END TIME DELUSIONS by Steve Wohlberg

by JF

REVIEW: Wohlberg Explodes the Twin Towers of Dubious Doctrine: Futurism and Preterism

What a wonderful book this is. I can’t say enough. The only possible complaint I have against it is utterly trivial: that Wohlberg occasionally mixes his metaphors–but so what! This book is so simple to read, and so accurate in its understanding of Scripture, so crucially timely!

Seriously, having read fifteen or twenty books which deal with Biblical eschatology, all of which were laboriously constructed–either from the author trying to sound erudite, or from the author bending up Scripture to meet his outlandish eschatalogical view, or from both–I found this book by Wohlberg to be so simple a dumbed-down American high school student could read it, yet so powerful it could indeed be considered a “threat” to the dominant (and errant) eschatalogical views of popular culture today. But alas, this book would have to get into more hands for that to happen. I shudder to think of what’s coming for the Church in the near future because she is ignorant of–because she has forgotten–all that Wohlberg writes about here.
Wohlberg devastates both “pre-trib futurism” and “everything’s-already-over preterism,” exposing them both to be cunningly contrived deceptions from the imagination of the very antichrist which traditional, historical protestantism once already and universally identified, back when protestantism was vigilant and strong and faithful: that antichrist was the papacy. And as Wohlberg reminds us, every single Reformation forefather nailed down the system of the popes as the antichrist, no question about it. My how brainwashed has modern lukewarm protestantism become. My goodness, if you, like me, were one of those protestants who were brought up waiting for “the rapture,” or if you are now being infected with this absurd new outbreak of doctrinal disease called “preterism,” you will be flabbergasted by this. And if you overcome your emotional reaction and simply deal with the facts, you will be cured of your Scriptural errors and can embrace Truth.

Get End Time Delusions. Read it. Because chances are that you, like me, had never even been apprised of your true Christian heritage before: that the antichrist has already been identified; he is and has long been among us, and it is none other than that papacy, who fits the description of the “mother of all harlots” who is “drunk with the blood of the saints” and is clad in “scarlet and purple” and whose “wine” has made the nations “drunk with the cup of her fornication,” and on, and on, and on, the papacy fits all these and more Scriptural descriptions of the antichrist to unmistakable perfection. Protestants of today have almost been hypnotized–I dare say mind-controlled–into having their attention diverted away from the very papacy that once clobbered and massacred their forefathers, and now is all set to do it to them. My God, my God, does no one at all learn from history?–ever?

This is the only resource I yet know of that explains it this simply, yet so succinctly also: The Church is all set up to be completely blindsided by the Beast, and you my friend are letting it happen by your adherence to Jesuitical lies that you think are part of Christianity. If you are a pre-tribber, if you are a preterist, I challenge you to read this book and see where Wohlberg is wrong. Just keep this in mind: the history, and the history of the Church, are on WOHLBERG’S side.

Steve Wohlberg wrote this book to wake you up; to warn you. It’s not his fault if you don’t read it.

Now you have been apprised. Go get End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg and come out of her, my people!

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ