JFK: THE DEAD WITNESSES by Craig Roberts and John Armstrong

Published in 1995.

The Good: This book delivers the goods for the most part, that is, it provides much cursory information on the well known, and even some of the the more obscure, witnesses to the JFK assassination who were eliminated from testifying in, or eliminated from giving any further testimony in, or who just so happened to have died extremely suspicious deaths during the time of any of the three official JFK assassination investigations, the first bogus “investigation” in the 1960s and the later two somewhat more serious congressional investigations of the 1970s.

The Bad: There are quite a few recurring grammatical and punctuation-related errors here. This small, independently published book could have used an editor, or a better editor. The authors also dubiously include a few deaths which are not suspicious at all, such as Earl Warren, who died in the early 1970s of what would be expected of someone his age (83) to die from. There are also too many deaths for which the authors list the cause as “unknown”–could not they have found these out with more thorough research? The book is also not well sourced at all: there are no footnotes, no end notes, and no bibliography provided whatsoever.

The Ugly: On page 124, the authors mistakenly refer to the witness “Ralph Paul” as “Ron Paul.” Doh!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ
August 5, 2014