SALT AND LIGHT by Bob Fraley

by JF

Pretty typical fare for so-called conservative evangelical Christians nowadays, which is to say, though the author is right in all that he warns about in terms of the decline in morals in America, he also nevertheless suffers from an over-emphasis on patriotism–bordering upon zealous nationalism–and, just as typical for teachers of the dispensational futuristic camp, Fraley is completely in the dark about true American history.

For example, though it is now an established fact that FDR and certain of his Cabinet, as well as General Marshall and certain others in high places, knew days if not weeks in advance that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, Fraley still writes of the event as though it was the surprise attack that mainstream corporate disinformation sources would like us to continue to believe in. Fraley also believes the Founding Fathers were largely Christians, instead of the freemasonic-deistic lawyers they actually were: This is a common misconception indeed among evangelicals who are still drinking in their news at the mainstream slop trough, be it the mainstream “right” OR “left.” That’s just a dialectical game that’s played on us, and evangelicals are excellent at falling for it, the “god of the air(waves)” has them right where he wants them: in idolatrous patriotic war-mongering mode, puffed up with idolatrous ancestor-worshipping patriotism and a false history they have been fed by Jesuits and jesuit temporal coadjutors for many, many decades now.

In the so-called “Information Age” it is so tragic to see “conservative” evangelical teachers still confusing the true, SEPARATIST Christianity of the Pilgrims with the lying-in-wait, secret-society shenanigans of the “Founding Fathers” whose ilk followed the Pilgrims here and corrupted the place, so appallingly soon after the century-long ban on lawyers that the Pilgrims had originally enacted and for good reason. Only in so apotheosizing the “Founding Fathers” and their mythological deeds can Fraley conveniently gloss over this nation’s long, sordid history of men-stealing against Africans and fraud and genocide against the North American Indians, many of these latter having been in the process of being converted to Christ by at least some of the SEPARATIST Pilgrims and the PACIFIST Moravians until all the rich white lawyers and scribes arrived on this continent from the Old World and brought with them their love of ill-gotten gain and their ultimate kowtowing to the Papacy.

The bottom line: Fraley is right in stating that God has used America’s wealth and sufficiency for certain among its population to spread the Gospel of Christ, but he is wrong when he considers that, somehow, America is or at least was a “Christian nation.” That’s baloney; it’s always been baloney. That’s cowboys-and-indians stuff that honestly educated youths should have grown out of by the time they get to be earnest adult Bible readers. This secular nation is and has been consistently evil, just like any other secular nation is and has been consistently evil. Read your KJB or Tyndale Bible and see for yourself what God has to say about ALL nations upon the Earth.

Fraley also misunderstands the present nation of Israel, seeing it too as somehow “God-breathed,” as his tribe of dispensational teachers must needs do. All the usual pre-trib misunderstandings are here, and all because, like most evangelical pre-tribbers nowadays, this author too has had his history whitewashed out from under him and he doesn’t even realize it. He doesn’t know where the rapture doctrine came from (the Jesuits), he doesn’t know the real sordid history of the modern state of Israel, just like he doesn’t know the “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of elitist lawyer types who sold us common folk out to the King of England to save their own fat butts and huge estates (see: THE UNITED STATES IS STILL A BRITISH COLONY by James Montgomery, among others).

As purely a call for this nation to stop being grossly immoral in these Last Days, the message of this book is true and just enough. But once Fraley tries to get into detail and into history, factual truth and sound doctrine are likewise destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Rating: Δ Δ