THE COOLING by Lowell Ponte

by JF

Well isn’t this just special. A book written back in the 1970s, warning of impending “global cooling.” Yes, that’s right. Cooling. For real. No kidding. Back then, back when modern radical environmentalism was just getting its start, hyperbolic writers like this Lowell Ponte fellow (and Ponte’s writing style is often hyperbolic here, and especially does he ramp it up at the end of chapters and segments of chapters) were claiming all kinds of “scientific facts” which pointed to global climate change, only back then these “scientific facts” supposedly foreboded global cooling, not global warming. This is a good read for anyone who would like to check out the foolishness of today’s radical environmentalism. Today they tell us the coming calamity is global warming, but how soon they and we forget that back in the 70s it was global cooling.

But Ponte’s got his “scientific facts.” Oh, to be sure, this book is loaded with all that drivel, even as is the literature of today’s environmentalists.

They make it up as they go along, folks. Mankind is far smaller than most men want to realize. We can’t destroy as much as we think we can, and we surely can’t predict cycles that are only a part of much, much greater cycles that span not only centuries, but millennia. And when you factor in who and what oligarchical collectivist plutocrats are really controlling the environmental activist groups, and their eugenical, totalitarian reasons why, then and only then can the average man on the street understand what is going on here–but then, if someone sticks his nose down that rabbit hole, he ceases to become the average man on the street, now doesn’t he.

Rating: Δ