by JF

One of a veritable bevy of books published in the mid to late 1800s by AMERICANS urgently trying to wake up other AMERICANS to the very real threat of a covert takeover of the United States by agents and assets of the Vatican. This one is very competently written, impeccably researched and documented, and is rather comprehensive in design.

The first third or so of the book effectively exposes the doctrinal errors, pagan heresies, the fraudulent claims of popery down through history.

The middle third or so of the book documents the alarming and quite factual clandestine takeover of the American press that was being successfully carried out, and the equally disturbing and equally factual stealthy assault on the American school system, both public and private, that was likewise being carried out at this vital moment in American history, all by agents and assets of the Vatican, most particularly the Jesuits.

The final third or so of the book is mostly devoted to exposing and sounding the alarm about the very real and factual takeover of the U.S. government itself, by–you guessed it–agents and assets of the Vatican, most particularly the Jesuits.

There is also a chapter in which John Brandt provides prudent and sage advice as to how Americans could in that day still effectively thwart the insidious designs of history’s stealthiest and most lethal of all enemies to any republican form of government.

That you, dear reader, scoff at this book, this book review, and this factual history–the fact that this all sounds so crazy to someone as historically blindfolded as you, yes, YOU–is evidence enough that the advice and the warnings of Brandt and America’s bevy of other 19th-century Cassandras went unheeded. The enemy was too stealthy; Americans too stupid.

And so here we are today: in a nation that has been covertly conquered by Papal Rome over a century ago, with most of the conquered still stupid and sleeping though their eyes are open, and those very few Americans who are only just starting to wake up, these growing few who think that they understand what has happened to their country: but just like the growing, brownshirted few in the 1920s and early 30s Germany, these “patriots” only halfway understand what has happened, and when some of their conquering overlords, some of the more contemporary agents and assets of the Vatican, tell them that “the Jews did it,” then these burgeoning, half-comprehending “brownshirt” Americans will go ahead and do what the half-comprehending, brownshirt Germans did: Like the bull that charges after the red cape instead of the matador, these half-awake, Tea Party-type Americans will soon brutishly charge after “the Jews” instead of the Vatican and Papal Romanism.

This book and others like it from the latter half of the 19th century represent the last gasp of a dying republican civilization. We live in the facade of its shell now, and we call it such asinine, vague plaudits as “freedom” and “democracy.”

The most degrading form of slavery occurs when the slaves think that they are still free.

The only thing Brandt got wrong is that the true followers of Jesus Christ should not engage in “patriotism” as he clearly did. It is worldly idolatry. Other than that, he wrote a superb book full of incredibly important, documented history which has since been memory-holed virtually everywhere else.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ