by JF

Dr. Cathy Burns is not a gifted writer, but she is quite the sedulous researcher and compiler of acutely relevant quotes. Burns has a writing formula that she follows. She never deviates from it. It goes something like this: Say something incriminating about Billy Graham, then verify it with three or four quotes from either Graham himself or else associates or globalists or roman catholic backers of Graham, which can leave little doubt that the incriminating charge against Graham is true. In between each of the multitudinous charges Burns levels at Graham, and the even more multitudinous buttressing quotes for each of the charges, there is for the reader a barren gully of white space on the page, three or four lines without text, which the reader’s eyes have to hop across to get to the next incriminating charge or verifying quote. This makes it tough for the reader to get into any kind of comfortable reading rhythm; it’s read, read, hop; read, read, hop; it’s distracting, frankly. This is writing that has not been fully integrated into paragraph form; it is compiling, not writing. It is thus best to read a book like this in small chunks, to kind of chip away at it—basically, it’s good bathroom reading. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if Dr. Burns had restrained herself to only assailing Graham in this book; many times she seems to get a little carried away with herself, as when she begins explaining to the reader about the New World Order and its constituent Council on Foreign Relations and Institute for Pacific Relations and the Trilateralist Group, etc., etc.. The problem is, nearly any rare reader who would have the notion to wade through a giant book like this, a giant book which attacks a popular contemporary American icon like Graham, is already going to be knowledgeable about the basics of those globalist groups which pull Graham’s strings.

Nevertheless, the information presented herein does easily outweigh the shortcomings in the writing quality, and the litany of damning quotes that Burns has assembled is quite impressive and probably irrefutable. Burns has also done a most thorough job in researching the history of the early days of Billy Graham’s ministry. She also very effectively and often shows how badly the later Graham has abandoned the scriptural claims he once made in those days when he was a fledgling evangelist. But perhaps the best work Dr. Burns does occurs when she establishes the early and enduring ties between Graham and malevolent robber baron dynasties like the Rockefellers; were it not for Rockefeller money, nobody would have ever known who Billy Graham was; via the Rockefellers, Burns connects the dots between Graham and notoriously ultra-liberal, Scripture-denying, one world religion-promoting organizations like Rockefeller’s own Union Theological Seminary and Rockefeller’s own World Council of Churches. Dr. Burns establishes Billy Graham as nothing more than a freemasonic Trojan horse foisted upon evangelical Christians to lead them into the planned New World Order. Coincidentally, Burns also establishes that Graham is a tool of papal Rome, though Burns herself, probably because of exposure to the faulty premillenial teachings so prevalent in our day, apparently fails to fully grasp the import of this.

All in all, after the Bible itself, this is THE resource an awakened Christian person must have in reminding his or her duped evangelical friends that shining, universally popular angels of light like Graham are in fact the ones most likely to be ravening wolves in this fallen darkened world.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ