THE ROTHSCHILDS by Frederic Morton

by JF

A lot of fluff here, a lot of celebrity worship, and a few tidbits of fascinating historical information. It is written like a much expanded version of People magazine.

I wanted more about these people–more of their dirt. Everybody knows the Rothschild’s have a lot of dirt in their history; everybody but the kind of folks who read People magazine and get their news from the mainstream disinformation media.

You get a couple grains of sand in this volume, like the momentous and infamous moment in history where Nathan Rothschild cornered the British stockmarket after the Battle of Waterloo via a brilliantly Machiavellian shenanigan for which, along with his many other crimes against humanity, his trembling spirit will someday be swept into the Lake of Fire by Our Lord. Not even the author(s?) of this book could whitewash this well-known stain upon the history of the Rothschild Crime Family, though of course, as this reader anticipated, even this sinful act of high thievery was recounted in a tone of barely concealed admiration.

This book is basically useless. It’s mainstream corporate propaganda. Consider yourself warned.

Rating: Don’t Bother