The Majority is Always Wrong.

Month: April, 2015


I was not very far along in my reading of this out-of-print book from the early 1870s before I recognized it as what it is: One of the most significant works ever written. Literally. This would definitely make it into my “Top 10 All Time” list, and perhaps even Top Five. The memory-holed history it recounts is that essential, and it is also well written, as if it even needed to be so.

This work is similar to Edmund Paris’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE JESUITS from a half century or so later. Like Paris, Greisinger devotes much of his book to recording the history of the Jesuit’s parasitization of each European nation, and how and when and why each of these nations furiously expelled the Jesuits at various points in time, and then how and when and why the Jesuits came slithering back and reparasitized each of these nations. Being an earlier book, Greisinger, on the whole, tends to focus much of his recounting of history on earlier times than does Paris. This modern reader found it a bit more interesting, though both Greisinger’s and Paris’s books are monumentally important in their own respective rights.

As Greisinger records it, everything that happened to each of these European countries—the identifiable pattern of covert conquest that the Jesuits follow—has already happened as of this date in the history of the United States, Inc. This makes this book quite ominous to read. Little wonder this work is long since out-of-print and memory-holed. We the American public are clearly NOT supposed to know about this history. And so almost no American does. The takeover is complete and beautifully perfect from the vantage point of the Vatican and the Society of Jesus which controls it. Yes, Greisinger provides the vivid and factual history to prove that claim as well.

It is fascinating how the majority of the nations that (impermanently) drove out the Jesuits over the previous centuries were Roman Catholic nations. Sad to say, they knew the enemy even better than the Protestants did. Now, extrapolate that thought down to today, and see that NOBODY is more ill-informed, more dumbed-down, more asleep-at-the-switch about who and what is the Scriptural Antichrist, and what Satanic institution drives that OFFICE, than today’s stupefied, history-challenged ecumeniacal evangelicals.

It is they above all who need to read this long forgotten, out-of-print work. Not that they would be able to understand it; they are still blinded by these very same black-robed “fathers,” still looking out for and being hopelessly distracted by delusions of UFOs, the Nephilim, and (jesuitically authored!) tall tales of a future-coming,
secular Antichrist.

Fascinating it is too that this history leaves off with the early 1870s triumph in Germany of Prime Minister Otto Von Bismarck over the Society of Jesus. (Yes, yet more memory-holed history that most people never heard of. This book is rife with such hidden history, and just as rife with the proofs which confirm these unsettling histories.) However, the author knew his subject well, and he as much predicted, just before going to press, that Bismarck’s triumph would only be a temporary one, and the Jesuits would eventually come slithering right back into Germany. Which they of course did, as subsequent (suppressed) history shows all too severely.

Finally, Greisinger succeeds in underscoring how exquisitely important the year 1870 was to the Papacy. Greisinger was living and writing this out at the time, so it makes sense he would sense the acute import of that year. He reminds that the Jesuits scored three huge victories when they had their implement, Pope Pius IX, dogmatize three cherished jesuitical teachings, even in the face of much opposition from the most learned officials within the hierarchy of the Roman Church: the novel doctrines of Papal Infallibility and the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the document known as the Syllabus of Errors.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ



This manuscript was published somewhere in the last decade. I have no idea why the exact date of publication is not listed herein, but it gets weirder than that: Nowhere does it record who wrote this, either. Nevertheless, it is available online in both electronic and paperback format. I stumbled onto it while doing some some peripheral searches pertaining to Avro Manhattan’s book VIETNAM, WHY DID WE GO? and indeed, this does share subject matter with the Manhattan book, and does much to further corroborate Manhattan’s claims—something which should not be undervalued, since, vital as Manhattan’s work was and is, it was always underfootnoted. This manuscript, on the other hand, is consummately sourced throughout. In fact, this may be the greatest asset of this work: It opens the doors to so very many other works which, taken as a whole, clearly validate Avro Manhattan’s spectacular claims about the real origins and causes of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War; as well as the earlier French involvement, for that matter.

It all goes back to the Vatican. The Vatican did it. Not that the author of this manuscripte understands the entireity of this history; and he(she?) certainly does not understand as much as Manhattan did; notwithstanding, this work is a superb companion piece to the Manhattan book.

Indeed, the indications that this author does not understand the situation completely are very evident. For example, he continually uses the phrase “the Catholic Church” as being in back of the Vietnam War, but what he really means is the geopolitical state called “the Vatican” which hides behind and drives the cult of Catholicism, even as it controls the world’s intelligence agencies, foments strife among the nations, and profits from all of the above.

The author also believes that presidents make important decisions and are merely “influenced” by the “Catholic Church” and certain of its powerful adherents, rather than the raw and unpopular reality: Presidents TAKE ORDERS and are CONTROLLED by these, and any president who goes against this protocal quickly gets assassinated or is given the Richard Nixon treatment.

Furthermore, and along the same lines, this author also is deceived by the ruse that John Foster Dulles, and his father, and his grandfather, were faithful “presbyterians” whose outlook on geopolitics just coincidentally happened to line up 100% with the Vatican, rather than the reality that these, or certainly at least J.F. Dulles himself, was in fact an agent of the Jesuits. This author has no knowledge or understanding of the history and machinations of the Society of Jesus.

This work is also written rather pedantically. The author constantly tells the reader of three things about which he will be informing the reader, then he informs the reader of these three things, and then he recaps the three things about which he just informed the reader. And then he moves on to three other things and he does the same thing. He does this throughout the manuscript. This is not so much bad writing as it is formulaic, predictable, basic writing.

As a companion piece to Avro Manhattan’s VIETNAM, WHY DID WE GO?, this manuscript is an invaluable resource. The author does not understand all that he is exposing, but that does not matter, not if the reader unites this manuscript with the Manhattan book and others. On its own, this manuscript is of a more limited value, unless one is going to track down and read the very many resources which this manuscript assiduously cites, and then connects the dots to see the big picture which this author did not even understand, but he is most certainly on the right investigatory trail.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


Interesting book of 384 pages. First published in 2000.

Fifty creationist scientists were asked to explain why they were creationists and not darwinists. These fifty then responded with a brief essay or letter, providing a rationale for their worldview. Most of the essay responsives are quite cogent and circumstantiated; some, however, are laconic enough to make the reader wonder whether these scientists got the message that their response was actually going to be published, suffering not so much from lack of scholarship as simply from an obvious lack of time and effort. Again, fortunately this is not the case with most. Don DeYoung’s response letter was probably the skimpiest of the minority of skimpy ones. I cannot say this surprised me as, on a personal note, I once tried to contact Mr. DeYoung and never got a response back from him, nor from a representative of his. That man wrote a great and scholarly book that I had read and which obviously entailed much time and effort for him to produce, but personal interaction with his readers apparently does not elicit much time and effort from him.

On another sort of personal tangent here, I was a little piqued to see that the only jesuitically educated scientist in the book, Jack Cuozzo, was listed as—you guessed it!—scientist #33. There is that number again. Yes, THAT number. Was this a mere coincidence, or do we have another little secret-societal, high-degree, wink-and-nod thing going on? I do not know, but I might be inclined to bet on it, assuming we could ever really find out.

A surprising number of these creationist scientists hail from Australia. I found that somewhat interesting.

Another point of interest: Some scientists tended toward the analytical in their explanations. These tended to throw many numbers around, of course. Some other scientists tended more toward the philosophical, frankly. Yet, it was indeed intriguing to read how forceful was either approach in exposing the vacuity of darwinism.

This is highly recommendable reading, and I would predict that it would be just about guaranteed to elicit some sort of emotional, gut reaction from passersby who would be of the “purely scientifically minded” darwinist, a.k.a. evolutionist camp.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ