The Majority is Always Wrong.

Month: May, 2013


First of all, this is a booklet, not a book.

It is effective in what it does, which is to provide specific warnings as to why freemasonry is an antichristian religion and no one who claims Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour should have anything to do with it other than to reprove it as does this author. The antichristian meanings to the symbolism and rituals of freemasonry are succinctly as well as sufficiently explained.

This is the third book/booklet I have read by this author. On the subjects of freemasonry and of freemasonic Billy Graham she has proven a very astute and discerning woman. I would not go so far, as she apparently does, as to believe that freemasonry is the most powerful and evil institution on Earth; Burns is ignorant of other and greater secret societies which long ago infiltrated freemasonry and now control it. Nevertheless, when she writes about the pagan origins of the symbols and rituals of freemasonry, and the dangers of Christians engaging in freemasonry in general, this is all quite true and accurate, and the black and white illustrations herein are clear and adequately instructional.

This author does have a bad habit of doctoring up her text by bolding and enlarging various and sundry words in her paragraphs which she frenetically feels are of more importance than others. No doubt she, like a lot of “christian patriot” types who for some reason seem to specialize in doing these hyperbolic font tricks, thinks that she is enhancing her work by drawing attention to these certain emphasized words. However, she is not enhancing her work at all in doing this; instead, she is detracting from her work by constantly distracting the reader from getting into any kind of reading rhythm. Please, Ms. Burns, resist the temptation to hit the “bold” and “enlarge text” button every four or five words in each sentence.

Bottom line: As a primer of admonishment to give to baby Christians who are considering a dalliance with freemasonry, or who have recently been sucked into freemasonry’s lying occult vortex, then this is a very serviceable book. Just expect to be constantly distracted by the bold, enlarged words peppering every paragraph. And don’t get sucked into Dr. Burns’s mistaken belief that the big, bad freemasons sit atop the NWO.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ


ABOMINATION by William Ramsey

The definitive guide to the ghastly so-called “West Memphis Three” murders of 1993. Beyond ghastly. I don’t think there is even a word for it.

The pages of documentation easily outnumber the pages outlining the author’s own thoughts.

This book is rather like THE FRANKLIN COVERUP by John DeCamp and a few others I could cite: This subject matter is so horrible, so profoundly horrendous, that it’s not an easy read at all. As an important documentation of facts it is important. But just reading this feels like a violation of Phillipians 4:8. It needs to be documented, sure, but then a person needs to not get too overwhelmed by it. Like PROGRAMMED TO KILL by Dave MacGowan, the sweeping implications of this book are exquisitely scary to consider.

Of course it would help if evangelical Christians across the land were awakened by these facts. Again, like THE FRANKLIN COVERUP, this book smashes to pieces any pollyanna preteristic schemes of Satan already being chained and all the acutely obtuse folly that goes along with such stupidity. And premillenial rapture cultists won’t like this, either. It’s not about anything having to do with UFOs or Nephilim. It only has real people, real events, and shockingly frightful and ubiquitous crime and sin; such pressing and material subject matter doesn’t interest rapturist escapists, they want to endlessly conjecture and fiddle on and on about the paranormal and fleshly Israel. So today’s American evangelical Christians are not going to read this; they would not be able to believe it if they did read it. They are not practiced enough in the art of reasoning for that. They only know how to emote; that’s all they are practiced in anymore.

Another thing this book should do for even them, however, is to profoundly clarify for them certain Old Testament verses, such as Exodus 22:18–but American Christian types would have to be able to shake the cobwebs out of their emotion-addled and over-sensationalized minds. Not likely.

That’s all I’m going to write about this. The title of the book is apt. I am being deliberately vague; I don’t have the stomach to put any of the details of the subject matter and these historical and ongoing events into words. Read it if you dare. Then try to forget as much of the subject matter and the historical events as possible, while somehow retaining only the dire warning contained herein, as well as the warnings of Scripture.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ