by JF

REVIEW: You Won’t Understand What’s Happened to Public Education Unless You Read This

The definitive source for understanding what is wrong with public education in America today. Everything is documented, so there can be no doubt of Ms. Iserbyt’s conclusions which, greatly simplified, are thus: Over the course of the past century, the most extremely rich and powerful dynastic families in society–Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies (especially Carnegie!), the Mellons, etc., but to name a few–have, through their giant, crooked, tax-exempt foundations, and through the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and through various strategically placed, bought-off U.S. politicians (such as the resident “Dr. Zachary Smith” of congress in the 1950s, Wayne Hays of Ohio), and then through bought-off “teacher’s colleges” like Columbia and Chicago U., and then through hired marxist lackys to run these colleges such as educational philosopher John Dewey, then through brainwashed educational “change agents,” then through ignorant school administrators, these super rich “illumined” families have captured the education system in this country in order to gradually communize it and therefore “dumb it down.” That’s right, our schools are now deliberately making American children more stupid then were previous generations, though of course nearly all mere teachers and administrators on the front line are ignorant of this.

The conspiracy persists and continues to metastasize because its sheer vastness makes it seem too preposterous to be possible. But again, Iserbyt documents everything she writes about.

The book is organized chronologically by decade, beginning in the decade between 1910-1920, and culminating in the horribly attrocious situation of today, telling you all along the process of how and why we got here.

This is not an easy book to read. It is mostly a compilation of published articles by the conspirators and their useful idiots, and is it ever an exhaustive compilation, weighing in at 700 pages and almost exactly the size of a phone book for a rather populous city. It’s a tome not meant for bedtime or bathroom reading; this is a reference tool, the tool you must have if you are going to understand what’s happened to American education, and why.

Charlotte Iserbyt documents how our children are being turned into undiscerning, unquestioning worker bees for the coming global dictatorship. She proves it, man, what more do you want?

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ