by JF

Originally published in 1946 and later revised, this is a concise, well referenced book, this is not an exhaustive tome but rather meant as an introduction to the subject. Henry Morris is also the author of the more well known (in Christian circles) “The Genesis Flood.” In this work, the subject matter is more varied and summative.

Morris recites and discusses the many verses from the Scriptures which are not only in accord with historically recent findings from various branches of modern science, but were also uncannily prescient of them. Verses of Scripture which make claims long ago alluding to and by now confirmed by modern astronomy, geophysics, hydrology, and biology are all discussed. There is, of course, the requisite chapter dedicated to refuting evolutionism, and another chapter confirming the Great Deluge, with Morris consistently appealing to known scientific facts to accomplish both. Another chapter finds Morris briefly delving into recorded history to confirm the Scriptures, and finally, Morris finishes up with a compendious chapter on prophecy and the stupdendous mathematical impossibilities that all the Scriptural prophecies, especially all of the Messianic ones, should be fulfilled.

Henry Morris was obviously a very scholarly man who knew his science, knew his Scripture, and was a competent, clear writer as well. It was rewarding and edifying to read this.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ