by JF

Even more sterile and colorless than any other Sutton book I have read, it nevertheless makes for more ready and spectacular reference. The lists and specific facts, figures, percentages and dates probably account for more pages here than Sutton’s ever-dry prose, but if someone wants the painstaking, shocking, surreal figures on how the United States went to great lengths to financially and militarily prop up its Cold War Communist “enemies” all throughout the 20th century, even when that American-made help was knowingly being used by Soviets and Chinese to massacre young American servicemen, then this is the book to get and to hang onto. Boring as all get-out to read, but absolutely irrefutable as reference material. Almost no one would be able to believe that this treasonous policy was actually official U.S. policy all throughout the century unless they see this meticulous documentation with their own eyes. Published in 1973.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ