SELLOUT by David Schippers

by JF

This author and this book are redolent of the exquisitely significant mid-1950s book FOUNDATIONS: THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE by Rene Wurmser: Both Wurmser and this man Schippers were chief legal counsels hired by two separate congressional investigating committees about a half-century apart; both congressional investigating committees were of enormous import; the respective import of both congressional investigating committees was whitewashed in the mainstream media; both Wurmser and Schippers crossed political party lines in order to follow the truth and the facts; both Wurmser and Schippers saw their painstaking investigative work ignored, and the processes of both of the congressional investigation committees to which they had labored stonewalled, undermined, and finally sabotaged; in addition, both Wurmser and Schippers were taken aback by the fact that congressmen of the same political party as themselves were the ones most guilty of wilfull ignorance of the facts and of obvious and unaccounted-for sabotage! What is obvious to the reader is that, in both respective cases–Wurmser and Schippers–what these two men in fact ran smack into was a “fix” that was already “in.”

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that Wurmer’s 1954 Reece Committee had not discovered anything damning at all about the oligarchs’ tax-exempt Foundations and their illegal and communistic takeover of the American public education system; however, when one reads the actual congressional transcripts of the Reece Committee, and when one reads Wurmser’s book, an extraordinarily different picture is elucidated.

The mainstream media deceived the American public into believing that David Schippers’ investigations in the 1998 Impeachment of Bill Clinton had also not discovered anything damning and that the whole affair was about Clinton’s serial adultery (not that the disgraceful mainstream media even had the linguistic and moral clarity to use the unfashionable word ADULTERY); however, David Schippers herein factually documents that the real issue was obstruction of justice, witness tampering, serial perjury and subornation of perjury, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Schippers, like Wurmser before him, then goes on to document how career-politician members of BOTH political parties eventually, at a critical point in the proceedings, colluded to sabotage yet another congressional investigating committee when it appeared that that committee was getting too close to actually uncovering some really shocking high crimes. In the Reece Committee of 1954, one need only examine the cartoonishly contumelious antics of “Representative” Wayne Hayes of Ohio at that time to preposterously derail the routine questioning of the witnesses; in the case of Schippers’ investigation, what he documents is that he had an ENTIRE ROOM FULL OF DAMNING EVIDENCE AGAINST BILL CLINTON OF A MUCH MORE SERIOUS NATURE THAN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REPORTED, AND YET NONE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMEN AND ONLY 65 REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN WOULD EVEN LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! The Republicans, ever eager to get along and play ball with the oligarchs who own both political parties, even went so far as to forbid the calling of live witnesses! Clearly, the fix was in, and it was in with both sides. Seldom has there ever been more obvious evidence that both political parties in the U.S. are bought and controlled by a higher power and work for and at the behest of that higher unelected power.

This book is the definitive source for understanding what the 1998 Impeachment Proceedings of Bill Clinton really entailed, as opposed to what the lying news broadcasts on all the mainstream channels duplicitously reported.

Published in 2000.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ