by JF

REVIEW: Great and Timeless Advice

Wow, this book should be standard reading material in public high schools for young women. My wife got this book. I read it covertly without her knowing. Holy smokes–everything in it would work. It’s like Ms. Andelin was picking my brain! I can’t believe that women these days have been brainwashed into being unhappily rebellious, unhappily “liberated”, when they could be attracting and keeping more men than they ever believed, if they just chose to follow Ms. Andelin’s advice. Trust me, as a guy, the stuff Ms. Andelin writes about would drive men wild and want to stay with a female like that!
Why do women allow themselves to be brainwashed by modern radical feminism, which is so different from actual FEMININITY? Why do women today, in this culture, want to be unhappy, as they obviously are? Don’t they want to be loved? (That last one was a rhetorical question.) A man would conquer things he never could have otherwise conquered for a woman who followed the advice in this book. Such a woman would be exceedingly rare, exquisitely precious in today’s rebellious, feminist culture. Wow.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ