by JF

Classic John Bircher-type faire, originally from 1975, with the occasional quotation from THE SPOTLIGHT or even Willis Carto himself, heavy doses of warning about the coming New World Order and its Communist, Freemasonic, Fabian Socialist, “Jewish banking,” and, above-all, nebulous “Illuminati” components, Des Griffin apparently being totally ignorant of the machinations of the Vatican and its Society of Jesus as was/is the prerequisite for a John Bircher/”Christian patriot” type.

Griffin’s Christian slant is commendable, but not when it is combined with the Constitution-hugging and “Founding Father” near-ancestor worship in which he also evinces. Again, this is all prerequisite for Bircher-types who ever have and ever will unbiblically, double-mindedly mix up their Christianity with idolatrous patriotism and nationalism.

This book is somewhat useful as a primer on the NWO basics–i.e., the Fed, the International Banksters, the Rothschilds, the CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. But nothing more than these superficial basics.

Weirdly, Griffin starts out better than he finishes up: He finishes up with an entire chapter of direct transcription from THE PROTOCOLS which Griffin contends were authentic instead of the jesuitical ruse they actually were (see: BEHIND THE DICTATORS by L.H. Lehman), so let’s throw that right out. But in the first couple of chapters, Griffin relies heavily upon THE TWO BABYLONS by A. Hislop and similar sources, and he very correctly identifies the Roman church of today, and to a lesser degree the various “reformed” churches, as Simon Magus-founded, pagan counterfeits of true, scriptural Christianity. Griffin was red hot on the trail of the identity of the Top Dog over at the NWO here, he was getting really close; but then, as his narrative of conspiratorial history continues, when he gets to the 1700s he gets fooled and loses the trail when he falls for the old jesuitical Adam Weishaupt/Illuminati ruse, and from there on out and for the rest of the book Griffin keeps getting colder.

On the plus side, the black and white images included herein, such as the images of U.S. paper currency down through the 20th century, are a very vivid visual of the Bankster’s totalitarian takeover of America, Inc.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ