by JF

REVIEW: Precursor to The Creature from Jekyll Island Actually Goes Further in Exposing the Truth

This fellow Josephson was some kind of longstanding Rockefeller hater or something, I don’t know. You see, it’s a little hard to know, when the entire line of this man’s books, which included more than a dozen or so, are out of print. Naturally. I had to buy this one used. Naturally.

It was worth it.

Josephson wrote this in 1968 during the nadir of the Vietnam War quagmire, which he links to various other deliberately orchestrated massacres-for-profit at the behest of the Rockefeller clan and their co-conspirator oligarchs. This book is multifarious: It exposes most any and all of the profiteering swindles which the brood of vipers known as the Rockefellers have been internationally superintending; everything from Rockefeller pharmaceutical cartel crimes, to Rockefeller-led longstanding rampant voter fraud, and of course to the Rockefeller’s massive criminal funding of any and all enemies of America in the 20th century–these and other high crimes are covered in bold detail with little known but terribly relevant, provocative supporting details herein.

But the bulk of this treatise deals specifically with the Rockefeller clan’s management of the illegal takeover of America’s money system in 1913 with the bogus “Federal” “Reserve” System. Here the book often merely corroborates what other writers on this subject have written–writers like Eustace Mullins and G. Edward Griffin. But Josephson also often divulges more than those other two writers: Josephson’s research leads him to link the designs of the Rockefellers with Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati and, ultimately, the Vatican. He ultimately shows that this last of these has the real control over the “Fed.” This is a gigantically portentous finding on Josephson’s part–portentous historically, of course, but even moreso in eschatalogical terms. It adds yet more confirmation to what the progenitors of the Reformation had long ago warned: That the Papal System was and is the Antichrist System. Josephson documents the long-suppressed and forgotten history of the 1800s wherein and how the Jesuits infiltrated this republic, decapitated it, and ultimately usurped it. And so this is where we stand today. Open your eyes, turn off the TV, throw away your radio, cancel your newspaper subscription, and deal with it.
Josephson shows that it is this system, originating in the Vatican, which actually tells the Rockefellers what to do and when to do it. The Rockefellers. The NWO pyramid of power brokers doesn’t go any higher than this.

There is but one unfortunate flaw to this book and thus, I’m guessing, with the rest of Josephson’s work in general: For all his intellectual acumen, the unsaved Josephson was woefully ignorant of the God of the Scriptures and the True Church of Jesus Christ. Time and again throughout this work, Josephson excoriates all of “Christianity” as a form of “Nazarene Communism,” but only because he fails to distinguish between Roman Catholicism/Institutional Protestantism versus True Christianity. Thus, in the area of spiritual matters, Josephson himself quite ironically becomes a victim of the very same evil entity he is seeking to expose in all matters financial.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ