by JF

REVIEW: Fantastic research; writing could be improved

The research that went into this book is impressive. There really is a lot of sound, historical meat. My only beef is with the quality of the writing itself. The way the author constantly includes hand-tipping phrases like “In the next chapter we are going to be looking at…” is not state-of-the-art writing. I teach my high school students to avoid references to yourself, and to avoid telling the reader what you’re about to tell him, because it gets in the way of the actual ideas presented in the writing. Just say it. Just write it.
Francis Schaeffer didn’t tell you what he was going to tell you; Francis Schaeffer just told you. Francis Schaeffer didn’t need summary conclusions at the end of every chapter, too.

I also wish the author would’ve expressed more of his contrary, biblically held opinions (without referring to himself) alongside the nefarious gnostic opinions he writes about. A non-believer could go some way through parts of this book without being apprised that these gnostic beliefs were/are actually mistaken.

All that said, taken as a whole and as a piece of research, the book is nearly impeccable. Well worth reading.

P.S. I got this from my pastor at my church, and some of my fellow parishioners actually apparently know the author. They tell me he is amazingly intelligent. I believe them. There is a LOT of knowledge packed in this book.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ