by JF

Of the dozens of memory-holed works by American protestants from the late 1800s sounding the alarm about a takeover of the United States by Papal Rome, this one had the best title. That is about all for which it is best. Not that this is a bad book–far from it! The subject matter, the message of warning in the book was very true. This is just a rather superficially written book, though, in comparison to others of its nature and of the same time and place. AMERICA OR ROME, CHRIST OR THE POPE by John L. Brandt, for example, was a much better and more thorough book with the same warning and from the same era. Another superior example from another late 1800s American author: FOOTPRINTS OF THE JESUITS by Richard W. Thompson; and again: THE ENGINEER CORPS OF HELL by Edwin Sherman. And there are others.

What makes this more superficial is the author’s dual proclivity for including so much rhetoric and so much first-hand and second-hand anecdotal material. In fact, unless I am mistaken, I do believe the rhetoric and the purely anecdotal stories easily take up more pages than the verifiable facts which Fulton does present. A scoffer could poke holes in this. Not that this reader does not believe all or very nearly all of Fulton’s anecdotes. This reader has no problem believing in their authenticity, but only because this reader has already read John L. Brandt, Richard W. Thompson, Edwin Sherman, Samuel Morse, and many others, who did a better job of documenting the damning facts against the Vatican, rather than relying so heavily on rhetoric and anecdotes.

At times, Fulton does get factual. For example, he gives a good, albeit extremely brief, breakdown of a dozen or so incriminating circumstantial facts which point to Papal Rome as being behind the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. Another interestingly valuable tidbit here is the history Fulton provides (okay, much of it anecdotal) regarding how the Vatican was usurping the hospital industry back then (1888), especially in and around Washington, DC; also, it is quite interesting how Fulton relates the methods with which any new member of Congress, even back then, was quickly accosted and enlisted by the minions of Rome as soon as they first had arrived in the Capital. But Fulton does not long confine himself to such factually based writing before he veers off into another round of sharp rhetoric or some or other personal or second-hand anecdote. And it is not like the factual evidence incriminating the Vatican subverting America was wanting: Read those other authors I have cited above. They have documentation to make one’s head spin, if one is new to this stolen, whitewashed, factual history of Popery’s 19th-century war against the Republic (and any republic around the world).

This is a valuable book to have, another message in a bottle from an era long lost, telling the same message that so many other washed-up bottles have been telling this alarmed, awakened reader of late. Books like this represent the last gasps of historical American protestantism not yet eschatalogically blinded by jesuitical futurism; UNLIKE today’s dumb-dog evangelicals, but LIKE every single one of the protestant reformers, and those valiant American men could still see and recognize the Antichrist (the PAPAL SYSTEM!!!). But this particular book of Justin Fulton’s, it is mostly valuable as a minor buttress for the more significant other books I have mentioned. Purely on its own merits, this one should be best remembered for its title. And even if he did not write about it as effectively as some of his contemporaries did, Fulton should be given some credit for coming up with a more attention-grabbing title than any of them. And like his fellow watchmen on the wall, he also should be given credit for accurately perceiving what was happening to subvert the United States in his day, and for recognizing what malignant entity was behind it.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ