by JF

A person would be very hard pressed to find a book as professionally bound which nevertheless contained so many grammatical and punctuative errors. Even for an independent publisher one would expect a better job of proofreading than this before sending the thing off to the publisher.

Another weakness of the book is the author’s rather amateurish level of writing.

Notwithstanding these weaknesses this work still could be serviceable as a rather effective primer in exposing the many dangers of the New Age Movement; for there is a quite effective and diverse compilation of facts and quotes in this book which verify the author’s message of spiritual admonition.

Another strong point for this work is that, unlike nearly all other works which seek to expose the hidden dangers of the New Age Movement, this author includes references to the inherent and secret connection between the Vatican and the New Age Movement.
Just–whatever else the author does–take this work back to the proofreader before it goes into a second printing!

If he does that, this book would be twice as effective as it is now. As it now stands, the spelling and other mistakes herein make this appear to be a much more amateur work than it actually is.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ