by JF

This largely forgotten and most assuredly suppressed work from 1899 provides crucially important documentation on the little known but quite factual 19th-century infiltration and internal takeover of Oxford University and also the Church of England by Jesuit clerical spies and other agents of the Vatican. Walsh correctly identifies such turncoat notable clerics as Newman, Pusey, Keble, and others–the so-called “tractarian” Anglican Church leaders, as they were then called–as most likely having been Romanist assets all along.

It should be needless to add that this stealthy Vatican reconquest of the Church of England continues down to this day.

This sneaky church takeover is interesting-enough history, but where this points to, where it gets REALLY interesting for this reader, once he takes Walsh’s information and uses it to connect a few dots, is here: It was exactly at this epoch in history that the Oxford University Press, subsidiary of what Walsh reveals to be the Jesuit-conquered Oxford University, began to publish and push the historically and theologically novel Scofield Bible with its embedded, Jesuit-penned, dispensational claims upon unwitting evangelicals. This is what so popularized the bogus Rapture doctrine among unsuspecting evangelicals today, the same bogus Rapture doctrine that was contrived by a Jesuit priest named Jose Ribiera centuries ago during the period known as the Counter-reformation.

So I deem this book to be today of more critical importance than the author, Walsh, perhaps had even originally intended. Not only does this documented history explain the hollowed-out, ecumenical impotence of today’s Anglican Church, peripherally it also helps to explain the proliferation of the belief in a phony pretribulational Rapture among historically ignorant modern evangelicals as a whole.

Overall, this account provides yet another glaring historical example demonstrating why institutional, incorporated churches of any kind, and then true followers of Jesus Christ, are two separate things entirely. Man-made, secularly incorporated institutions, whether they call themselves a company, a LLC, a corporation, or a “church,” were made to be usurped and corrupted; they always become so. The real, un-institutionalized congregation of “called-out ones” can never be conquered. But there sure aren’t very many of those–not around these parts and not in these times, at any rate.

Again, this is a critical time capsule of a book. Crucial memory-holed history herein!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ