That’s it. With this book, Emmanuel Josephson cemented his status as one of the Top 5 All Time TRUE Historians that America has ever produced. Published in 1964 when the political career of Nelson Rockefeller was at its most aspiring and perhaps most dangerous point, Josephson targets especially Nelson for most of this expose, but then he also consistently steps back and overviews the high crimes of the entire Rockefeller clan throughout. This work is a stupendous time capsule of buried dissenting opinion, buried whitewashed voices, buried memory-holed history, exposing and warning against the megalomaniacal designs of the Rockefeller clan. Although Josephson’s warnings about Nelson did not prove entirely true (Nelson apparently went on to hire too-cheap, unreliable, gun-misfiring assassins against Ford in the early 70s), notwithstanding, his warnings about the globalist Rockefeller strategems as a whole have proven 100% accurate. Josephson just had the wrong Rockefeller to watch out for: It wasn’t Nelson who was leading the Mephistophelian, NWO-charging braintrust, it was David. Nelson was a second-fiddler, even as the politicians are always playing second fiddle, subservient to their overlord international bankster bosses.

And again, just as with some of his other books, Josephson here connects the most intriguing dots of all: the connections between the Rockefellers and the Society of Jesus. It is very obvious that Josephson only partially understood the staggering import of what he was reporting on here, and the reader is left without sufficient explanatory detail. But that Josephson would be making these connections way back in the 1960s with only a partial understanding of the true big picture of historical events about Satan’s own pet geo-political entity, the Vatican, is astounding and superbly confirming of so many other memory-holed, out-of-print books I have discovered. This book is an amazing, fantastic time capsule of where the heads of the wiser-than-most Goldwaterian politicos were at back in 1964, right before the Rockefeller’s mainstream propaganda machine kneecapped them for good with the Rockefellerian, propagandistic political extermination of Barry Goldwater himself.

As with all his books, Josephson meanders a bit, and his meandering is amazingly informative and interesting: He never fails to touch on some very specific and truly esoteric corruptions of various Rockefeller family members as well as many of their well-paid crooked cronies in myriad high places. Have I used the word “rarified” yet in this review? That is what jumps out with this reader about Josephson: The specific frauds and crimes in high places that he continually documented are so dated, so very specific, and the criminals committing these high crimes are all of the sort that the mainstream public was propagandized into trusting back then–this is what smacks of “time capsule” material to this reader: The realization that so few even back then would have known about the shocking specifics which Josephson relates, and today, perhaps there is nobody left that knows any of this. (Insert old, black-and-white Twilight Zone music here.)

Of an especially intriguing nature is the exquisitely RARIFIED information given herein on the Rockefeller league’s set up of the well-intentioned, patriotic Senator Joseph McCarthy, and of his subsequent ASSASSINATION by them. Yes, you read that right. Josephson even includes a copy of the dubious death certificate and, as an M.D. himself, has MUCH to reveal about this as well.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ