SECRET WEAPONS by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz

by JF


Another one of those “I was a teenage MKULTRA spy/assassin/warrior/prostitute for the CIA” books. I never know what to do with these. A decade or so ago, too many halfwit “patriot”-types got automatically gulled by the ULTRA-salacious, utterly unsourced Trance:Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and her dream-catcher or handler or whatever he actually was, Mark Phillips. That one I am not buying, at least not most of it. Then a few years later I read the lesser known Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan, whose claims were far less salacious than O’Brien’s, but were far more gruesome, and frankly, just as outrageous. Both women had, though, more or less, the same story to tell. And now there is this one. And in this one too, these female victims are coming forward with a suspicious, CIA-esque, male “handler”–this Ted Schwarz character and the Griffis guy. They give me bad vibes.
At any rate, look, either we really do live in the bizarro, schizoid, hellfire, cracked-looking-glass reality that all these women are describing, or else it is a very strange case of mass copycat hysteria, or else a very weirded-out little cottage industry has developed naturally, or has been implemented artificially, for selling outlandish, pulp-fiction, mind-controlled-spy horror stories for conspiracy kooks who will believe anything. Or, what is more likely, the “intelligence agencies” are employing propagandist writers to continue the cruel exploitation of these women and camouflage what REALLY was done to them.
That reminds me: Why is it that all of these people coming forward claiming that they were once Manchurian Candidates happen to be unanimously female? Where are the books written by men who are now suddenly having disturbing flashbacks and realizing that they had been abducted by cults and government intelligence officials as children, tortured and brainwashed into becoming super spies, super warriors, super assassins, etc.? Are we to believe that the government only used teenaged females exclusively? What, like, only teenaged females make the best super-warriors? Huh?? Or maybe it is just that the men cannot remember their teenage years like the women can. Or something. Yes, of course. It all makes sense now.
This is not to say that I believe any of the lies of the cover-up operation going on over at the shill organization known as the False Memory Foundation. No, no chance of that, either.
I just frankly do not know what to believe here. I suppose I could possibly believe SOME of the stories of these women, but in no way do I believe all of the specifics nor even most of them. These claims, by the very nature that they emanate from disturbing memory flashbacks of these victims, they can apparently never be verified by anything other than circumstantial evidence.
I will say this: Of the three “I was a teenage MKULTRA spy/assassin/warrior/prostitute for the CIA” books I have now read, this story of these two sisters is the most credible and the most cited of them all–but given the nature of claims like this, that is not saying much.
The book gives an instructive background and history of the top secret MKULTRA and related programs of the 1950s and 60s, and of the prestigious, Nazi-esque American doctors and officials involved. The claims of these sisters does indeed match a pattern of other women coming forward with such shocking claims and writing such books. The rudiments of all these accounts are constant: That their families had associations with “untraditional religious practices” as they are referred to in this book, that the children were used to participate in certain rites of the weird religious cult, and that at some point a deal was brokered between the cult and U.S. spy agencies for the abduction of the children, then the children were warehoused, tortured, brainwashed, had their personalities split into multiples, then in their young teenaged years the girls would travel the world at a moment’s notice on behalf of “national security” in order to kill and seduce foreign and domestic officials and liabilities, they would fly advanced weaponry helicopters and perform ninja-esque martial arts, they would meet with U.S. presidents, meet with CIA chiefs (now THAT I could actually believe), and have super-human strength and agility and then, when the proper trigger word is spoken by their mind-control handler, they become regular teenaged girls again and go home and go to bed, presumably with some kind of plush, fluffy teddy bear or whatever.
I am still trying to figure out why no “conventional” soldiers–or  nobody at all–have ever come forward and started asking questions along the lines of, “Who the hell are all these prepubescent young girls who are flying all these Blackhawk helicopters, where did THEY come from?” etc.
No, I do not believe all the claims in this book, nor do I believe all the claims in the others. Yes, I do believe some of this, however; especially the foundation of it, the basics: The whole MKULTRA-Satanic Cult Nexus thing. There is probably much to that. But once we get into the graphic, grandiose details of the flashbacks these women say they are having, then I do not know how the public can accept and trust in their veracity and still maintain any grasp on factual reality at all. God help the women (and men?) who have suffered and are suffering from having been used as child-guinea pigs in America’s Nazi Medical Experiments, i.e., MKULTRA, MKMonarch, and others. I do not know what else can be said of it all.

Rating: Δ