by JF

REVIEW: Good contemporary info; fails the test of history and the big picture

Sykes nails it down, he does a great job exposing the sundry and often absurd ways in which our modern education system has broken down and is failing the nation. He is also occasionally a quite quotable, stylistic writer.

However, Sykes fails when he looks for a cause and the only one he can come up with is blaming “educrats” for being too obtuse, too bureaucratic in their groupthinking process. He poo-poos the idea of a conspiracy to destroy education deliberately at extremely high levels.

If he had only read “Foundations, Their Power and Influence” by Rene Wurmser, he would see how mistaken is his knee-jerk dismissal of such “conspiracy theories.” Look, the rich want to get richer and stay richer, and they don’t want a strong middle class capable of challenging their power around to muck things up for them. So they capture education at the highest levels, collectivize the mindset in the teacher education process by hiring Marxist lackeys like Dewey to drive the credentialing system for them, at select universities like Columbia and a few others which they’ve basically bought for themselves with huge strings-attached-grant moneys; then they set about creating “worker bees”, not independently-thinking individual citizens.

Read the Wurmser book. You won’t poo-poo “conspiracy theories” as being theorical in nature anymore. I believe you will find Charlotte Iserbyt’s work much better than Sykes in understanding at exactly what level is the source of educational corruption in this country. It’s at a much, much higher level than Sykes ascribes it to.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ