by JF

This book is surprisingly short, and yet it is one of the most monumental works I have ever read. Published during World War II so that there is infused a palpable, first-hand immediacy to the now historical events being described, it concisely unmasks the true origins of Fascism and Nazism and reveals the real string-pulling source for which both Mussolini and Hitler, and all the other fascistic dictator-puppets of the twentieth century, owe their respective ascendancies to power, and hence their ultimate allegiance. Dots are connected in this book that shockingly clarify the origin of both world wars; for the first time many of Hitler’s and Mussolini’s more enigmatic or inexplicable actions are no longer a mystery whatsoever. It all makes harrowing, inescapable sense the way Lehman, an ex-priest converted to scriptural faith in Jesus Christ, breaks it down.

His observations and the conclusions he draws from them are monstrously staggering in their implications. I may have to find some way to wedge this into my “Top 10 Most Important Books of All Time” list. It’s that significant. The ancient adage “All Roads Lead to Rome” has perhaps never been more truly revealed.

Seriously, it’s surreal to try to ponder what this means. It means everything on the Hitlery (History) Channel, everything in any mainstream, big-publishing-house historical book that claims to offer a rendition of the causes of events in the twentieth century is all bunkum; it’s all a red herring, a distraction from the real truth. It’s all baloney. All of it.

It’s not about Hitler or Mussolini or whatever they did or whatever they wanted; it’s not about the Nazis or Fascism; it’s about the Vatican, stupid. That geo-political entity hiding for millenia behind a religion, and yes, BEHIND THE DICTATORS!

And those rising tides of dumb-headed, brown-shirted, Jew-hating American “paytriots” today can stop serving their Roman master now–if they would just stop their moronic mouth-foaming for a moment and actually read these and other irrefutable historical facts with an open mind. Yeah, right, like that’s ever going to happen.

At any rate, Lehman destroys the mythology behind the vaunted “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” for them, demonstrating their authorship to be jesuitical, not zionistical. To be sure, Lehman isn’t the only author who’s demonstrated this; but he is definitely one of the more compelling at having done so.

Lehman compares the malignant presence and unperceiving acceptance of Romanism in the United States to a gigantic, metaphorical Trojan Horse, the most fantastically menacing Trojan Horse that could have ever been brought into any republic/democracy.

He was right. And like so many shrieking, siren-sounding Cassandras from decades and decades ago in America and in Europe that you also never heard about, Lehman’s stuff is likewise out-of-print, suppressed, ignored, and all but completely forgotten now.

When it happens here, and it seems pretty damn close now, one thing is certain: We will have got what’s coming to us.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ