked cronies in myriad high places. Have I used the word “rarified” yet in this review? That is what jumps out with this reader about Josephson: The specific frauds and crimes in high places that he continually documented are so dated, so very specific, and the criminals committing these high crimes are all of the sort that the mainstream public was propagandized into trusting back then–this is what smacks of “time capsule” material to this reader: The realization that so few even back then would have known about the shocking specifics which Josephson relates, and today, perhaps there is nobody left that knows any of this. (Insert old, black-and-white Twilight Zone music here.)

Of an especially intriguing nature is the exquisitely RARIFIED information given herein on the Rockefeller league’s set up of the well-intentioned, patriotic Senator Joseph McCarthy, and of his subsequent ASSASSINATION by them. Yes, you read that right. Josephson even includes a copy of the dubious death certificate and, as an M.D. himself, has MUCH to reveal about this as well.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ



Classic John Bircher-type faire, originally from 1975, with the occasional quotation from THE SPOTLIGHT or even Willis Carto himself, heavy doses of warning about the coming New World Order and its Communist, Freemasonic, Fabian Socialist, “Jewish banking,” and, above-all, nebulous “Illuminati” components, Des Griffin apparently being totally ignorant of the machinations of the Vatican and its Society of Jesus as was/is the prerequisite for a John Bircher/”Christian patriot” type.

Griffin’s Christian slant is commendable, but not when it is combined with the Constitution-hugging and “Founding Father” near-ancestor worship in which he also evinces. Again, this is all prerequisite for Bircher-types who ever have and ever will unbiblically, double-mindedly mix up their Christianity with idolatrous patriotism and nationalism.

This book is somewhat useful as a primer on the NWO basics–i.e., the Fed, the International Banksters, the Rothschilds, the CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. But nothing more than these superficial basics.

Weirdly, Griffin starts out better than he finishes up: He finishes up with an entire chapter of direct transcription from THE PROTOCOLS which Griffin contends were authentic instead of the jesuitical ruse they actually were (see: BEHIND THE DICTATORS by L.H. Lehman), so let’s throw that right out. But in the first couple of chapters, Griffin relies heavily upon THE TWO BABYLONS by A. Hislop and similar sources, and he very correctly identifies the Roman church of today, and to a lesser degree the various “reformed” churches, as Simon Magus-founded, pagan counterfeits of true, scriptural Christianity. Griffin was red hot on the trail of the identity of the Top Dog over at the NWO here, he was getting really close; but then, as his narrative of conspiratorial history continues, when he gets to the 1700s he gets fooled and loses the trail when he falls for the old jesuitical Adam Weishaupt/Illuminati ruse, and from there on out and for the rest of the book Griffin keeps getting colder.

On the plus side, the black and white images included herein, such as the images of U.S. paper currency down through the 20th century, are a very vivid visual of the Bankster’s totalitarian takeover of America, Inc.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


Even more sterile and colorless than any other Sutton book I have read, it nevertheless makes for more ready and spectacular reference. The lists and specific facts, figures, percentages and dates probably account for more pages here than Sutton’s ever-dry prose, but if someone wants the painstaking, shocking, surreal figures on how the United States went to great lengths to financially and militarily prop up its Cold War Communist “enemies” all throughout the 20th century, even when that American-made help was knowingly being used by Soviets and Chinese to massacre young American servicemen, then this is the book to get and to hang onto. Boring as all get-out to read, but absolutely irrefutable as reference material. Almost no one would be able to believe that this treasonous policy was actually official U.S. policy all throughout the century unless they see this meticulous documentation with their own eyes. Published in 1973.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


Published in 1996, obviously by a small, independent publisher (though there are no typographical errors as often is the case with those), the conception of this book was a meritorious idea. The author, Alan B. Jones, chose eleven conspiratorially-conscious books on geopolitics to review in consecutive chapters in order to demonstrate how the various researchers/authors of these books all were identifying the various parts of the same colossal, overshadowing conspiracy for global takeover by a cabal of elite oligarchs. The first nine books Jones chose are most apt: A CENTURY OF WAR by F. William Engdahl; TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Prof. Carroll Quigley; THE NAKED CAPITALIST by W. Cleon Skousen; THE TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS by William H. McIlhaney; THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin; 1984 by George Orwell; REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIREABILITY OF PEACE by ????; THE GREENING by Larry Abraham; THE POLITICS OF HEROIN by Alfred W. McCoy.
Now, having supplied that introduction, I feel in the mood for one of my patented “spaghetti-western” book reviews:
The Good:
1. The author starts out splendidly. The first nine on his list of chosen “conspiracy” books is almost ideal—
2. —especially as he does a most befitting job of summarizing and weaving together their respective findings and conclusions, often in quite specific individually-arrived-at-but-extraordinarily-corroborating details and quotations.
3. The text is quite large and easy to read, in keeping with the intended use of this book as a sort of primer for teaching “sheople” to finally understand, well, “How the world really works.” It is only because of this large text that the book spans 300-some-odd pages. There is a “no nonsense/no frills” semblance to the book’s overall cover and design, and even the writing itself.
4. In reviewing the message of the novel 1984, Jones states at the outset that he does not know whether or not George Orwell was in favor of that which he wrote in 1984. Thus, Jones refuses to conjecture about this at all, and simply sticks to the message in the novel itself. In doing this, Jones reveals that he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all; but, since he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all, then it is commendable of Jones to not conjecture here out of ignorance, as is the penchant nowadays of so many “patriotards” whenever Orwell’s name or his most famous book are mentioned.
The Bad:
1. Jones overlooks the geopolitical state known as the Vatican entirely.
2. Jones misses out entirely on the panoply of suppressed, out-of-print books dating back to at least 1820 and leading back to today, books many of which were written by Americans like Jones himself, books which correctly identify the Vatican and the Society of Jesus as representing the most malevolent threat to Jones’s conception of what the United States of America was supposed to have been at its (incorporated) inception.
3. Though he thankfully does not stress it throughout the book like so many other writers, Jones is still a “Constitution hugger” and an unbiblical respecter of persons, especially those “Founding Fathers.” Nevermind the fact that those “Founding Fathers” were un-elected, secrecy-loving, lying ELITISTS at heart and in deed, not very much different at all from the type of contemporary, global ELITISTS whom Jones seeks to expose throughout this book. Now there’s irony for ya!
4. Had the author ever actually read anything by George Orwell other than 1984, then the author would know with absolute certitude that George Orwell was NOT in favor of the subject matter of which he had penned in 1984, and that 1984 was more of a WARNING to the world, written by a rather very decent man.
The Ugly:
1. The book degenerates in tutelage for the last two book-reviewing chapters, because Jones unfortunately closes with two faulty book choices: First, of ALL the adroit JFK-assassination-conspiracy books he could have chosen, he chooses the one which, probably more than any others of note, peremptorily insists that “Israel” was the single entity most responsible for the assassination of JFK. Yes, this otherwise quite informative JFK assassination book and its otherwise quite informative conspiracy-aware author are quite indicative of the burgeoning “brownshirt” movement that is happening all across America now (e.g., the “Christian Identity” movement; and much or most of the “Tea Party,” etc.), just as it did in the 1930s in Germany. (Gulp.) As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Lastly, and unfortunately, the book which Jones chose to follow up his JFK book with, the very last book on Jones’s list, was a book by a certain cultishly confrontational, incongruously Anglophobe-but-FDR/New Deal-loving, oddball outfit whose minions might occasionally be found outside of grocery stores selling their errant ideological wares-with-strings-attached. Darn it. Of all the books he could have chosen. And here I seriously thought that this author was batting a thousand with his first nine choices, well, give or take. And then he culminates it all by letting himself be twice seduced by revised and furtive forms of fascism, and lamentably passing that 95% real truth/5% rat poison off to the unwary reader. Too bad.
2. Oh, and there is also the obligatory “How to fix America” quickie-final chapter. Yeah, good luck with that.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


John Perkins is a superior writer and was as well, by 2004 when this was published, a repentant “Economic Hit Man.” And yes, according to Perkins, that was indeed the common colloquial trade name for his former job. This is quite interesting, and at 260-some-odd pages, quite succinctly written. CONFESSIONS… provides a front line description from a “boots-on-the-ground” operative of how the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United States Global Empire prefers to make conquests of other countries nowadays.
The author claims that he was a longtime “Economic Hit Man” (EHM), which means, in very abridged terms, that he was a well paid minion of the World Bank (WB) and IMF (actually it was a private “cut-out” corporation designed to camouflage the fact that he was working for the WB, IMF, and U.S. Empire), and he and other EHM’s were (and are) given the task of traveling the world, meeting officials and potentates of “underdeveloped” nations whose resources the U.S. Global Empire covets, and the EHM operative would then convince the foreign potentate that his nation needed modern electrification, a modern dam or airport, various upscale infrastructures, etc., and that U.S. construction mega-corporations such as Bechtel, Halliburton, et al, should receive the lucrative contracts to build such modern infrastructures for said foreign potentate, and the only other condition is (gulp) that the foreign potentate would have to take out massive loans from the WB and the IMF in order to pay for all this. The foreign potentate would be sold on the lie that his nation would be enriched, or on the truth that he himself would be enriched, depending upon the moral character of the foreign potentate in question, of course; relative to this, another part of the typical job functions of an EHM would be to “inflate the numbers” to show how the newly constructed infrastructures would raise the estimated value of the foreign lands to such an extent that the loans from the WB/IMF would be paid off easily with a considerable profit remaining for the nation/potentate for many years into the future. However, the reality is, the loans are not meant to be paid back: The loans are meant to cause the foreign nation to come under debt servitude to the WB/IMF/U.S. Global Empire for as long as possible. Under ideal conditions, this debt peonage would last in perpetuity, thus enslaving generation after generation to come within the foreign land. And so, under this grand and clever artifice, the few individuals who sit atop U.S. corporations, U.S. banks, and the U.S. government all “make out like bandits” while, as Perkins makes clear, the Earth’s natural resources are plundered, numberless multitudes of poor people around the world are pillaged and impoverished and killed off. Perkins, now repentant after decades of playing his part in all of this, sees the big picture quite well when he writes on page 242, “We decry slavery, but our global empire enslaves more people than the Romans and all the other colonial powers before us.”
Perkins also makes it clear that all mediums of major media in the U.S., and all major universities in the U.S., are complicit in the modern conquest for empire. Journalists and professors alike, notes Perkins, know that to speak out against the banks and the big corporations would mean losing one’s occupation, because the banks and big corporations fund the major media through advertising, and also fund the universities through grants, etc.
There are some negatives to this book: Fortunately most are fleeting, such as the author’s fleeting admittance that he actually believes the impossible-official, government version of events surrounding 9/11, and the impossible-official, government version of events relating to the U.S. having “put a man on the moon.” There is also the author’s annoying habit of glorifying and referring to that non-elected, elitist, lawyerly, freemasonic bunch that Perkins would call the “Founding Fathers,” and most especially referring to Thomas Paine, as in “What would Thomas Paine do here?” or “What would Thomas Paine think of today’s situation?” over and over again, ad nauseam. Here’s my ad nauseam reaction to that: Read THE UNITED STATES IS STILL A BRITISH COLONY by James Montgomery for the truth about, if not Paine, then at least the rest of the elitist “Founding Fathers.” Probably the biggest negative of this book occurs several times when the author waves aside any such possibility as “conspiracy theories” accounting for any of the Machiavellian global machinations of which he writes. He chalks the whole vast, sophisticated stratagem to simple human greed on a grand scale. However, at times, his own words seem to betray him on this note, such as when he writes on page 32, “This was a CLOSE-KNIT FRATERNITY of a few men with shared goals, and the FRATERNITY’S members moved easily and often between corporate boards and government positions” (emphasis mine). In automatically discounting the possibility that the rich and the elite meet together and CONSPIRE together, the author is either grievously ignorant here, or he is flagrantly lying to the readers as he did so consistently and so skilfully to foreign potentates for so long.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


In the Middle Ages, the monarchs of Europe and their Vatican string-pullers would employ immigrant Jews to be their tax collectors. This allowed the Gentile European nobility, the popes, and the Roman Catholic orders to fleece the peasants without the peasants apprehending who it was that was ultimately fleecing them. From the unsophisticated peasants came the ever-obtuse cry, “the Jews did it!” Ever since that time, the peasant masses, like the bull that keeps chasing the cape instead of the matador, have focused their wrath–when the masses were even sensate enough to have any wrath–toward “the Jews” instead of toward the orchestrating Gentile kings, queens, popes, and priests behind the scenes. This is the origin of the cyclical pogroms erupting more or less all over Europe down through the centuries since that time. This is the origin of the “brownshirt” movement in Germany that gave spawn to the Nazis; this is the origin of today’s burgeoning brownshirt movement in the U.S.A.: from elements of the Tea Party movement, the entirety of the “Christian Identity” movement, and anybody who listens to Texe Marrs, Michael Collins Piper, anybody on RBN, etc., and goes around blaming “the Zionists” for everything. These are the types that swallowed and still swallow the Jesuitical ruse called the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION from a little over a century ago.

Okay, enough of that brief history review. Here we have a book, published in 1947, which does exactly what I just described. The author, Conrad K. Grieb, whoever he was, understood much about the secret, sinister, and over-lording nature of fiat banking. He knew that the geopolitical world was governed by international financiers behind the scenes. He had many incisively rare historical truths to record about the secret and sinister nature of Great Britain and the origin of the modern nation-state of Israel, too. But Grieb makes the mistake of blaming “the Jews” for it all; and like all such racially bigoted people that this reader has ever encountered, Grieb seldom gets more specific than that. He can’t point to any “pope” or “superior general” of Zionism. Almost always herein, it’s “the Jews” or “the Zionists” who are his scapegoats (gee, where have I heard that before?), and that’s it. Very little specifics. Occasionally he is able to cite the name of some or other powerful Jewish bankster, but not very often does he do this, and even here he vaguely (these Jew-hating types are always vague) alludes to some unnamed, ghostly, global force of all-Jewish conspirators that sit atop all non-Jewish governments–but no names of persons or specific orders, no hierarchical system identified, nothing. There’s never anything more substantial given than this, neither is there ever a distinction drawn between the small minority of really, really wealthy Jews and the vast masses of not-so-wealthy Jews at all. These are the kind of dangerously vague accusations that lead to pogroms against average, innocent people who just so happen to be Jewish, while the Super-Rich get off scot-free just like the Super-Rich always do, whatever their heritage. Oh, but this man Grieb and others like him somehow believe, in the face of the facts, that the Super-Rich ARE ONLY “Jews” and, I suppose, a few Gentile collaborators. Grieb predictably makes the false claim that “the Jews” dominate the banking and media industry. True, those two industries are rife with an overabundance of quite wealthy Jewish people, and they sometimes are quite inordinately powerful, but just as in the Middle Ages, these are only the wealthy “tax collecting” Jews all over again–they work at the behest of a Super-Rich Gentile Elite who won’t even allow Jewish people, ANY Jewish people, into their ultra-private clubs. For more on that, read THE RICH AND THE SUPER-RICH by Ferdinand Lundberg. Other suppressed writers whose suppressed work provides the suppressed antidote for the Jew-hating poison that men like Grieb was, and many, many others still are, selling include George Seldes (LORDS OF THE PRESS and quite a few other books), H.P. Lehman (BEHIND THE DICTATORS), and literally dozens and suppressed dozens of others, dating back until at least the early 1800s. Also, this reader has heard the very learned and very maverick contemporary Israeli journalist Barry Chamish say such things in various audio interviews available online: Chamish, with whom this reader has personally spoken, has stated more than once that although the “Labor Zionists/Frankists/Sabbateans” are indeed a powerful bunch, they always play second-fiddle to the Vatican.

It is no coincidence that, although Mr. Grieb makes a great deal of historical and rational sense in discussing the modern history of Germany, how that it is no more nor less culpable for the World Wars than Britain, nevertheless it is eerie that he literally has nothing negative to write about Adolph Hitler to accompany the few neutral or positive comments he does give about Hitler. This is always where “Jew”-blaming men like this go; it is inevitable, no matter how scholarly they are–and this man Grieb appears to have been quite scholarly. It is like a vortex of brownshirtism that inexorably sucks them in once they go down this misguided road. Not that he is hysterical in tone at all; far from it. He is quite controlled and lucid. And despite the comparative brevity of this work, he also cites quite a few other authors who were obviously in agreement with him, even as there are so many brownshirt types around today. (Do they ever go away?)

Works like this, “Jew”-blaming men like this, are so frustrating and lamentable. Authors like this are so close to “getting it,” and yet so very far away at the same time.

Rating: Δ Δ


Published in 1993 and making for a most excellent companion piece to such classic (and suppressed) true historical tomes such as History of the Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers (1910) and Ferdinand Lundberg’s The Rich and the Super Rich (1967), this book updates and further corroborates the exhaustive accounts of those two former master works. It is a long, sordid, mostly secret, and altogether true account of massive oligarchical corruption at the heart of the great cities of the U.S.

Unlike the two earlier works which were national and sweeping in their investigations, this work focuses solely on the oligarchical corruption that is behind New York City, beginning in the 1930s, but especially from the 1970s onward till now. If there is a flaw in this book, it is that certainly any reader who is familiar with New York City will be more receptive to the many specific facts given herein, and those who are not familiar with New York City at all might be at times bored by so many fine points of Garden State/NYC corruption.

Apparently in the 1970s, and accelerating throughout the 1980s, the Rockefeller Clan decided to basically evict all the blue collar workers and factories from all of the substantial parts of New York City that they owned and replace it all with high-end office buildings and white collar parasitical speculator jobs. The result was that the Rockefellers made a quick profit, then a long loss as the City of New York, stripped of the economic diversity it traditionally enjoyed, now suffered terribly throughout the 1990s as a result. Citywide economic calamity ensued.

Naturally, the Rockefeller-controlled media has steadfastly blamed the poor, the working class, and recent immigrants for the city’s embarrassing and unprecedented economic meltdown, instead of blowing the whistle on the oligarchs who caused it all and profited by it.

Sound familiar? If one has read the factual (and suppressed) historical accounts of Myers and Lundberg, then no, none of this is surprising. But to everybody else, sure, it will be really surprising. But then, those brainwashed folks will never read a book like this in the first place. They would get too disoriented by the fabulous cover art which features David Rockeller himself, cut and pasted onto a bulldozer, and he is dumping and shoving his crap and refuse all over the City of New York. Almost as good as that cover of that Dave McGowan book which features the very same vulpine David Rockefeller flipping the bird at an average Joe. Good stuff. Most appropriate. How very true and revealing.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ

THE OCTOPUS by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith

This reminds me of the book VOTESCAM by James and Kenneth Collier. In that investigation and this one, all of the authors involved started out thinking they were investigating a certain level and type of governmental crime, only to find out that what they had begun researching was only one blackened pimple on the ugly butt of a gargantuan, multi-headed beast of governmental crime. And, as perhaps in the case of the Collier brothers, it may have got this investigator killed. Indeed, in the case of this Danny Casolero fellow, whose aborted investigation this book is about, this probability is even more likely.

Casolero was something of a journalist, or at least an aspiring journalist, in the mid-1980s when he stumbled onto a story about the U.S. Justice Department stealing a computer program from a private U.S. firm because this particular computer program did some things in the area of surveilling people that no other computer program had ever done before. The description herein is rather vague, and that’s at least partially because it was so successfully covered up to this day: this program apparently did some other things, but apparently the surveillance bit was the main thing the Brass was interested in. I know. Go figure, right?

Anyway, Casolero in the late 80s and early 90s kept stumbling onto more and more and more sundry and sordid criminal enterprises in official high places in the U.S. and tentacling out internationally: gun-running, drug-running, Iran/Contra, October Surprise, BCCI, Vince Foster, Mena, Whitewater, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, CIA/OSI, S&L Scandal–you name it, he was linking it all up, the kind of evil stuff that can be read about and verified in a lot of other conspiratorial fact books of the past few decades, except Casolero was perhaps connecting the dots a bit more thoroughly than most others.

As indicated, Casolero didn’t write this book. He was offed before he got the chance to complete it. This book examines both Casolero’s life as well as his having-a-tiger-by-the-tail investigation, and was written by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith, based off of the investigative notes and the manuscript that Casolero left behind. It’s got a chapter in here about Jim Keith’s later strange death, and the still slightly more suspicious death of Ron Bonds, Keith’s publisher. But Casolero’s death in the early 90s, when the exquisitely suspicious details are given herein, is the most dubious of all: He was done in. The guy got too close, too specific, and too honest about the real evil machinations behind the real U.S. government apparatus. Would-be books like that are very bad for the health and safety of the would-be author.

But you out there, my American idiot neighbor and reader, you keep right on voting. It’s the ritual that makes you feel better. You need that. It’s what keeps you in the system.

Right where they want you.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


I am coming to the conclusion that this Emanuel Josephson fellow is probably one of the five most important historians that America has ever produced. His career spanned the 1930s through the late 1960s, and boy did he ever tell unpopular truths, the kind the oligarchs and their corporations don’t want people to know. Be advised though: His works, like later important conspiratorial writers such as John Coleman, do have the flaw of being under-footnoted.

The title of this book is somewhat inappropriate in that only one of twenty-six chapters actually deals with the strange death of FDR. It is a most interesting and alarming chapter and raises some significant questions and relates some extremely suspicious factual history surrounding the death of FDR that almost no American alive today knows about.

The majority of this work is divided up along three lines of investigation:
1) The hidden and scurrilous history of the Delano-Roosevelt clan, what Josephson refers to as “America’s Dynastic Clan” since–get this–he says that this family, up to the time of FDR anyway, had provided more than 1/3 of all U.S. presidents. Genealogical charts are provided. Yikes.
2) The hidden and scurrilous history of the rise and reign of FDR. Shocking stuff. The man never worked a day in his life, was given everything he ever had by super-rich banksters, was constantly fleecing and being used to fleece ordinary people of their money. Here is a political picture of the consummate “steal from the poor and give to the rich” banker’s boy.
3) The hidden and scurrilous history of the Rockefeller clan’s and the DuPont clan’s domination of FDR and their intermingling with the Delano-Roosevelt clan. Name the war, and the Rockefellers and/or the DuPonts were at back of it. And whether it was Teddy or FDR or whichever other Delano or Roosevelt, they were obedient servants to the money powers.

Josephson also explains the real diabolical nature and purpose of FDR’s New Deal program which he equates with Communism and Nazism and for very justifiable reasons. Interestingly, Josephson maintains that New Dealism, as well as those two other “isms,” all stem from Bismarkian Germany. I’m not sure about that one, but I admit it is intriguing. What is interesting is that it is known that the current government (public) education system in America came from 1800s Prussian Germany, and the same banksters and oligarchs who were backing FDR’s New Deal program also are known now to have established control over the present American education system by the mid-20th century through vast money grants and purchases derived from their tax-exempt “philanthropic” foundations.

Oh, get ready to be quite surprised over what Josephson relates regarding that “angel of mercy” Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR’s wife. Today we are told she was some kind of compassionate Lady Diana-type; the truth according to Josephson, who was of course a contemporary for almost all of this history, is very, very different, but apparently quite in keeping with her family’s (hidden) history.

Josephson, being an M.D. but an M.D. who didn’t exactly go along with the A.M.A.’s prescribed dogmas, also relates a lot of hidden and shocking history about ugly medical scams that occurred during the 1930s surrounding FDR, polio, and FDR’s “charitable” Georgia Warm Springs therapeutic center.

In the final chapter, and after excoriating throughout the entire book the ruthless oligarchical spoils system which moronic Americans have been conditioned to call “capitalism,” Josephson outlines a model for an economic system that would end depressions and inflation and perpetual warfare and, believe it or not, would probably work, and has in fact already worked once before in American history. But just don’t look for it anytime soon; actually don’t look for it to happen again ever. Not while the Rockefellers and the DuPonts, et al, are in possession of everything, including each and every president, legislator, and judge.

This book is extremely–no, EXQUISITELY–recommendable for anyone seeking to understand real 20th-century American history, as well as contemporary events.

I guess it goes without saying that this book, which was published in 1948, is long out-of-print. Where have we heard that before?

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


In all seriousness, this obscure and no doubt suppressed book from 1940 may be the most quoteworthy book I have ever encountered. I cannot now remember where I had initially come across the name “Lawrence Dennis”–no doubt it was some intriguing and of course cryptic reference in one of my other readings–and even after I FINALLY got around to tracking down a copy, I let that old, used copy I had procured sit up on the shelf a long while before finally giving it a go. This man Dennis, his life and work, have been all but covered up and forgotten now, but apparently in his younger years, before the powers-that-be drained his resources and quelled his voice, this man Dennis had attained a respectable level of notoriety–certainly enough for the U.S. government to assail him in a witchhunt show which is now labeled “The Great Sedition Trial” by those extremely few who are not completely ignorant of this man and this history.

Lawrence Dennnis apparently lived a life very much rife with fantastic ironies: he was born a poor mulatto but somehow, inexplicably, managed to get himself superbly and prestigiously educated; in his early youth he had been a traveling child evangelist, of all things; as an adult he somehow managed to be placed into an official diplomatic post representing the U.S. government which, had anything at all of his political beliefs ever been revealed, he should never have received such a position; despite being a staunch isolationist and an acute critic of the folly of warfare and the stupidity of the masses for being so easily and so chronically gulled into war time and time again by unscrupulous leaders, nevertheless when the U.S. entered World War I Dennis enlisted and served, and later, when the U.S. entered World War II he tried to enlist again, only to be turned away for health reasons. Was this inconsistent? His writing is no less maddeningly so. Welcome to Lawrence Dennis. Inconsistent, obviously brilliant, and even more blazingly iconoclastic.

The message in the The Dynamics of War and Revolution, is this: In order for what we call “capitalism” to work it has to be able to expand; by 1940 capitalism in the U.S. and the U.K. had no way of expanding anymore: the U.K. was backtracking and losing its colonies, and the U.S. had no more frontiers to pioneer, and so capitalism by 1940 was not only doomed, said Dennis, it was indeed already dead. He relentlessly points to the epidemic of mass unemployment in Western Civilization nations, and rails against the fact that, from then on, the only method for continuing on with “capitalism” would be to continually engage in world wars every generation or so. However, Dennis being Dennis, he then goes on to predict that that won’t happen because, after the inevitable World War II that he uncannily anticipates about a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. itself will have become an American version of a national socialist nation. Ironically (there’s that word again), Dennis saw U.S. involvement in WWII to stop fascism in Europe as a great facilitator for a coming fascism in the U.S. This iconoclastic view, more than most of his other iconoclastic views, probably was what got him into hot water with the U.S. government in this great and noble land of “freedom of speech” that we have here. Or something.

But really, when one considers the following fatal infections that the U.S. contracted from its exposure to the Nazis, one has to wonder: Was Dennis really wrong?
1) Nazi doctors being smuggled into the U.S. after WWII, with the subsequent increasing medical experimentation on live, unwitting Americans as disclosed in Eileen Welsome’s The Plutonium Files, etc.
2) MKUltra mind control programs, again carried out on unwitting, hapless, non-volunteer Americans.
3) The American rocketry program and the sudden, propagandistic rehabilitation of the status of genocidal Nazi collaborator Werner von Braun, and the NASA Apollo Moon Landing Hoax.
4) black ops UFO technology, etc., etc.

No, Lawrence Dennis wasn’t wrong, at least not in his central thesis here. Which is why you have never before heard of him.

Dennis was clearly no Nazi, nor is there any trace of racism anywhere in this book. But Dennis did believe that the only solution to the failures of “capitalism,” to mass unemployment especially, was some form of more benevolent national socialism. He was right that it was inevitable; he was a bit too optimistic in thinking it could ever be benevolent, at least for long. Indeed, typical for Dennis, he even hints at this toward the end of the book. Dennis apparently hated being predictable or settling on any one side of any fence for too long. Or something. This is a hard man to know, and a hard book to review. Is that obvious enough yet?

When he could be nailed to a position in his analysis and predictions history shows that he usually, though not always, got it right. Something he didn’t get right, however, was his estimation of who sits atop the power structure, who is ultimately to blame for all this predatory, plutocratic, and now failed “capitalism” that he is decrying. Dennis blames Mother Britain, ultimately; he points to some kind of abstract or collective national author for the foisting of mercantilism upon humanity, which in turn later became “capitalism”; again, maddeningly, Dennis acknowledges that there are powerful international financiers behind the scenes, and in at least one paragraph he surely seems to be saying that these powerful international financiers like to hide behind the scenes and that it is they who actually control the governments of the world–but then Dennis, typically for him, inconsistently writes elsewhere that it is impossible to identify any particular individuals among these international financiers, that the whole thing is a fault of an abstract system or some such vague thing, and so he vacillates: he then goes back to blaming abstract and collective “Britain” instead of identifying these ruling plutocrats as other researchers later did, researchers such as Antony C. Sutton, Gary Allen, and Ferdinand Lundberg, et al.

Likewise, Dennis misses the boat when he writes that a despot with a powerful army will always trump a despot with a powerful money supply behind him. Dennis didn’t understand what David Astle in The Babylonian Woe understood: that a despot with power over money always defeats a despot with power over a mere army, because if the latter ever gets out of line, the former can always finance, arm, and hire a bigger, stronger, more militaristic strongman to take out the latter. Historically speaking, it works every time.

Contrastly, Dennis is brilliant and at his most quoteworthy as he is poking holes in the mythology we were all told about the “Founding Fathers” and the vaunted principles of “democracy.” Dennis notes how, just as the U.S. “Founding Fathers” were in fact hypocritical slavers, so were the leading Hellenic lights of ancient, “democratic” Athens also hypocritical slavers, and yet, today we are sold a bill of goods about how much the “principles of liberty,” etc., had played such an important role in those societies.

Finally, there are times in this work when Dennis appears to be so prescient that he seems to be subconsciously writing at another level of understanding, the importance and accuracy of which even he doesn’t fully grasp: Knowing what we now know, that the U.S. is still a British Colony and the Treaty of Paris which followed the American Revolution was a rigged deal dictated by the “losing” King George III (see the works of James Montgomery or “The Informer”), it is most fascinating to read quips by Dennis in which he tongue-in-cheekly refers to George Washington as the “founder of the modern British Empire,” and also laments how pitifully easy it is for Mother Britain to sway duped Americans into fighting Britain’s battles for her. It’s almost as if the Americans didn’t really win that revolution, he seems to marvel. (He’s getting warmer, getting warmer!)

Lawrence Dennis didn’t focus on history, per se; his bailiwick throughout is economics. He always focuses on, and writes like, an economist. But this isn’t like any economist you’ve ever been exposed to before.

And there’s a reason for that.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ