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Month: June, 2014

THE DISCOVERY OF GENESIS by C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson

“How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language”

Published in 1979, I recall that this book and the claims of its authors did indeed make a noteworthy splash across evangelical Christian circles, but for some reason I seem to remember that splash as having taken place later on, say, in the late 1980s or even early 1990s. That is when I distinctly recall evangelical friends, and a few evangelical teachers to whom I was listening at the time, praising this. Perhaps I was just feeling the ripples of the original splash. Hmm, yes, that could very well be, as I did yet not know Christ in the 1980s.

At any rate, I finally got around to picking up a used copy of this. The authors’ claims are gigantic, and they are intriguing; nevertheless, it is a brief work, only 121 pages. The authors propose to show that the account of the Book of Genesis can be substantiated in many of the symbols, or ideograms, of the Chinese language still used today; that unlike all more modern languages with their respective abstract letters in place of symbols, each Chinese ideogram represents a visual image, universally understood from antiquity, and when one takes apart each part or “radical” of a given ideogram, and isolates the meaning of each, and then adds each part together and then considers the meaning of the whole ideogram, many of the accounts of Genesis can be appreciated: The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Nature of Satan, The Temptation and the Serpent, The Fall from Grace, The Hiding and Covering with Fig Leaves, Cain and Able, The Noahic Deluge, The Tower of Babel, and others. In the epilogue, the authors claim to show how the New Testament Gospel of Jesus Christ can be visually ascertained in a few Chinese characters. Unlike the authors’ more numerous Chinese symbols which purportedly confirm Genesis, where the ancient Chinese scribes would ostensibly have been creating these symbols to record events which they or their immediate ancestors had physically experienced, the authors conjecture regarding the supposed New Testament-confirming Chinese characters reads thus:  “…it would seem that the ancient Chinese sage was truly inspired…He surely appears to have been thinking God’s thoughts after Him!”

That is, of course, a very assuming statement. But it is consistent with the method of these authors throughout. The claims they make are a bit too bold, too assuming from beginning to end. They provide diagrams in the margins for all of the Chinese characters they are describing, alongside their explanations of which character correlates to which Genesis account. For roughly half of these, it seems to this reader that the authors are engaging in eisegesis rather than exegesis; that is, they are expressing their own idea, their own bias, and presenting that as some sort of obvious conclusion. This is especially evident when the authors attempt to explain the meaning of commonplace verbs like “to come” or “to go” or “to converse.” To assume that the ancient Chinese scribes would go to the trouble of fashioning such general, everyday parts of speech according to the Genesis account, that they would be that assiduously careful even in very mundane matters to render it faithful to Genesis, begins to get a little harder to believe–though, according to the diagram of each symbol as given by the authors, the respective explanations as given by the authors certainly do match up. What do they match up with?—Ah, here we get into the part that does make this book very worthwhile, for even the more hard-to-believe symbols/explanations are in accord with some other symbols/explanations that would seem to be of a much more apparent nature—and there are actually quite a few of these, from the symbol for “spirit” to the symbol for “to create” to the symbol for “west” to the symbol for “finish/complete” to the symbol for “garden” to the symbol for “to covet” to the symbols for “forbidden” and “devil” to the symbols for “tempter” and “to hide” to the symbols for “sorrow” and “suffering” to the symbols for “thorns” and “righteousness” and “sacrificial animals” to the symbol for “boat” to the symbol “altogether” and then “to hand down,” then to the symbols for “tower” to the symbol for “rebellion/confusion” to the symbol for “scatter/disperse,” and a few others. That is, assuming these authors’ basic claims as to the elementary meanings of each character and components are true; I will have to take their word for the time being as I do not read or speak Chinese.

So, assumimg the authors are telling the truth here, then this is indeed a very eyebrow-raising little book. And the authors do indeed provide enough evidence to show that their theory is surprisingly plausible. This reader would have preferred that they temper their enthusiasm just a bit, though, and put forward their findings with more objectivity and less certainty, in order to not make themselves so susceptible to the charge of “jumping to a desired conclusion.”

One more thing that this book briefly imparts is a bit of intriguing and little-known history about ancient China. The authors tell us that in very ancient China, before the time of Confucius and Buddha and Taoism, and for the centuries immediately following the approximate Scriptural date for the aftermath of the Tower of Babel enterprise, there was a long tradition of monotheistic worship and a ritual of sacrifice under the very first Chinese Emperors that was peculiarly similar to the accounts of worship and sacrifice outlined in the Book of Genesis as having been practiced by the generations of Adam down through Noah and Abraham. This tantalizing bit of history crops up a few times in the book, the authors do not go beyond a superficial relating of it, and it would seem that this deserves an investigation and a book (of greater length and depth than this one) of its own. Has someone already written such a book? Has someone already carried out such a study into this claim? I should like to read such a book about such a study. Is there such a thing out there?

Bottom line: This book is very recommendable indeed. The ambitious, and outright shocking, claims of the authors may very well be correct. But just do not look for anything definitive here; not in such a skimpy book as this. Let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet.

Addendum: Let it be noted that when these authors cite verses from the Bible, they do not cite from an authoritative text like the Tyndale or the KJB: They cite from the N.E.B., one of the plethora of bogus, paraphrasing, copyrighted, Alexandrian “new bible versions” that duped believers are unwisely using nowadays.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ



Years ago while I was still in ignorance over the fundamental heresy of modern American churches signing secular covenants with the State, churches becoming “unequally yoked,” “double-minded and unstable in all their ways,” etc.; “churches” signing contracts in order to receive “gifts from the Gentiles” in the form of tax-exempt status and the blind, heretical madness of declaring that the State is their incorporator and not the Lord–and that…gulp…something like 99% of “churches” in America have nowadays…(gulp)…committed this heinous and craven crime unto the Lord—yes, before I found out about all that and more, I used to go to a 501c3/State Incorporated church. I used to go to several actually, for a number of years. I always sensed something was missing from them, like, oh, the Lord and the ability to speak freely about the world, but then as I have said, I later I found out why this was so. But it was about 2004 when I was attending a very small, weekly “men’s Bible study”–and this was before I found out that the Tyndale and KJB were real Bibles, but the “new bible versions” the other men were bringing along with them and reading from were rank frauds, mere bastardized paraphrases of the Word of God with thousands upon thousands of words removed and many others added or changed. Yes, this was before I learned of that, too. And my Lord, are evangelicals ever duped out of their minds by the Enemy nowadays. But getting back to this weekly Bible study. My friend at the time, an older man, a deacon at the church (oh, and this “conservative” “church” also unbiblically allowed females to be deacons as well–oh wow, are we ever lost nowadays!), and this man was also a…gulp…lawyer…although he was an okay, jovial fellow for a lawyer, and was and is quite stimulating to speak with because he possesses a very literal genius-level IQ–well, this friend of mine, and the hireling shepherd “pastor” who was also there, got to speaking and speculating momentarily about the nature of the human soul. I remember I had told them both that, as I had heard it somewhere previously, humans were not just “body and soul,” but rather, humans were “body and soul and spirit,” and so I asked these men what they thought would be the actual difference here, if any. Well, my older, lawyer, deacon-friend with the genius IQ, he suggested immediately that I should read this book (which was published in 1989). And so here it is, a full decade later, and I finally got around to obtaining a copy of this. Hey, it may take me awhile, but at least I get around to it eventually. At least I do not forget, and at least I do check things out, unlike most people.
Okay, so I read most of this book, and I do not think I can go on. It is interesting in parts; certainly, it started out rather interesting. But there is now a growing trend in the text which I find troublesome and may–and probably will–preclude me from being able to read anymore. The author has been citing bogus “new translation” bibles all along, typically the Jesuitical Westcott and Hort-inspired RSV, and I had expected that going in; however, now, suddenly, on the last five or ten pages in the middle of the book, the author is suddenly…gulp…citing various and sundry verses from the APOCRYPHAL books. Yes, he prefaces it with a footnoted disclaimer, but even here it is rather troubling that the disclaimer should be relegated to a footnote and not found in the main text;  this is especially unsettling as the man says he is of the “Dutch Reformed” faith. And make no mistake about it: This book is written in a quite erudite manner, and has been very well researched ACADEMICALLY. But theologically and historically?? The Apocrypha and Popery? Really?
Yes, another warning sign even before he started throwing out verses from the Apocrypha was that he often cites Romanist “church fathers” such as Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Jerome, etc.–all the usual high-priestly inquisitors and corruptors of God’s True Word. Aquinas was in favor of burning people alive. How Christ-like of him. Jerome was commissioned by the Woman that Rides the Beast to write a bogus “Latin Vulgate” to supplant the original, legitimate, and true Vulgate that was in the possession of at least the Waldenses. And Augustine?–Do not even get me started.
So in all candor, yes, that is about it, I can only get through about 2/3 of this book before I have to put it down. The confusion of the different “bible versions” he was using was really what did me in. It has become an impediment to me, so I stopped reading.
But before I go I should at least give a clue as to what and where this book was headed before I jumped ship. The author explores some basic and surprising fundamental differences between how modern “Christianity” (and here the author would lump together Romanism with Protestantism, etc.) views the  Resurrection of Believers as compared to and contrasted with how the Hebrews understood the Resurrection in Old Testament times. The nature of the soul itself, the Afterlife, specifically as pertains to bodily resurrection as differentiated from spiritual resurrection, is the subject matter under investigation here. It is a worthy but of course daunting investigation and I was initially enjoying it somewhat. But I remain dubious of the usefulness of consulting Apocryphal texts and counterfeit bibles and heroes of Popery in an investigation of this nature.
At times this well-lettered but foundationally flawed work reminds me of those medieval, recondite theologians who would argue interminably about the nature of angels and just how many angels could fit on the head of a pin, etc.  All those monks and priests and hireling shepherd academics straining away at gnats and needlepoint esotericisms while not having any clue at all that they were following a gigantic, satanic, paganized monstrosity of a State-incorporated imitation of the True Ecclesia of Christ.  And now here we have this author conducting a scholarly 230-page investigation of the specific and respective natures of the human soul versus the human body at the moment of the Resurrection in Christ, and yet he does not know what a real Bible is and he does not know what the True Ecclesia is–why, herein is a marvellous thing.
And the same goes for most American “churches” nowadays, too. And the same goes for my erstwhile lawyer friend with the genius IQ. My sandals are dust-free from all of that.
Nevertheless I have some genuinely mixed estimations about this: I do have some appreciation for this author’s ambitious enterprise. It is a subject about which I have often wondered myself, as have probably nearly all believers in Jesus Christ. It is an exquisitely perplexing philosophical/theological conundrum which he is seeking to solve. I just wish he could have done it without including and promoting the trappings and heroes of popery in his investigation. He often also quotes more recent or contemporary non-papist theologians and “Christian philosophers.” This I deem acceptable. Another acceptable non-Canonical source which he rarely utilized at all are the extant writings (if there even are any?) from those sects of Christians down through the centuries who were persecuted by the Catholics AND the Protestants. Now THERE is a remnant view that he should have investigated and did not. I mean groups like the Waldenses and the Anabaptists and Mennonites and Moravians. Of course, one thing all those groups had in common was that even the most intellectual of them tended to not spend much time speculating over the impenetrable mysteries of the Scriptures, and on the whole preferred instead to dwell upon more practical affairs. Ah, then maybe there is a lesson in that: especially since I did fast forward to the last few pages of the book to see the author’s final conclusion about the nature of body, soul, and spirit, and lo and behold, it is rather exactly like I would have guessed and would have agreed with myself before I had even endeavored to read the very first page of this. Ecclesiastes 12:12-13.

Rating: Δ Δ

SECRET WEAPONS by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz


Another one of those “I was a teenage MKULTRA spy/assassin/warrior/prostitute for the CIA” books. I never know what to do with these. A decade or so ago, too many halfwit “patriot”-types got automatically gulled by the ULTRA-salacious, utterly unsourced Trance:Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and her dream-catcher or handler or whatever he actually was, Mark Phillips. That one I am not buying, at least not most of it. Then a few years later I read the lesser known Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan, whose claims were far less salacious than O’Brien’s, but were far more gruesome, and frankly, just as outrageous. Both women had, though, more or less, the same story to tell. And now there is this one. And in this one too, these female victims are coming forward with a suspicious, CIA-esque, male “handler”–this Ted Schwarz character and the Griffis guy. They give me bad vibes.
At any rate, look, either we really do live in the bizarro, schizoid, hellfire, cracked-looking-glass reality that all these women are describing, or else it is a very strange case of mass copycat hysteria, or else a very weirded-out little cottage industry has developed naturally, or has been implemented artificially, for selling outlandish, pulp-fiction, mind-controlled-spy horror stories for conspiracy kooks who will believe anything. Or, what is more likely, the “intelligence agencies” are employing propagandist writers to continue the cruel exploitation of these women and camouflage what REALLY was done to them.
That reminds me: Why is it that all of these people coming forward claiming that they were once Manchurian Candidates happen to be unanimously female? Where are the books written by men who are now suddenly having disturbing flashbacks and realizing that they had been abducted by cults and government intelligence officials as children, tortured and brainwashed into becoming super spies, super warriors, super assassins, etc.? Are we to believe that the government only used teenaged females exclusively? What, like, only teenaged females make the best super-warriors? Huh?? Or maybe it is just that the men cannot remember their teenage years like the women can. Or something. Yes, of course. It all makes sense now.
This is not to say that I believe any of the lies of the cover-up operation going on over at the shill organization known as the False Memory Foundation. No, no chance of that, either.
I just frankly do not know what to believe here. I suppose I could possibly believe SOME of the stories of these women, but in no way do I believe all of the specifics nor even most of them. These claims, by the very nature that they emanate from disturbing memory flashbacks of these victims, they can apparently never be verified by anything other than circumstantial evidence.
I will say this: Of the three “I was a teenage MKULTRA spy/assassin/warrior/prostitute for the CIA” books I have now read, this story of these two sisters is the most credible and the most cited of them all–but given the nature of claims like this, that is not saying much.
The book gives an instructive background and history of the top secret MKULTRA and related programs of the 1950s and 60s, and of the prestigious, Nazi-esque American doctors and officials involved. The claims of these sisters does indeed match a pattern of other women coming forward with such shocking claims and writing such books. The rudiments of all these accounts are constant: That their families had associations with “untraditional religious practices” as they are referred to in this book, that the children were used to participate in certain rites of the weird religious cult, and that at some point a deal was brokered between the cult and U.S. spy agencies for the abduction of the children, then the children were warehoused, tortured, brainwashed, had their personalities split into multiples, then in their young teenaged years the girls would travel the world at a moment’s notice on behalf of “national security” in order to kill and seduce foreign and domestic officials and liabilities, they would fly advanced weaponry helicopters and perform ninja-esque martial arts, they would meet with U.S. presidents, meet with CIA chiefs (now THAT I could actually believe), and have super-human strength and agility and then, when the proper trigger word is spoken by their mind-control handler, they become regular teenaged girls again and go home and go to bed, presumably with some kind of plush, fluffy teddy bear or whatever.
I am still trying to figure out why no “conventional” soldiers–or  nobody at all–have ever come forward and started asking questions along the lines of, “Who the hell are all these prepubescent young girls who are flying all these Blackhawk helicopters, where did THEY come from?” etc.
No, I do not believe all the claims in this book, nor do I believe all the claims in the others. Yes, I do believe some of this, however; especially the foundation of it, the basics: The whole MKULTRA-Satanic Cult Nexus thing. There is probably much to that. But once we get into the graphic, grandiose details of the flashbacks these women say they are having, then I do not know how the public can accept and trust in their veracity and still maintain any grasp on factual reality at all. God help the women (and men?) who have suffered and are suffering from having been used as child-guinea pigs in America’s Nazi Medical Experiments, i.e., MKULTRA, MKMonarch, and others. I do not know what else can be said of it all.

Rating: Δ


Published in 1996, obviously by a small, independent publisher (though there are no typographical errors as often is the case with those), the conception of this book was a meritorious idea. The author, Alan B. Jones, chose eleven conspiratorially-conscious books on geopolitics to review in consecutive chapters in order to demonstrate how the various researchers/authors of these books all were identifying the various parts of the same colossal, overshadowing conspiracy for global takeover by a cabal of elite oligarchs. The first nine books Jones chose are most apt: A CENTURY OF WAR by F. William Engdahl; TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Prof. Carroll Quigley; THE NAKED CAPITALIST by W. Cleon Skousen; THE TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS by William H. McIlhaney; THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin; 1984 by George Orwell; REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIREABILITY OF PEACE by ????; THE GREENING by Larry Abraham; THE POLITICS OF HEROIN by Alfred W. McCoy.
Now, having supplied that introduction, I feel in the mood for one of my patented “spaghetti-western” book reviews:
The Good:
1. The author starts out splendidly. The first nine on his list of chosen “conspiracy” books is almost ideal—
2. —especially as he does a most befitting job of summarizing and weaving together their respective findings and conclusions, often in quite specific individually-arrived-at-but-extraordinarily-corroborating details and quotations.
3. The text is quite large and easy to read, in keeping with the intended use of this book as a sort of primer for teaching “sheople” to finally understand, well, “How the world really works.” It is only because of this large text that the book spans 300-some-odd pages. There is a “no nonsense/no frills” semblance to the book’s overall cover and design, and even the writing itself.
4. In reviewing the message of the novel 1984, Jones states at the outset that he does not know whether or not George Orwell was in favor of that which he wrote in 1984. Thus, Jones refuses to conjecture about this at all, and simply sticks to the message in the novel itself. In doing this, Jones reveals that he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all; but, since he has obviously read nothing else by Orwell at all, then it is commendable of Jones to not conjecture here out of ignorance, as is the penchant nowadays of so many “patriotards” whenever Orwell’s name or his most famous book are mentioned.
The Bad:
1. Jones overlooks the geopolitical state known as the Vatican entirely.
2. Jones misses out entirely on the panoply of suppressed, out-of-print books dating back to at least 1820 and leading back to today, books many of which were written by Americans like Jones himself, books which correctly identify the Vatican and the Society of Jesus as representing the most malevolent threat to Jones’s conception of what the United States of America was supposed to have been at its (incorporated) inception.
3. Though he thankfully does not stress it throughout the book like so many other writers, Jones is still a “Constitution hugger” and an unbiblical respecter of persons, especially those “Founding Fathers.” Nevermind the fact that those “Founding Fathers” were un-elected, secrecy-loving, lying ELITISTS at heart and in deed, not very much different at all from the type of contemporary, global ELITISTS whom Jones seeks to expose throughout this book. Now there’s irony for ya!
4. Had the author ever actually read anything by George Orwell other than 1984, then the author would know with absolute certitude that George Orwell was NOT in favor of the subject matter of which he had penned in 1984, and that 1984 was more of a WARNING to the world, written by a rather very decent man.
The Ugly:
1. The book degenerates in tutelage for the last two book-reviewing chapters, because Jones unfortunately closes with two faulty book choices: First, of ALL the adroit JFK-assassination-conspiracy books he could have chosen, he chooses the one which, probably more than any others of note, peremptorily insists that “Israel” was the single entity most responsible for the assassination of JFK. Yes, this otherwise quite informative JFK assassination book and its otherwise quite informative conspiracy-aware author are quite indicative of the burgeoning “brownshirt” movement that is happening all across America now (e.g., the “Christian Identity” movement; and much or most of the “Tea Party,” etc.), just as it did in the 1930s in Germany. (Gulp.) As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Lastly, and unfortunately, the book which Jones chose to follow up his JFK book with, the very last book on Jones’s list, was a book by a certain cultishly confrontational, incongruously Anglophobe-but-FDR/New Deal-loving, oddball outfit whose minions might occasionally be found outside of grocery stores selling their errant ideological wares-with-strings-attached. Darn it. Of all the books he could have chosen. And here I seriously thought that this author was batting a thousand with his first nine choices, well, give or take. And then he culminates it all by letting himself be twice seduced by revised and furtive forms of fascism, and lamentably passing that 95% real truth/5% rat poison off to the unwary reader. Too bad.
2. Oh, and there is also the obligatory “How to fix America” quickie-final chapter. Yeah, good luck with that.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ

THE DEADLY DECEPTION by Tom McKenney and James Shaw

Based on the life of Jim Shaw, co-authored by Tom McKenney, this is 158 pages of rarefied, testimonial information on the inner workings of Freemasonry. Both men claim Jesus Christ as their Savior now; this was published in 1988. Shaw was something of a freemasonic dynamo during his younger adult years, ascending (and paying for) all 32 degrees in the Scottish Rite, and then being invited into the lofty, vaunted 33rd degree. Shaw also took part in multiple other freemasonic tasks and positions and functions–whatever he could get his hands on, he eagerly volunteered for, and he had a keen mind that wanted to learn what each degree meant. Shaw makes it clear that most masons, especially those in the first three degrees of the Blue Lodge, are content to just go to meetings for the fraternity, camaraderie, the rituals, and for on-the-job perks and promotions, not to mention getting out of speeding tickets (many policemen are freemasons). But for Shaw, it was his religion and he was zealous to know and do more, more, more, and those are the types that are intended to move up in degrees in the arcane, pagan system.
Shaw delineates all the functions, rituals, and oaths he took part in, degree by degree. There are no diagrams or illustrations in the book, but in textual descriptions, Shaw explains the secret handshakes and posturing signals of many of the various freemasonic degrees. Shaw also describes the symbolic meanings of the rich, occultic symbolism with which freemasonry is so imbued, and explains how it traces back to ancient Egyptian “mystery religion.”
Fortunately, right about the time Jim Shaw was invited to be a 33rd degree freemason, he was witnessed to by his Christian ophthalmologist, and Jim Shaw then finally came to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. Indeed, the metaphor behind Shaw’s conversion experience, the fact that, by pure physical happenstance, he almost lost his sight due to developing cataracts in both eyes at this time, and that it was his eye doctor who witnessed to him and pointed him in the direction of the one and only REAL Light, in contrast to his previous masonic teachings and all the errant freemasonic emphasis on seeking “light” and “enlightenment” throughout its entire Luciferian system,  is almost too exquisitely coincidental to be believed!
If a person wanted to know more about the real secrets of freemasonry, and what it is like to be a high-degree freemason, from the safe and welcome perspective of a former insider who has now renounced the system and has turned instead to Jesus Christ, then this is the book to read.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


Another creationist book. Yes, it delves into many of the standard, necessary arguments in the “Creation vs. Evolution” debate. Yes, it devastates Darwinism succinctly, easily, convincingly. Yes, anyone who has read very many of the book reviews by this book reviewer knows by now that there are sundry reviews I have done on Creationist books, and no, I have done none so far on books by Darwinists (“evolutionists”). Look, the reason for this is simple, and it is reasonable: I grew up being taught Darwinism in the elementary and secondary schools that I attended; whenever I watched any kind of documentaries about animals or insects or dinosaurs or anything biology-related on TV while growing up (which I habitually did), I was only ever taught Darwinism on those; when attending college(s), I was taught only Darwinism in biology and other classes; during and for many years after college, whenever I watched any kind of “science”-related documentary on cable TV–on, say, The Discovery Channel or whatnot–the only worldview ever taught as “science” to me on those was Darwinism; in addition, if I should have desired to attend a motion picture such as JURASSIC PARK (which I did) or other such spinoffs, those also only sought to indoctrinate me with the precepts and suppositions of Darwinism. Therefore, just by being and living in this culture, in this Darwinized civilization we find ourselves in, I and we are constantly indoctrinated in all manner of Darwinian assumptions. I get all that. We get all that. We get it daily. I know all about that. What I do NOT know about, unless I read books like these, like these Creationist works, is the OTHER side. And as it turns out, that OTHER side, the OTHER argument, the view that is never heard on mainstream media at all unless solely to be ridiculed–well, it turns out, that other side completely demolishes the mainstream interpretation of events. (Gee, where have I encountered that principle before? The better question: Where have I NOT encountered that principle before?!)
So, about this particular book: The author is a well-lettered scientist and former “evolution” teacher himself, and is now a (“Gulp,” go the Darwinists) Creationist. He writes in a succinct, efficient style, he is very acquainted with a variety of scientific and especially biological principals, with cellular processes, Mendelian genetic formulas, etc., etc. His writing style is scientifically exacting, true; but it seems that he also streamlines topics for the curious layperson to read with facility. Indeed, the tendency of the occasional, accompanying, black-and-white line diagrams tends a bit toward the cartoony here, and it seems the author is also using these as some sort of fitting foil for the purpose of softening the scientific nature of his elucidations.
He also does that other thing that creationist book writers do that so vexes “evolutionary scientists”: He supplies a fair amount of quotations from the leading “evolutionary scientists” themselves which severely demonstrate the doubtfulness of their own belief system.
Parker is also to be commended for having understanding of the importance of clear language in any ideological debate: Although he does accept the usage of the slippery, ambiguous word “evolution,” he nevertheless is linguistically savvy enough not to accept any “isms” after the word “Creation.” The author always writes “Creation,” never “Creationism.” One example from page 38 is illustrative: Here he briefly compares “Creation” to the mutually opposing philosophies “Vitalism” and “Mechanism,” and note that he sticks the “isms” on the two philosophies, but not on the word “Creation.” Too many Creationist proponents have accepted the usage of the word “Creationism” to describe their worldview, not aware of the slight that has been leveled against them already, mistakenly underestimating the importance of concise language and the little derogatory jabs that can be contained in even a few tacked-on pre-or-suffix letters, such as we find in the word “CreationISM.” Stick the other side with the “ISM”; do not accept the “ISM” for one’s own side. Like any other debate in society, it is as much about language as anything else. Never forget that. Further proof of the author’s appreciation of the importance of concise language can be seen when he uses the inventive words “docudramas” and “infotainment” to describe the kind of Discovery Channel and Science Channel documentaries that I used to watch, the kind that spew the same, corporate-line propaganda about “evolutionary science.”
On pages 208-209, there is a very succinct, very reasonable conjecture regarding some of the effects of the Ice Age I have not encountered elsewhere. That was interesting and appreciable.
Even better, for several pages there is some really insightful information given regarding the formation of the Grand Canyon from a Genesis Flood perspective. It is especially interesting given that the author himself writes that he used to take students out and show them the Grand Canyon and tell them it was millions of years old, and now, after having discarded his Darwinian belief system, when he visits the Grand Canyon, he sees how the Genesis Flood account so much more convincingly explains its geological formation, and he is embarrassed and amazed that he could have ever looked upon the same rocks with such uncomprehending eyes.
If I had to isolate one single recurring idea or theme of this author/scientist that marks his argumentation as different from any of the other Creationist works I have read thus far, it would be this: He readily writes about the concept and reality of genetic mutations and the ability of genetic mutations to cause “changes” over time in a fixed population of a specific kind of organism, though, as a Creationist, he staunchly (and empirically) asserts that these changes do not ever cause a NEW KIND of organism to form, and that nearly all of these mutations are BAD, and that they ACCUMULATE in the DNA of the organisms. Still, it is interesting to read the words of a Creationist who embraces the “mutations cause changes” line, even the very words that “evolutionists” use to describe the concept, so readily and consistently and enthusiastically. Not that other Creationists avoid or disagree with the notion; just that most Creationists do not emphasize it. But Parker, he emphasizes it. Indeed, it is his fundamental point, his foundational point where he grounds his message in order to explain the reality, the truth, of the entire Garden of Eden account, and mankind’s subsequent Fall from Grace into this trouble-torn, strife-ridden, plague-encompassed temporal existence wherein we now find ourselves. For Parker, The Fall can be explained thusly: We fell from a state of perfection, we had the maintenance of that perfection stripped from us, and we are all by now mutation-accumulated.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


John Perkins is a superior writer and was as well, by 2004 when this was published, a repentant “Economic Hit Man.” And yes, according to Perkins, that was indeed the common colloquial trade name for his former job. This is quite interesting, and at 260-some-odd pages, quite succinctly written. CONFESSIONS… provides a front line description from a “boots-on-the-ground” operative of how the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United States Global Empire prefers to make conquests of other countries nowadays.
The author claims that he was a longtime “Economic Hit Man” (EHM), which means, in very abridged terms, that he was a well paid minion of the World Bank (WB) and IMF (actually it was a private “cut-out” corporation designed to camouflage the fact that he was working for the WB, IMF, and U.S. Empire), and he and other EHM’s were (and are) given the task of traveling the world, meeting officials and potentates of “underdeveloped” nations whose resources the U.S. Global Empire covets, and the EHM operative would then convince the foreign potentate that his nation needed modern electrification, a modern dam or airport, various upscale infrastructures, etc., and that U.S. construction mega-corporations such as Bechtel, Halliburton, et al, should receive the lucrative contracts to build such modern infrastructures for said foreign potentate, and the only other condition is (gulp) that the foreign potentate would have to take out massive loans from the WB and the IMF in order to pay for all this. The foreign potentate would be sold on the lie that his nation would be enriched, or on the truth that he himself would be enriched, depending upon the moral character of the foreign potentate in question, of course; relative to this, another part of the typical job functions of an EHM would be to “inflate the numbers” to show how the newly constructed infrastructures would raise the estimated value of the foreign lands to such an extent that the loans from the WB/IMF would be paid off easily with a considerable profit remaining for the nation/potentate for many years into the future. However, the reality is, the loans are not meant to be paid back: The loans are meant to cause the foreign nation to come under debt servitude to the WB/IMF/U.S. Global Empire for as long as possible. Under ideal conditions, this debt peonage would last in perpetuity, thus enslaving generation after generation to come within the foreign land. And so, under this grand and clever artifice, the few individuals who sit atop U.S. corporations, U.S. banks, and the U.S. government all “make out like bandits” while, as Perkins makes clear, the Earth’s natural resources are plundered, numberless multitudes of poor people around the world are pillaged and impoverished and killed off. Perkins, now repentant after decades of playing his part in all of this, sees the big picture quite well when he writes on page 242, “We decry slavery, but our global empire enslaves more people than the Romans and all the other colonial powers before us.”
Perkins also makes it clear that all mediums of major media in the U.S., and all major universities in the U.S., are complicit in the modern conquest for empire. Journalists and professors alike, notes Perkins, know that to speak out against the banks and the big corporations would mean losing one’s occupation, because the banks and big corporations fund the major media through advertising, and also fund the universities through grants, etc.
There are some negatives to this book: Fortunately most are fleeting, such as the author’s fleeting admittance that he actually believes the impossible-official, government version of events surrounding 9/11, and the impossible-official, government version of events relating to the U.S. having “put a man on the moon.” There is also the author’s annoying habit of glorifying and referring to that non-elected, elitist, lawyerly, freemasonic bunch that Perkins would call the “Founding Fathers,” and most especially referring to Thomas Paine, as in “What would Thomas Paine do here?” or “What would Thomas Paine think of today’s situation?” over and over again, ad nauseam. Here’s my ad nauseam reaction to that: Read THE UNITED STATES IS STILL A BRITISH COLONY by James Montgomery for the truth about, if not Paine, then at least the rest of the elitist “Founding Fathers.” Probably the biggest negative of this book occurs several times when the author waves aside any such possibility as “conspiracy theories” accounting for any of the Machiavellian global machinations of which he writes. He chalks the whole vast, sophisticated stratagem to simple human greed on a grand scale. However, at times, his own words seem to betray him on this note, such as when he writes on page 32, “This was a CLOSE-KNIT FRATERNITY of a few men with shared goals, and the FRATERNITY’S members moved easily and often between corporate boards and government positions” (emphasis mine). In automatically discounting the possibility that the rich and the elite meet together and CONSPIRE together, the author is either grievously ignorant here, or he is flagrantly lying to the readers as he did so consistently and so skilfully to foreign potentates for so long.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ


One of a veritable bevy of books published in the mid to late 1800s by AMERICANS urgently trying to wake up other AMERICANS to the very real threat of a covert takeover of the United States by agents and assets of the Vatican. This one is very competently written, impeccably researched and documented, and is rather comprehensive in design.

The first third or so of the book effectively exposes the doctrinal errors, pagan heresies, the fraudulent claims of popery down through history.

The middle third or so of the book documents the alarming and quite factual clandestine takeover of the American press that was being successfully carried out, and the equally disturbing and equally factual stealthy assault on the American school system, both public and private, that was likewise being carried out at this vital moment in American history, all by agents and assets of the Vatican, most particularly the Jesuits.

The final third or so of the book is mostly devoted to exposing and sounding the alarm about the very real and factual takeover of the U.S. government itself, by–you guessed it–agents and assets of the Vatican, most particularly the Jesuits.

There is also a chapter in which John Brandt provides prudent and sage advice as to how Americans could in that day still effectively thwart the insidious designs of history’s stealthiest and most lethal of all enemies to any republican form of government.

That you, dear reader, scoff at this book, this book review, and this factual history–the fact that this all sounds so crazy to someone as historically blindfolded as you, yes, YOU–is evidence enough that the advice and the warnings of Brandt and America’s bevy of other 19th-century Cassandras went unheeded. The enemy was too stealthy; Americans too stupid.

And so here we are today: in a nation that has been covertly conquered by Papal Rome over a century ago, with most of the conquered still stupid and sleeping though their eyes are open, and those very few Americans who are only just starting to wake up, these growing few who think that they understand what has happened to their country: but just like the growing, brownshirted few in the 1920s and early 30s Germany, these “patriots” only halfway understand what has happened, and when some of their conquering overlords, some of the more contemporary agents and assets of the Vatican, tell them that “the Jews did it,” then these burgeoning, half-comprehending “brownshirt” Americans will go ahead and do what the half-comprehending, brownshirt Germans did: Like the bull that charges after the red cape instead of the matador, these half-awake, Tea Party-type Americans will soon brutishly charge after “the Jews” instead of the Vatican and Papal Romanism.

This book and others like it from the latter half of the 19th century represent the last gasp of a dying republican civilization. We live in the facade of its shell now, and we call it such asinine, vague plaudits as “freedom” and “democracy.”

The most degrading form of slavery occurs when the slaves think that they are still free.

The only thing Brandt got wrong is that the true followers of Jesus Christ should not engage in “patriotism” as he clearly did. It is worldly idolatry. Other than that, he wrote a superb book full of incredibly important, documented history which has since been memory-holed virtually everywhere else.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


This largely forgotten and most assuredly suppressed work from 1899 provides crucially important documentation on the little known but quite factual 19th-century infiltration and internal takeover of Oxford University and also the Church of England by Jesuit clerical spies and other agents of the Vatican. Walsh correctly identifies such turncoat notable clerics as Newman, Pusey, Keble, and others–the so-called “tractarian” Anglican Church leaders, as they were then called–as most likely having been Romanist assets all along.

It should be needless to add that this stealthy Vatican reconquest of the Church of England continues down to this day.

This sneaky church takeover is interesting-enough history, but where this points to, where it gets REALLY interesting for this reader, once he takes Walsh’s information and uses it to connect a few dots, is here: It was exactly at this epoch in history that the Oxford University Press, subsidiary of what Walsh reveals to be the Jesuit-conquered Oxford University, began to publish and push the historically and theologically novel Scofield Bible with its embedded, Jesuit-penned, dispensational claims upon unwitting evangelicals. This is what so popularized the bogus Rapture doctrine among unsuspecting evangelicals today, the same bogus Rapture doctrine that was contrived by a Jesuit priest named Jose Ribiera centuries ago during the period known as the Counter-reformation.

So I deem this book to be today of more critical importance than the author, Walsh, perhaps had even originally intended. Not only does this documented history explain the hollowed-out, ecumenical impotence of today’s Anglican Church, peripherally it also helps to explain the proliferation of the belief in a phony pretribulational Rapture among historically ignorant modern evangelicals as a whole.

Overall, this account provides yet another glaring historical example demonstrating why institutional, incorporated churches of any kind, and then true followers of Jesus Christ, are two separate things entirely. Man-made, secularly incorporated institutions, whether they call themselves a company, a LLC, a corporation, or a “church,” were made to be usurped and corrupted; they always become so. The real, un-institutionalized congregation of “called-out ones” can never be conquered. But there sure aren’t very many of those–not around these parts and not in these times, at any rate.

Again, this is a critical time capsule of a book. Crucial memory-holed history herein!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ