by JF

John Perkins is a superior writer and was as well, by 2004 when this was published, a repentant “Economic Hit Man.” And yes, according to Perkins, that was indeed the common colloquial trade name for his former job. This is quite interesting, and at 260-some-odd pages, quite succinctly written. CONFESSIONS… provides a front line description from a “boots-on-the-ground” operative of how the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United States Global Empire prefers to make conquests of other countries nowadays.
The author claims that he was a longtime “Economic Hit Man” (EHM), which means, in very abridged terms, that he was a well paid minion of the World Bank (WB) and IMF (actually it was a private “cut-out” corporation designed to camouflage the fact that he was working for the WB, IMF, and U.S. Empire), and he and other EHM’s were (and are) given the task of traveling the world, meeting officials and potentates of “underdeveloped” nations whose resources the U.S. Global Empire covets, and the EHM operative would then convince the foreign potentate that his nation needed modern electrification, a modern dam or airport, various upscale infrastructures, etc., and that U.S. construction mega-corporations such as Bechtel, Halliburton, et al, should receive the lucrative contracts to build such modern infrastructures for said foreign potentate, and the only other condition is (gulp) that the foreign potentate would have to take out massive loans from the WB and the IMF in order to pay for all this. The foreign potentate would be sold on the lie that his nation would be enriched, or on the truth that he himself would be enriched, depending upon the moral character of the foreign potentate in question, of course; relative to this, another part of the typical job functions of an EHM would be to “inflate the numbers” to show how the newly constructed infrastructures would raise the estimated value of the foreign lands to such an extent that the loans from the WB/IMF would be paid off easily with a considerable profit remaining for the nation/potentate for many years into the future. However, the reality is, the loans are not meant to be paid back: The loans are meant to cause the foreign nation to come under debt servitude to the WB/IMF/U.S. Global Empire for as long as possible. Under ideal conditions, this debt peonage would last in perpetuity, thus enslaving generation after generation to come within the foreign land. And so, under this grand and clever artifice, the few individuals who sit atop U.S. corporations, U.S. banks, and the U.S. government all “make out like bandits” while, as Perkins makes clear, the Earth’s natural resources are plundered, numberless multitudes of poor people around the world are pillaged and impoverished and killed off. Perkins, now repentant after decades of playing his part in all of this, sees the big picture quite well when he writes on page 242, “We decry slavery, but our global empire enslaves more people than the Romans and all the other colonial powers before us.”
Perkins also makes it clear that all mediums of major media in the U.S., and all major universities in the U.S., are complicit in the modern conquest for empire. Journalists and professors alike, notes Perkins, know that to speak out against the banks and the big corporations would mean losing one’s occupation, because the banks and big corporations fund the major media through advertising, and also fund the universities through grants, etc.
There are some negatives to this book: Fortunately most are fleeting, such as the author’s fleeting admittance that he actually believes the impossible-official, government version of events surrounding 9/11, and the impossible-official, government version of events relating to the U.S. having “put a man on the moon.” There is also the author’s annoying habit of glorifying and referring to that non-elected, elitist, lawyerly, freemasonic bunch that Perkins would call the “Founding Fathers,” and most especially referring to Thomas Paine, as in “What would Thomas Paine do here?” or “What would Thomas Paine think of today’s situation?” over and over again, ad nauseam. Here’s my ad nauseam reaction to that: Read THE UNITED STATES IS STILL A BRITISH COLONY by James Montgomery for the truth about, if not Paine, then at least the rest of the elitist “Founding Fathers.” Probably the biggest negative of this book occurs several times when the author waves aside any such possibility as “conspiracy theories” accounting for any of the Machiavellian global machinations of which he writes. He chalks the whole vast, sophisticated stratagem to simple human greed on a grand scale. However, at times, his own words seem to betray him on this note, such as when he writes on page 32, “This was a CLOSE-KNIT FRATERNITY of a few men with shared goals, and the FRATERNITY’S members moved easily and often between corporate boards and government positions” (emphasis mine). In automatically discounting the possibility that the rich and the elite meet together and CONSPIRE together, the author is either grievously ignorant here, or he is flagrantly lying to the readers as he did so consistently and so skilfully to foreign potentates for so long.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ