by JF

Certainly one of the most important cookbooks that any household should contain. It is actually much more than a cookbook. The diet that is recommended herein, and the ingredients that make up the diet, are based upon the monumental (and largely suppressed) turn-of-the-twentieth-century, globe-trekking research of Dr. Weston Price.

Price traveled the world over a century ago for an extensive and prolonged study of disparate “primitive” human cultures to discover the reason why these “primitive” peoples all had most excellent teeth and physiques prior to coming into contact with “modern” man’s historically aberrant need for dentists and doctors to treat so many new diseases unique to “modern” man. Price found and documented in great detail how a traditional diet, a “primitive” diet that avoids modern, refined, packaged, nutritionless foodstuffs results in much greater health and far fewer cavities. Indeed, Price documented how cavities and imperfect dental arches are almost unheard of in peoples eating only historically traditional, whole foods, and “modern” man’s many autoimmune diseases ARE unheard of among such “primitive” peoples.

Today, Sally Fallon is perhaps the leading exponent of Dr. Price’s dietary recommendations. She is the author and co-author of many such dietarily iconoclastic books calling for a radical (and rational) return to whole foods and an abandonment of today’s refined foodstuffs, all based upon the mostly ignored and entirely impeccable scientific research of Dr. Price.

In addition to a great many interesting and unusual (unusual according to modern, Western standards) recipes, Fallon includes a concise introductory chapter on the history of Dr. Price’s travels, the findings of his research, along with a compact, extensively footnoted scientific summation of vitamins, minerals, and physiology.

The good news here is that the austere dietary strictures of vegans and vegetarians is shown to be scientifically errant; the bad news is that many of the main ingredients in these recipes will be more than a little hard to come by in fluorescent-lit, chainstore supermarkets.

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