CHURCH IN CHAINS by Barbara Ketay

by JF

REVIEW: Excellent!; Wish it Were Longer

This self-published, self-bound booklet addresses the modern American church debacle of church incorporation and 501c3 submission and does so very effectively and extremely succinctly. Barbara Ketay is a legal scholar and she really knows her stuff. She explains the hideous errors of the vast majority of Christian churches in the U.S. in relinquishing Christ as the Lord over His Church, and instead embracing Caesar, a.k.a. the State, a.k.a. the U.S. gov’t as its head. This booklet is rife with citations of Scripture which back up the author’s point, as well as U.S. legal precedent. Ketay explains all the legalese, all the tricky, worldly, pharisaical terminology that the sinful lawyers and courts have used, for the past few decades especially, to entrap churches in America and render them unto Satan; Ketay has a gift for putting such deliberately deceptive legal terminologies (what Jesus called “hiding the keys of knowledge”) into everyday language.

My only complaint is this: I enjoyed this short book so much, and was so interested by every incisive point Ketay makes, that I wished so much this book was longer and more detailed. I could read Ketay for a long time and never get bored, methinks. In fact, near the end of the book, Ketay briefly delves into some fascinating and little known U.S. history pertaining to a rare case of church incorporation that went back to 1790–so gallingly soon after the 1st Amendment was established to prevent such abomination!; but she soon drops this line of exploration and summarizes and ends the book. I really wish she had gone into this intriguing line of history more.

Should anybody care about the wretched worldly state of the Christian church in this country enough to buy this book and do their own confirming research, the book may be purchased for $34.95 through Barbara herself at: P.O. Box 120744, Melbourne, FL 32912-0744. Her email is:

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ