AFTER THE FLOOD by Bill Cooper

by JF

A phenomenal book. Quite extraordinary. Bill Cooper is an Englishman (and not the late American Bill Cooper of “Hour of the Time” shortwave fame) and a member of the Creation Science Movement, and he wrote this in 1995. Unless he has written another one, this is his masterpiece.

Cooper examined the genealogical records and literature of ancient European peoples. He evidently examined them quite exhaustively, though this book of his can be read in a couple of days. Cooper shows how these ancient European peoples all traced their lineage back to Japheth, son of Noah. It is a rather startling confirmation of the account given to us in the Book of Genesis, and provides more evidence for the Earth being a whole lot younger than the modernistic darwinian philosophy would have us believe.

Cooper also shows from the ancient records how Darwinism is not modern at all, but is actually a rehashing of a philosophy once taught by a few ancient Greek teachers.

Cooper also provides much evidence from these bygone records which does indeed seem to show that dinosaurs and humans lived together on the Earth at the same time. Admittedly, there are minor flaws in this section of the book, as Cooper has a tendency to jump to unwarranted conclusions a bit too much here, and one photograph that he provides is of too poor quality for the reader to visually verify what he is claiming. Notwithstanding, the totality of this material too is quite compelling.

Almost all, if not all, of the ancient source material from which Cooper is drawing comes from written records which have been dismissed by modernist scholars as being all or nearly all fictitious. If Cooper does one thing best throughout this work, it is this: He rationally and repeatedly demonstrates how these modernist scholars are evincing unreasonable bias when dismissing these ancient records.

The genealogical charts which Cooper provides are quite intriguing indeed.

The writing is very clear and so this is very readable. Cooper has obviously spent much time in researching these ancient records before setting down his pen to write. He surely seems to have discovered yet another way to confirm the Book of Genesis. He writes with an aplomb that is sure to antagonize any darwinian materialist.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ