by JF

Only a few slight flaws mar this otherwise sound and rather thorough refutation of the religion of Darwinism. Author Don Boys had a breviloquent career as a republican politician and then started making the rounds as a talk show guest back in the early 1990s. One of those flaws is that his writing tends to utilize ad-hominem rhetorical sarcasm a little too much (and then he indecorously points out near the end of his book that this is a common tactic of Darwinists). In addition to that, Boys buys into the whole “conservative vs. liberal” thing a little too much, and he also believes in the bogus Apollo “moon landings.” That’s too bad.

Nevertheless, most of this book is quite useful and effective, loaded with damning, embarrassing quotations from many of the world’s leading Darwinists themselves. There is also plenty of factual and scientific evidence provided in favor of Creation, and a roughly equal amount of same which goes a long way toward disproving Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. In short, Boys covers much of the same material as can be found in most any other Creationist book, and he is well organized and fairly exhaustive in doing so.

This book is recommendable. Boys efficiently accomplishes what he set out to do.

Addendum: Very soon after having read this book, this reader happened to come across a much more recent online essay by Dr. Boys in which he jingoistically calls for a massive escalation of the current crusade against “Muslim extremists.” So that tells me that Boys is still around today. Unfortunately, it also tells me that Boys has been completely duped by the bogus official 911 government story, and the whole Osama-Bin-Goldstein-boogeyman propaganda. Stuff like this is so common now, and so frightfully lamentable. Why are so many evangelical Christians–even those who see right through the scam of Darwinism–so utterly gullible when it comes to the Vatican-driven modern Crusades into the Holy Land? This is so vexing–what can you do with stuff like this? I mean, where do you even begin to educate ill-informed jingoists-for-Christ like this who have had their factual protestant history and eschatology stolen from them and replaced with jesuitical futurism (or jesuitical preterism)? It’s distressing almost to the point of being beyond belief. So the lesson is this: This guy Boys is to be trusted on the subject of Darwinism, but for everything else, no, stay away from the guy. He doesn’t know the true history of those who have been persecuted for Christ and why. I’m sure he would say and insist that he does; he does not.

Pretty good book he did here, though.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ