by JF

REVIEW: Superficial pamphlet promoting the pagan god of masonry

This little pamphlet of a book reads like it was written by either a blue lodge mason bucking for a promotion, or an advanced degree mason careful not to give too many secrets away to the “uninitiated.” This Ovason guy deals with notoriously Luciferian symbols with about as much depth and honesty as a winking mason might. The breadth of the symbols of the dollar bill are discussed, but nowhere at much depth, and this helps Ovason in his constant superficial and disingenuous attempts to link masonry with Christianity. At last on the closing page of the book, Ovason let’s in a tiny ray of truth in his glowing report of pagan symbolism, when he (finally!) reveals, albeit extremely briefly, that the all-seeing eye was actually historically representative of the Egyptian sun deity Horus…but then Ovason subtley slips back into craftspeak by bogusly reiterating, without explanation as is his method, that, nowadays the all-seeing eye represents “God.” Yeah, sure. Ovason’s god. His masonic “Great Architect of the Universe.” Sure, I’ll buy that. But this pagan promoter, like the mormons and so many other cult-sellers, implies a connection with the God of the bible, and that’s just plain deceitful. I wish I would have known this was a book written by a salesman of masonry; I would never have wasted my dollar in buying it (I bought it used). I learned nothing knew from this. What struck me most is what this booklet did NOT reveal about the symbols, and that was a lot, judging from stuff I’ve read from more scholarly approaches than this one. No wonder this was so short. It couldn’t have been easy for Ovason to speak of such deep and pagan and arcane symbology in such superficial terms for very long. So he didn’t.

Rating: Don’t bother