by JF

REVIEW: A Gentle Read that Supports Genesis Gigantically

The slim expanse of this book (only 192 pages) belies its staggeringly profound message: that there are a great many tribes of peoples all around the world which have a vestigial monotheistic belief system in a “sky god” who sounds an awfully lot like the God of the Bible; and, moreover, that this belief in a single, invisible, all-powerful “sky god” (as secular anthropologists call it) actually pre-dates the other competing, grafted-on religious systems such as Buddhism,

Confucianism, Taoism, et al, which surround these archaic and isolated multitudes. Thus, if Richardson’s claims are true, all other religions which do not adhere to the book of Genesis are immediately exposed as imposters.

Huge stuff from such a little book: There is even a corresponding expectation among a great many of these ancient cut-off peoples that someday their monotheistic Creator God (who is known by many names in many languages the world over) will send them a “book” which will reconcile them with him at long last after many millenia. Yes, there is also a widespread belief in these peoples that, at some point in the distant past, their ancestors violated and offended their “sky god” by trusting and following what basically amounts to various description of Satan. The details of the accounts differ, but the theme is universal, and this meshes impeccably with the account of Noah and the subsequent Tower of Babel.

Don Richardson draws upon decades of missionary experience, drawing first-hand knowledge from isolated and ancient tribes of peoples all around the world. He’ll strengthen your faith in the book of Genesis in rapid order, and how. Praise God.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ