by JF

REVIEW: A Most Sobering History of the Ecclesia

I’ve read more terrifying non-fiction books; I’ve read more gut-wrenching non-fiction books; but I have never read a more sobering book in my life. I knew the situation in the churches of the United States in the 21st century was bad, I knew it was really bad, but I had no idea it was this dastardly bad. We’re in a lot of trouble. Jesus wins in the End, of course, but Christians in this nation are asleep up on the watchtower and this nation and Christians’ physical selves, and the physical bodies of their immediate posterity, are in a lot of trouble until He comes back. Christians are going to have to account for having failed to heed the warning of Ezekiel 33:6. We have let religious liberty slip away. It was a blessed, wonderful experiment while it lasted. It is over now. Too many duped Christians are idle and indolent because they are awaiting the “rapture” of the Church. They have no idea that the very “rapture” notion which they are relying on to happen was in fact concocted by the same antichrist system that will in fact be physically persecuting them when said rapture fails to occur.

Those of you who know anything at all about history will recognize the alarming significance of the next sentence: It is high time that the real remnant of Christians in this nation depart from their worldly churches and set up an American Confessing Church. If you don’t know the magnitude of that reference, then just go back to sleep.
This book can be had by sending eight measly bucks to: Temple Books, P.O. Box 11, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206; their phone number is: (317) 783-6753. The book is worth a lot more than that.

It is preposterous how badly more Christians in this nation need to read this book. I recommend it to the umpteenth degree. This is utterly and fearfully crucial information about the cowardly collapse of the Christian churches in the United States; and they’re just not getting it. We’re still not getting it. Turn off the TV, turn off your mind-numbing Clear Channel monopoly radio.

Dixon documents how, it was not the worship of Jesus Christ that got early believers thrown to the lions in the Colisseum. It was their refusal to bow down and pay LICIT to Caesar first for the privilege of congregating in Christ’s name. Today, 99% of American “churches” have all paid their licit to Caesar, in the modernized form of the 501c3 tax-exempt status, and their State-incorporation contract. Flee the institutionalized American “churches” that love this world. Come out of her my people!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ