THE RATIONAL MALE by Rollo Tomassi

by JF

I’ve had so many red-pill experiences, so what’s another one, right? Well, this one does hit a little more close to home, so to speak. Rollo Tomassi is the pseudonym of an extremely perceptive individual who for the past few years has maintained a blog of the same name as this book. Indeed, most if not all chapters or essays in this book can be found on his blog site. His pseudonym was taken from the movie L.A. Confidential, in case anyone is wondering. His blog is part of the “Manosphere,” that is, a burgeoning bunch of male bloggers who are (at long last!) sounding the alarm about the rampant MISANDRY in all facets, places, and mediums in our current debauched culture, all those little and not-so-little things which most morons miss. (By the way, “most morons” = the “blue pill” people. Go watch or re-watch the movie The Matrix, only don’t think of it at all as fiction this time, think of it as metaphor.) Rollo Tomassi probably tends to write about more timeless contentions between men and women, but if I read him correctly, I do not think he would disagree when I myself state that those timeless contentions between the sexes have been grotesquely magnified in our modern Western Civilization, and to the detriment of males and females alike, but ESPECIALLY to males.

Rollo Tomassi exposes so many universally held false assumptions our society has taken on about women: what they want, what they need, what they look for in a man, and why, etc. Just about each essay, or chapter, here, explodes yet another universally held modern myth about the real nature of women, and of men. For example, our society condemns men for the “feral” (sinful) male proclivity toward polygamy; Tomassi exposes how our society one-sidedly and unfairly sanctions the proclivity of “feral” (sinful) women towards hypergamy. In other words, a man’s “feral” (sinful) tendency, if he gives in to the lust of his flesh, is to commit adultery on his wife, but not usually to leave his wife. A man is more inclined to “add to his harem,” so to speak. Our society punishes this. Contrastly, a woman’s “feral” (sinful) tendency, if she gives in to the lust of her flesh, is to altogether abandon a husband of a certain societal status if and when an interested prospective husband of a higher social status becomes attainable to her. Our society rewards this. (Here I feel compelled to say: Shut up, blue-pill “white knight” idiot. Our society has long since degraded into rewarding feral, sinful adulteresses for this. Now go back to sleep. Oh, and stop wondering why no one respects you. Just accept it.) That is what the current divorce laws are all about.

Oh, I should add, a very large part of taking the red pill regarding gender relations and reading through Rollo Tomassi’s most fascinating observations is getting to know such terms–terms representing extraordinarily legitimate but little realized concepts–as “hypergamy,” “feral female,” “white knight” and the overarching “feminine imperative,” by which I think (if I am not mistaken) he is identifying our society’s unspoken public policy of condonation and promotion of the most base and “feral” of female lusts. This is the warp and woof of this particularly nasty, and very real, “Matrix” in which we now live (Note: if only this was the only one I had ever encountered in this Twilight Zone episode of a life, but that’s another story, isn’t it?) Yes, “Matrix.” But what is going to really suck for the new, initiate reader and earnest absorber of the facts here–especially if he happens to have testicles–is the realization that this isn’t a movie, this is Real Life. And the man who reads and opens his eyes here, the man who puts the sunglasses on, and takes his red pill or whatever, is bound to be hit with a most profound depression when he too finally sees women as having the relational limitations that they really have. Do not misunderstand. This is not a misogynistic treatise whatsoever. It’s just a realistic treatise.

The “red pill” man who reads this will never again make the ungodly (and sexually counter-productive) mistake of idolizing or “pedestalizing” a woman. The red pill man who digests this will know forever why women inexorably are attracted to “assholes,” and why they invariably give any man foolish enough to “pedestalize” them the dreaded “let’s-just-be-friends” treatment.

Be forewarned: Rollo Tomassi has an affinity for acronyms. This reader has always typically loathed acronyms; however, Tomassi’s acronyms are clever, and they are memorable because they signify such universal sufferings for Western Civ men today in perhaps all of their dealings with feminized, feral (pardon the redundancy) Western Civ women. For example, what man has not been “LJBF”ed (given the Let’s Just Be Friends treatment) at some misguided point in his life by a female and thus kept on the course of being an “AFC” (Average Frustraged Chump”)? Oh, but don’t fret, dummy, because NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That). Other “Manosphere” vernacular here abounds: admittedly catchy buzzwords representing abnormally meaningful concepts to today’s frustrated men: such words and phrases as “alphas, “betas,” “white knights,” and of course the dreaded “Alpha F#cks/Beta Bucks” stratagem of the “Feminine Imperative.” Have fun with these. One might as well. It is real life. Somebody just assigned some names to these real-life concepts at last. Good for you, Rollo and other “manosphere” alarm-sounders.

This is a singularly Machiavellian outlook of the timeless give-and-take, push-pull mindgames and power plays between the sexes. And like the Machiavellian take on politics, it’s also matchlessly true and real. I would highly recommend that any and all men read a balance of this Rollo Tomassi’s work and that of an equally profound blogger and observer going by the pseudonym of “Dalrock.” Do not look for much wisdom from very many of those who post comments on Dalrock’s website as they tend to be either papists or duped ecumaniacal incorporated churchian types, but Dalrock himself is superb. Now, Dalrock hasn’t come out with a book yet; I sure wish he would. I would like to give my grandson both his book and Tomassi’s. For Tomassi’s book I would wait a bit longer in giving it to him, though, until I felt his faith was ready for it. Tomassi is not a believer in the Messiah of the Scriptures; Dalrock is. It is wonderful to see how they both work together and appreciate each other’s wisdom in working toward a common goal, the goal of sounding the alarm about the rampant and largely ignored misandry in our culture. Their alliance despite their fundamental differences in worldviews is a tribute to men in general. Tomassi gives a nod of appreciation to Dalrock in the tail end of this book. I found this very gainful for Tomassi as well as Dalrock (Note: I myself have noticed that it is much easier for a believer in Jesus Christ to enjoy the company of an undisguised non-believer over the company of a cultist or a heretic, though I do have friends in those camps as well). Both men are correct in their identification of the ubiquitous anti-male bias in our culture. The wisdom of either man should help any young man avoid being walked on and disrespected in this temporal existence; the difference is, the wisdom of Dalrock might also help a young man not lose his soul, for it must be admitted, much of Tomassi’s advice does indeed boil down to sheer, raw fornication, wantonly gratifying the lust of the flesh. And every time Tomassi attributes some “feral” (sinful) trait of females to certain tens of thousands of years of “evolution,” I am very grateful that there is a Dalrock around to better (from my own equally rational point of view) explain this sinful trait of females to the original curses that God placed upon Eve in the account in the Book of Genesis.

Hey, if Rollo Tomassi is correct in his assumed worldview of Darwinism (what he and so many others vaguely call “evolution”) then he will not have to worry about acts of fornication. For me, the trouble is, I’ve read too much of the abysmal “trade secret” weaknesses of Darwinism, even and especially among the leading “evolutionary” paleontologists themselves. It’s a red pill I’ve taken which Tomassi quite obviously has not.

Somebody created us humans. It’s always going to come back to that, and it is going to do so rationally. Which implies that there may be a final Judgment Day. I will leave it at that.

Another flaw of Tomassi is that he automatically dismisses the possibility that at least one major thrust of the modern misandric feminist movement has been CONSPIRATORIAL. He apparently does so without having researched conspiratorial history whatsoever. It was Albert Einstein who had a famous, shaming quotation about those who would come to conclusions about a thing without having done any investigation into that thing. Proverbs 18:13 carries a warning against that also. Well, I have done some investigating; and it turns out there was some conspiracy involved: Sorry, Rollo, but there’s a reason that Gloria Steinem was a CIA asset (source: “Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society” by Henry Makow), and there’s a reason why women were LURED outside the home and into the workplace, and it wasn’t to “liberate” them, it was to TAX them (source: Aaron Russo, maker of “From Freedom to Fascism.”) This is another red pill which I have taken and for which Tomassi is still a blue-pill virgin. Hey, Henrik Ibsen wasn’t just messing around when he wrote that “The majority is always wrong,” Rollo. He wasn’t just writing a metaphor about men and women. It’s all of life. If it’s in the mainstream, it’s bullsh#t. There. I said it. Complete with the semantically mitigating pound symbol, for whatever reason I just now decided to mitigate my expletives.

A final minor flaw with Tomassi is that, although he all too compellingly exposes the utter shallowness (sinful nature) of women, he never, so far as I can see, gets around to acknowledging the likewise innate shallowness (sinful nature) of men. He is right that women’s “hypergamy” and their concomitant “female solipsism” (Note: This is a concept which this reader more than acknowledges and hastens to warn that it will shatter many a “blue-pill” man’s world, be forewarned) forever prevents them from being able to love a man in the idealistic way that a man is capable of loving her; Tomassi is right in emphasizing that it is a woman’s feral (sinful) nature to always be on the lookout for a prospective mate of higher societal status; he is right in showing that a woman is much more calculating and ironically icily rational than the man with whom she shares a relationship when it comes to anything pertaining to the actual relationship. He is right: This is the ruthless, feral, shallow, sinful core of woman. However, let’s be honest: many of the men who would and do label an overweight female a “fattie” in the comments section on Rollo’s site are not looking for a female to procreate and pass on genetics with: They are just looking for a female companion, and they know for sure they do not want any children, or any more children. And yet, these same men are just as concerned about a female’s attractiveness as a man who DOES seek to have children with the woman he is after. Why? If we are to (rightfully) criticize females, we should be able to criticize men as well when men do things such as behave in a shallow manner.

Perhaps Rollo Tomassi addresses this innate shallowness in men, though I have read a great deal of his writing now and I cannot recall him as ever having done so. I suspect he would admit it without hesitation, though I do not know that for certain. However, make no mistake, I do NOT much fault him for focusing so exclusively on purely female flaws and foibles, because the REST of our misandric society already attacks men and focuses more, more, MORE than enough on flaws that are purely male.

This is not a “safe” book to read. Rollo’s blog is not a “safe” blog to read. It will not make any man feel better about life for knowing this stuff. This man’s advice, if soberly absorbed, could SERIOUSLY take a mousey man and make him worthy of the respect and desire of a plurality of females, but understand, it does NOT make that man any less ALONE in the world–quite the contrary.

Oh, but please do not confuse this advice of Rollo Tomassi with “pick-up artistry.” Tomassi is so very much deeper than that. This wisdom goes to the very core. A man should read this only if he has the maturity to face extremely unsettling core truths about his very existence in this world. For the mature male student of the Holy Scriptures there is much advice from this heathen that will inadvertantly confirm the curses that God placed upon Adam and Eve in a way probably more profound than ever before appreciated; but to fellows without a firm foundation in where this life originated and why–well, let’s just say, I would not want to be in their heads when they finally absorb this stark stuff. They are going to need something to lean on. Somehow, Tomassi has thus far firewalled himself from the staggering implications of what he knows to be true; perhaps being financially successful enough to own six houses as he says he does has a way of temporarily firewalling or distracting a man from the supremely unsettling truths he has isolated and described; I wouldn’t know, but I have my suspicions. At any rate, more than anyone else I have ever read, this man Rollo Tomassi has a level of appreciation for the inexorable state of alienation with which every single thinking man who ever lived must come to terms.

Any man who reads this and “takes the red pill” on it (that is, accepts the fact that it does correspond with his every EXPERIENCE, and not with his social conditioning) will come to appreciate at last the real limitations of a woman’s capability to love: He will have to embrace the fact that there is no woman who can love him the way he would like to be loved. And that man will know WHY, as Tomassi is very adept at explaining such things. So this is not a comfortable book by any means. But hey, if someone has got this far in life and still believes that real truths are comfortable, they are either very, very young, or they are very, very brainwashed.

So if you’re the kind of man who likes to KNOW, who needs to KNOW what the diagnosis is so that you can face and hopefully attack a disturbing dilemma, then this is a must-read book for you. But if you are the kind of man who just wants to remain in ignorance in his misery and distractions, then you’re going to want to stay far away from this book and this man’s blog.

This reader, for better or worse, belongs to the camp of the former.

Lord willing, I can have my male posterity read this someday when they are old enough to confront it–so long as they also can read Dalrock. For rational balance, of course.

In closing, one constant I have found running through the work of both Tomassi and Dalrock: They consistently show how fundamentally vulnerable a man makes himself whenever he consents to marriage–ESPECIALLY in today’s modern, State-worshiping, misandric culture. A man risks so much more than even his assets today. Wow. But I’d better stop here or I’ll never stop.

Despite the aforementioned misgivings, this gets my highest rating. This man really, really understands women (and men) as God made them, women (and men) as God cursed them. Nevermind that he thinks they “evolved.” The conclusions and the advice, especially for men in this misandric society, is the same (except for the advice about fornication), and it totally flies in the face of conventional “wisdom.” Bravo!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ