by JF

A slapdash effort from Wells: About a hundred or so pages written during WWII without reference notes of any kind. I’ll try to give it the slapdash review it deserves.

This was ostensibly some sort of indictment of “the Roman Catholic Church” by Wells, but what it does more than anything is demonstrate how unregenerate his own soul was. Like probably all history buffs who haven’t been redeemed by Jesus Christ, Wells makes all the predictable unenlightened assumptions:

1) He equates institutional “Christianity” with the true worship of Jesus Christ;
2) he equates the cult of Romanism with “Christianity”;
3) he recites a brief and bogus history of the Waldenses, obviously and ironically ignorant of the Romanist sources from which he was obviously drawing here;
4) likewise, he ironically and ignorantly relies upon dubious Romanist records when referring to the Albigenses;
5) being completely ignorant of the fact that there could ever be legitimate, veritable worship of Jesus Christ, and that this inexorably would be and has ever been NON-institutional.

Wells deserves a bit of credit for one chapter in which he poses the question: If Berlin and London are being bombed (during WWII) then why not Rome as well? That’s actually a most perceptive question, the answer for which reveals a helluva lot more than most people want to know, and no doubt more than Wells himself knew.

Unfortunately, what this book mainly does is reveal again why unredeemed men, no matter how smart they are, are utterly incapable of writing even peripherally about anything even remotely pertaining to the spiritual and historical personage of Jesus Christ.

The other thing this book solidifies is the fact that Wells was a hypocritical elitist scumbag: Look, in all candor I couldn’t even finish this, but of what I did read there is at least one page herein where Wells criticizes some or other ancient medieval priest with a reputation for cruelty towards children. Okay, that’s fine—but hey, how about Wells ‘fessing up to his own life and beliefs while he’s at it?: He himself was on record as being a radical eugenicist who called for a future global world Elite to “slay the hindmost” of humanity–that is, to reduce the world’s population by committing unprecedented global mass genocide, certainly not sparing any “defective” or “undesirable” children of “inferior” stock. Yeah, Wells was real big on that, elitist reprobate that he was.

Bottom line: I’d be the last guy to stand up and defend the vast Cult of Romanism, but this is not the kind of book, nor was this the kind of author, that I want to rely on for ANYthing. I don’t care what kind of brainiac this guy was. There’s a reason Eric Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell, couldn’t get along with Wells.

Rating: Don’t Bother