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Month: October, 2013


This is an amazement, a stupendous landmark event of incandescent discovery in the history of science, health, and medicine. Seeking the scientific method of achieving and maintaining good health and vitality, as well as good teeth, an American dentist closed his office doors for the better part of a decade in the early years of the 20th century, he and his wife traveled the world extensively, investigating closely a large number of disparate human cultures, and he seemed to have actually found the solution!

He apparently figured out why modern humans are degenerating in health, and how this degenerative process can be avoided (and sometimes even reversed).

Naturally, Mainstream Modern Medicine, Inc., lordly institutionalized halls of officialdom like the AMA and ADA, have all but ignored these findings, and they continue to do so. Predictably. Naturally. Tragically.

In a just and sane world, Dr. Weston Price’s name would be a thousand times more lauded than that of a mountebank like Louis Pasteur.

Price discovered why primitive peoples don’t get cavities; why only modern cultures are ravaged by cavities; why primitive peoples only are attacked by cavities once they begin consuming modern, processed foods. But this was only the beginning: His study of teeth, and of the almost uniformly impeccable dental arches of so-called primitive peoples (who knew a helluva lot more about how to eat than moderns do!), led to the inescapably obvious conclusion (if one is both honest and not stupid) that a great many other physical maladies and deformities and degeneracies of the bodies of modern men and women were likewise caused by nutritionless, modern, refined food products. Again, this all gets ignored and suppressed by the AMA and ADA today. Still. To. This. Day.

When are you going to get it through your heads, people? Profit is more important than health to the institutionalized foxes and asses we foolishly entrust with lording over our health.

Everywhere Price went he observed the same relentless set of facts: So-called primitive peoples wise and healthy and happy, modern man stupid and suffering and miserable, and always for the same dietary reasons.

If there is a slight taint to this historical and fantastical treatise at all, it is that there is a slight Darwinian undercurrent which runs throughout. In the Halls of Academia of the very early 20th century the new toy of “evolution” was likely more in fad than even now. No matter. The rest of this book, the vast bulk of its findings in both text and photos, is so deliciously iconoclastic towards mainstream scientific groupthought, it more than compensates.

I also found it rewarding that Price empirically destroyed the notion that a vegetarian diet would be superior to a more omnivorous diet. Price showed that the key to a healthy diet is much, much, MUCH less about restricting the types of food sources, and much, much, MUCH more about maintaining the integrity of the original nutrients of whatever are the food sources, animal or vegetable.

Do not process the nutrients out of one’s foods. That’s the main message here. Refined flour, refined grains, refined sugar, modern jams and jellies and canned foods, irradiated foods, pasteurized foods–these are all easier to ship and make a profit from, but as Dr. Weston Price literally and abundantly proves here, these things kill and maim generations upon generations of human beings, and no, that is NOT an understatement of the facts at all!

He even showed how it is only a glaring peculiarity of modern times that women have so much difficulty giving birth. Yes, you read that right. Check out what Price observed about that if you don’t believe me. Hey, it never hurts to turn the TV off and actually read again. Give it a try.

Here are some of the various cultures that Weston Price visited and studied in depth: remote North American Indian tribes in the Yukon Territory, Arctic Inuit tribes in Alaska, highland and lowland Peruvian tribes, various Polynesian tribes on various islands all across the Pacific Ocean, Australian Aborigines, Seminole Indians in the Everglades of Florida (Note: Of all the cultures visited, they were the most reluctant to trust that Dr. Price wasn’t going to use and abuse them like so many other whites had. This speaks volumes about what a “Christian” society America ever has been, huh?), several Swiss tribes living in remote regions of the Alps, Outer Hebrides Island Celtic/Scottish tribes, etc.

This man did all this exhaustive traveling, all this painstaking observing, all this meticulous documenting. And mainstream medicine and dentistry still ignores and suppresses his work. Why? For the same old reason as ever, of course: Dr. Price’s findings and solutions weren’t so friendly to the profit-making abilities of big corporate institutions like the AMA, ADA, and the food-processing companies. Bingo. That’s all we should ever need to hear to understand that Price was right.

And with that, we find that Jesus Christ was ever right: the love of money indeed continues to be the root of all evil.

This is probably the single most important dietary book I have ever read. Add to that the fact that it is also an extremely important resource for understanding the origin and implication of dental cavities, and wow is this ever a monumental work!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ


THE OCTOPUS by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith

This reminds me of the book VOTESCAM by James and Kenneth Collier. In that investigation and this one, all of the authors involved started out thinking they were investigating a certain level and type of governmental crime, only to find out that what they had begun researching was only one blackened pimple on the ugly butt of a gargantuan, multi-headed beast of governmental crime. And, as perhaps in the case of the Collier brothers, it may have got this investigator killed. Indeed, in the case of this Danny Casolero fellow, whose aborted investigation this book is about, this probability is even more likely.

Casolero was something of a journalist, or at least an aspiring journalist, in the mid-1980s when he stumbled onto a story about the U.S. Justice Department stealing a computer program from a private U.S. firm because this particular computer program did some things in the area of surveilling people that no other computer program had ever done before. The description herein is rather vague, and that’s at least partially because it was so successfully covered up to this day: this program apparently did some other things, but apparently the surveillance bit was the main thing the Brass was interested in. I know. Go figure, right?

Anyway, Casolero in the late 80s and early 90s kept stumbling onto more and more and more sundry and sordid criminal enterprises in official high places in the U.S. and tentacling out internationally: gun-running, drug-running, Iran/Contra, October Surprise, BCCI, Vince Foster, Mena, Whitewater, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, CIA/OSI, S&L Scandal–you name it, he was linking it all up, the kind of evil stuff that can be read about and verified in a lot of other conspiratorial fact books of the past few decades, except Casolero was perhaps connecting the dots a bit more thoroughly than most others.

As indicated, Casolero didn’t write this book. He was offed before he got the chance to complete it. This book examines both Casolero’s life as well as his having-a-tiger-by-the-tail investigation, and was written by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith, based off of the investigative notes and the manuscript that Casolero left behind. It’s got a chapter in here about Jim Keith’s later strange death, and the still slightly more suspicious death of Ron Bonds, Keith’s publisher. But Casolero’s death in the early 90s, when the exquisitely suspicious details are given herein, is the most dubious of all: He was done in. The guy got too close, too specific, and too honest about the real evil machinations behind the real U.S. government apparatus. Would-be books like that are very bad for the health and safety of the would-be author.

But you out there, my American idiot neighbor and reader, you keep right on voting. It’s the ritual that makes you feel better. You need that. It’s what keeps you in the system.

Right where they want you.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ