SPREADING MISANDRY by Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young

by JF

This is a fantastic book. Long overdue. It is simply superb. It identifies the problem of rampant, ubiquitous misandry (a.k.a. “male bashing”) in our popular and academic culture over the last two decades plus. This reader has for some time been trying to sound the alarm about this pernicious problem, and this reader has for some time felt very lonely in doing so. Almost nobody else around me seems to notice there’s even a problem; instead, most indoctrinated American idiots still think that misogyny is rampant and represents the only sexist bigotry that ever occurs in our culture. Yeah, right.

Oh, thank the Lord that somebody else finally sees it. And these authors document so, so, so much more than even I had ever noticed—and I had noticed a lot. These authors document the ubiquitous misandric storylines of a multitude of motion pictures, and television programs, throughout the 1990s and 2000s; moreover, they do an exemplary job of interpreting, in depth, the sometimes intricate misandric metaphors involved in the typically “critically acclaimed” and/or “box office hit” motion pictures. When these authors interpret the cinematic metaphors, explaining how this or that plotline is an attack on men, it gets rather obvious that they’ve hit the nail on the head.

The authors document the listed TV shows of a randomly chosen/given week in the TV guide. They do this for one week in the early 1990s, one week in the mid-1990s, and one week in the late 1990s. They list the story lines of all the misandric TV dramas, sitcoms, news pieces, talk show topics, etc. It is astounding how much blatant misandry they dredge up. Our culture attacks men, excoriates them as either evil or inadequate or both, and leaves them nothing with which young men can identify as being decent and masculine and distinct from feminism—nothing except base cruelty and lasciviousness.

This book is written from a secular perspective. That is the only flaw of this book, but it is a small one as these authors do not engage in any attacks upon Christianity but do in fact seek to vaguely defend it on occasion, at least on moral and traditional grounds.

The authors demonstrate plainly that the same sort of derisive prejudice that once was tolerated against women or against blacks or other groups is now only tolerated against men, especially white heterosexual men. They give a myriad of examples which show this. They examine the strange psychological reasons why most people can’t recognize the misandry all around them. Understanding the message of this book is to understand how other bigotries could have gone unchallenged and even florished in bygone days of American history. And these authors show how ridiculous and pathetic it is that most people are so hyper-vigilant to those other atrophied, bygone bigotries, and yet they are ironically almost completely blind to the most obvious and dangerous bigotry of our present day.

This book is apparently one of a series of two or three books by these authors. I can’t wait to purchase the others!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ