by JF

Published in 1993 and making for a most excellent companion piece to such classic (and suppressed) true historical tomes such as History of the Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers (1910) and Ferdinand Lundberg’s The Rich and the Super Rich (1967), this book updates and further corroborates the exhaustive accounts of those two former master works. It is a long, sordid, mostly secret, and altogether true account of massive oligarchical corruption at the heart of the great cities of the U.S.

Unlike the two earlier works which were national and sweeping in their investigations, this work focuses solely on the oligarchical corruption that is behind New York City, beginning in the 1930s, but especially from the 1970s onward till now. If there is a flaw in this book, it is that certainly any reader who is familiar with New York City will be more receptive to the many specific facts given herein, and those who are not familiar with New York City at all might be at times bored by so many fine points of Garden State/NYC corruption.

Apparently in the 1970s, and accelerating throughout the 1980s, the Rockefeller Clan decided to basically evict all the blue collar workers and factories from all of the substantial parts of New York City that they owned and replace it all with high-end office buildings and white collar parasitical speculator jobs. The result was that the Rockefellers made a quick profit, then a long loss as the City of New York, stripped of the economic diversity it traditionally enjoyed, now suffered terribly throughout the 1990s as a result. Citywide economic calamity ensued.

Naturally, the Rockefeller-controlled media has steadfastly blamed the poor, the working class, and recent immigrants for the city’s embarrassing and unprecedented economic meltdown, instead of blowing the whistle on the oligarchs who caused it all and profited by it.

Sound familiar? If one has read the factual (and suppressed) historical accounts of Myers and Lundberg, then no, none of this is surprising. But to everybody else, sure, it will be really surprising. But then, those brainwashed folks will never read a book like this in the first place. They would get too disoriented by the fabulous cover art which features David Rockeller himself, cut and pasted onto a bulldozer, and he is dumping and shoving his crap and refuse all over the City of New York. Almost as good as that cover of that Dave McGowan book which features the very same vulpine David Rockefeller flipping the bird at an average Joe. Good stuff. Most appropriate. How very true and revealing.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ