This book, which was published about a decade ago, is about 90% boldly fantastic and about 10% “What-was-he-thinking?” It is indeed a rant, all right. A long series of rants. And it is about time some man wrote this way and asked these pointed questions and hurled these all-too warranted charges at the evil, Marxian ideology of feminism.

The author traveled quite a bit, even globally. He entered into relationships with women around the globe. His anecdotes chronicle the destruction of female virtue and femininity in the modern Western Civilization females he encountered, due to misandric, Marxian feminism. In the way they talk, in the way they act, in the way they think, in the way they sabotage their own lives and happiness and then blame it on any male they can, Ellis dissects the dysfunctionality of modern Western females with equal parts wit and vehemence.

He was also in the interesting position of being employed at a tech firm in the Silicon Valley during the height of the tech boom there, and again, his ranting anecdotes chronicle a long Reign of Kafkaesque Gender-Biased Terror that took place in his workplace at the expense of innocent men and for the unfair benefit of entitled, manipulative females. Official company policy to deprive men of the means of providing for a family and to keep them abased, punished and passed over for promotions by vindictive bull dykes, bawdy “cougars,” and younger professional career whores sleeping their way upward. All of them officially endowed by their employers with greater workplace entitlements than the harrowed men who could be snitched on/falsely accused at a female whim’s notice for “sexual harrassment” and forced to attend “sensitivity training” or else just be summarily terminated outright, only to be replaced by another female, perhaps even the savvy snitch-female herself.

The author’s rants make a helluva lot of sense. He injects some interesting and iconoclastic facts along the way, too, such as when he cuts through the feminist propaganda about the actual accomplishments of feminist heros such as Amelia Earhart that the general public has never been told. He at times gets very factual and less anecdotal.

There are some flaws in this book, such as the author’s hedonistic pursuit of fornication for fornication’s sake, by his atheistic, automatic belief in Darwinism which comes up briefly a time or two; but perhaps the biggest flaw in this book is that too many of the author’s globe-trotting anecdotes, over the course of many years, tell of him too often returning and re-returning to several of the same exact crazy Western Civ individual women who had already screwed him over before (not that he was at all lacking in vaginal variety, however). He seems like a glutton for punishment, or at least he once was.

Bottom line: This guy’s totally unfiltered rants about what Western women have become, and how much the deck really is stacked against Western men nowadays, contain a great many profound observations. This is truly Red Pill stuff, an interesting view of the literal disintegration of a once cohesive society from the vantage point of a man with his boots on the ground when and where the action of disintegration was taking place.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ