THE CRAZYMAKERS by Carol Simontacchi

by JF

This book highlights the deleterious nature of the average modern American’s diet. It discusses and documents the dangers of such purely modern food additives such as refined sugar, superabundant sodium, monosodium glutamate and other excitotoxins such as aspartame, manifold food preservatives such as nitrites and nitrates, etc., and so on. The author focuses on the effects all of of these food additives have on the human brain; she categorizes these effects on the brain according to various and obvious stages of human development. In addition to documenting and emphasizing the dangers of these food additives, the author also provides much information on what an average healthy diet should resemble. There are even handy, health-conscious recipes in the back of the book. The author does a particularly fine job of exposing how public schools and producers of packaged food for vending machines are systematically reaping great profits from knowingly poisoning young people’s brains and bodies with addictive, nutritionless, pernicious junk food; however, perhaps the single most memorable piece of information here appears in one of the author’s source citations, when, early in the book, she cryptically refers to the Jesuits as having first furnished the North American continent with refined sugar. The reader wishes the author had pursued this magic portal of unknown history a little further; however, this is understandable, as the author is a dietician and not a historian, and her clear focus of investigation is laid out accordingly.

The author provides useful information on several key vitamins that all humans should have in their diet, too.

Bottom line: This is an informative dietary resource, but a lot of this information should already be obvious to those already weaned away from the mainstream media disinformation system. That said, there is specific dietary information here that should be useful to all.

Rating: Δ Δ Δ Δ