ROMAN CATHOLICISM by Lorraine Boettner

by JF

A most excellent and comprehensive treatise exposing the false doctrine of Romanism. I have to give this my highest rating; although, be forewarned, the author is rather mild-mannered and his lukewarm tone probably reflects the century-and-a-half-plus of jesuitical infiltration of seminaries in the U.S. A book like this, written back in the 1800s, would contain protestant ire and righteous indignation. This author, writing in the early 1960s, remains staunchly even-keeled throughout, calm and deliberate, “objective.” For this reader, having read so many of those fiery (and prescient) protestant authors from the 1800s, the tone of this work comes off as namby-pamby.
But there are no mistakes in the author’s delineation of doctrine, and perhaps, given the pandemic of jesuitical ecumenism that has infected churches today in the U.S., a milder book like this might work better to help pull someone out of the cult of Romanism than those older, more ardent works.

Wait, I must mention this caveat: Nowhere does this author warn Christians of the dangers of churches in the U.S. all rushing, 99% tripping over themselves, to sign up for the ungodly State Incorporation and 501c3 civil contracts. It had been happening since the turn of the 20th century, but really began in earnest in 1954. He should have been wise to this danger. He was not.

But again, there are no mistakes in this author’s delineation of the doctrinal “mistakes” of Roman Catholicism. It’s just that, protestant authors/theologians of the 1800s, before Protestantism became historically moribund in the U.S., would not have called these “mistakes.” They would have, and did, call them much more damning things.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ