by JF

In the Middle Ages, the monarchs of Europe and their Vatican string-pullers would employ immigrant Jews to be their tax collectors. This allowed the Gentile European nobility, the popes, and the Roman Catholic orders to fleece the peasants without the peasants apprehending who it was that was ultimately fleecing them. From the unsophisticated peasants came the ever-obtuse cry, “the Jews did it!” Ever since that time, the peasant masses, like the bull that keeps chasing the cape instead of the matador, have focused their wrath–when the masses were even sensate enough to have any wrath–toward “the Jews” instead of toward the orchestrating Gentile kings, queens, popes, and priests behind the scenes. This is the origin of the cyclical pogroms erupting more or less all over Europe down through the centuries since that time. This is the origin of the “brownshirt” movement in Germany that gave spawn to the Nazis; this is the origin of today’s burgeoning brownshirt movement in the U.S.A.: from elements of the Tea Party movement, the entirety of the “Christian Identity” movement, and anybody who listens to Texe Marrs, Michael Collins Piper, anybody on RBN, etc., and goes around blaming “the Zionists” for everything. These are the types that swallowed and still swallow the Jesuitical ruse called the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION from a little over a century ago.

Okay, enough of that brief history review. Here we have a book, published in 1947, which does exactly what I just described. The author, Conrad K. Grieb, whoever he was, understood much about the secret, sinister, and over-lording nature of fiat banking. He knew that the geopolitical world was governed by international financiers behind the scenes. He had many incisively rare historical truths to record about the secret and sinister nature of Great Britain and the origin of the modern nation-state of Israel, too. But Grieb makes the mistake of blaming “the Jews” for it all; and like all such racially bigoted people that this reader has ever encountered, Grieb seldom gets more specific than that. He can’t point to any “pope” or “superior general” of Zionism. Almost always herein, it’s “the Jews” or “the Zionists” who are his scapegoats (gee, where have I heard that before?), and that’s it. Very little specifics. Occasionally he is able to cite the name of some or other powerful Jewish bankster, but not very often does he do this, and even here he vaguely (these Jew-hating types are always vague) alludes to some unnamed, ghostly, global force of all-Jewish conspirators that sit atop all non-Jewish governments–but no names of persons or specific orders, no hierarchical system identified, nothing. There’s never anything more substantial given than this, neither is there ever a distinction drawn between the small minority of really, really wealthy Jews and the vast masses of not-so-wealthy Jews at all. These are the kind of dangerously vague accusations that lead to pogroms against average, innocent people who just so happen to be Jewish, while the Super-Rich get off scot-free just like the Super-Rich always do, whatever their heritage. Oh, but this man Grieb and others like him somehow believe, in the face of the facts, that the Super-Rich ARE ONLY “Jews” and, I suppose, a few Gentile collaborators. Grieb predictably makes the false claim that “the Jews” dominate the banking and media industry. True, those two industries are rife with an overabundance of quite wealthy Jewish people, and they sometimes are quite inordinately powerful, but just as in the Middle Ages, these are only the wealthy “tax collecting” Jews all over again–they work at the behest of a Super-Rich Gentile Elite who won’t even allow Jewish people, ANY Jewish people, into their ultra-private clubs. For more on that, read THE RICH AND THE SUPER-RICH by Ferdinand Lundberg. Other suppressed writers whose suppressed work provides the suppressed antidote for the Jew-hating poison that men like Grieb was, and many, many others still are, selling include George Seldes (LORDS OF THE PRESS and quite a few other books), H.P. Lehman (BEHIND THE DICTATORS), and literally dozens and suppressed dozens of others, dating back until at least the early 1800s. Also, this reader has heard the very learned and very maverick contemporary Israeli journalist Barry Chamish say such things in various audio interviews available online: Chamish, with whom this reader has personally spoken, has stated more than once that although the “Labor Zionists/Frankists/Sabbateans” are indeed a powerful bunch, they always play second-fiddle to the Vatican.

It is no coincidence that, although Mr. Grieb makes a great deal of historical and rational sense in discussing the modern history of Germany, how that it is no more nor less culpable for the World Wars than Britain, nevertheless it is eerie that he literally has nothing negative to write about Adolph Hitler to accompany the few neutral or positive comments he does give about Hitler. This is always where “Jew”-blaming men like this go; it is inevitable, no matter how scholarly they are–and this man Grieb appears to have been quite scholarly. It is like a vortex of brownshirtism that inexorably sucks them in once they go down this misguided road. Not that he is hysterical in tone at all; far from it. He is quite controlled and lucid. And despite the comparative brevity of this work, he also cites quite a few other authors who were obviously in agreement with him, even as there are so many brownshirt types around today. (Do they ever go away?)

Works like this, “Jew”-blaming men like this, are so frustrating and lamentable. Authors like this are so close to “getting it,” and yet so very far away at the same time.

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