by JF

The historical information in this book is of such a startling and singular nature, I’m not even going to write a proper review of it. I’ll just say that, in all seriousness, those who won’t ever read this, which of course is just about everyone, unless they should miraculously come upon this information from some other means (virtually impossible), then they literally cannot hope to possess any kind of factual, or even reasonable understanding of 20th century history–this is especially true in regard to the latter half of the twentieth century, which is mostly the focus of this work.

I write this as someone who has by now read many books on this and similar subject matter; I write this as someone who has by now read a number of other books by this same author.

Do I trust everything this author says? No. Manhattan probably didn’t shoot straight all the time. He was a Knight of Malta–how could he?

–Doesn’t matter. Even if a quarter of what this book claims is accurate, then it blows to pieces anything you thought you ever knew about 20th century history. Manhattan was in a position to know this stuff. He had the connections, had the credentials, and what he documents and surmises just makes too much sense to not be mostly if not completely true.

That’s all I’ll say. This is a shocking book. Good luck with it, having to carry this kind of stuff around with you for the rest of your life if you should read, or living without a clue in perfect blissful ignorance if you should never.

What a book. Oh, wow. Just wow.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ